Joe Biden Signs Executive Order Which Tightens Emission Standards

Progressive activists are ambitious. They have lots of goals.

It is a new progressive era and there is so much work to be done.

Seizing control of all rental properties in the country for the remainder of an indefinite pandemic due to endless COVID variants. Ending systematic racism and white privilege. Vaccine mandates. Abolishing our borders. Abolishing the police. Censoring “misinformation” on the internet. Purging the military and law enforcement of anyone on the ADL’s “domestic extremism” enemies list. Unleashing the national security state against the “far right” and “white supremacists.” Indoctrinating your children in White guilt in public schools. Achieving “racial justice” and “equity” by redistributing wealth from non-blacks to sacred blacks. Toppling all historic monuments which aren’t black. Denying the existence of biological race and sex. Sowing gender confusion and homosexuality in your children to end heteronormativity. Rewriting the calendar by creating new fake progressive holidays like Juneteenth and Indigenous Peoples Day.

In addition to getting the working class off meat eating by 2035, progressive activists also want to get you in electric cars by 2030. It is not just the belching cows and the meat in your freezer which is ruining the climate. Your gasoline powered automobile and energy inefficient home (homeownership is a bad thing) is even worse for the environment and stands in the way of “climate justice.”


“The White House on Thursday is unveiling draft mandates and aspirational targets aimed at drastically cutting vehicle carbon emissions and accelerating the shift to electric models. …

Why it matters: Transportation is the largest source of U.S. emissions.

An executive order that sets a non-binding goal of 50% of all new cars sold in 2030 to be zero-emissions models, including electric and hydrogen fuel cell models. The same order will instruct agencies to set binding emissions and efficiency rules beyond the mid-2020s for light-duty vehicles, but also medium- and heavy-duty vehicles like semi-trucks. …”

White House:

“Specifically, the President will sign an Executive Order that sets an ambitious new target to make half of all new vehicles sold in 2030 zero-emissions vehicles, including battery electric, plug-in hybrid electric, or fuel cell electric vehicles. The Executive Order also kicks off development of long-term fuel efficiency and emissions standards to save consumers money, cut pollution, boost public health, advance environmental justice, and tackle the climate crisis. …

President Biden is committed to changing that and delivering for the American people. That is why he will sign an Executive Order that sets a new target of electric vehicles representing half of new vehicles sold in 2030. This builds on the announcements today from automakers, representing nearly the entire U.S. auto market who have positioned around the goal of reaching 40 to 50 percent electric vehicle sales share in 2030. More than a deployment target, it is a goal to leverage once-in-generation investments and a whole-of-government effort to lift up the American autoworker and strengthen American leadership in clean cars and trucks. The 2030 target is calibrated to provide time for existing manufacturing facilities to upgrade without stranding assets, upgrades that will be catalyzed by the Build Back Better Agenda, and lean into a path that expands domestic U.S. manufacturing with union workers. …”

New York Times:

“WASHINGTON — President Biden on Thursday will roll out a two-step strategy that uses tailpipe regulations to try to rapidly shift Americans from gasoline-powered cars and trucks toward electric vehicles — a central part of his plan to cut pollution that is heating the planet.

Mr. Biden plans to first restore and slightly strengthen auto mileage standards to the levels that existed under President Barack Obama but were weakened during the Trump administration. Next, his administration will draft a set of even more stringent auto pollution rules for both passenger vehicles and heavy-duty trucks that are designed to ramp up sales of electric vehicles.

“When I say electric vehicles are the future, I’m not joking,” Mr. Biden wrote in a tweet on Wednesday evening. “Tune in for big news tomorrow.”

He will also sign an executive order that sets a target that half of all vehicles sold in the United States be powered by batteries, fuel cells or be hybrid electric by 2030. …”

Is there anything left for you to decide?

They’re not asking for much. The world’s biggest busybodies back East currently only want to dictate 1.) what you can eat, 2.) what you can think and believe about race and sex, 3.) what you can drive, 4.) what you can say on the internet and 5.) what you can do with your own health. Don’t forget that they still want to come after your guns. They’ve just broadened their horizons. The grill and the truck and your property has to go as well because of “equity.” They will be back soon with some more demands.

Note: BTW, you are “fascism” and “authoritarianism.”

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  1. Crazy, man, crazy. Joe and his kook political allies don’t believe in the basic laws of physics, and thermodynamics. This is a dead end.

    • No, no, government can mandate everything.
      They’re going to make the sun rise in the West, just to be fair.

      Theology of the left: government is God.

    • There is a mountain of coal behind all the solar panels coming out of China.

      Apparently you are unaware of the new, 500th law of thermodynamics: If the bad thing, such as burning coal happens more than 5,000 miles away and we don’t see it then it doesn’t count. Pocahontas and AOC told me so I know it’s true.

  2. These of course are the same people who can’t run their own communities. Talk about biting of far more than any government can chew. It really is a clown show, run by side show Biden himself

  3. Well, at the very least, try to make money off of it. It’s clear that electric cars are the future and not too distant at that. Do some research and invest in some companies now. Then just hold on to it while adding some money. This is how folks made bucks with other companies in the past.

    The people who jumped on the early tech wave did very well for themselves. The fact they are basically screaming that ev cars are the near future creates a lot of financial opportunities for people jumping on it now. One thing for sure: just complaining about it or just shrugging won’t make anyone a cent. The ev wave is going to make investors a lot of money.

  4. “Transportation is the largest source of U.S. emissions.”

    As if that matters, with China burning 5000 million tons of coal annually.
    America is going to find that most pollution in blown in from across the Pacific Ocean.

    Americans will drive go-karts, while China suffocates the world.

    • The emissions of bunker fuel burning 16 modern container ships operating continuously 24/365 hauling rubber dog shit and electric dildos from Hong Kong to Los Angeles harbor pollute the air more than the entire private passenger car fleet in the US.

  5. The crux of every issue HW lists is, lower your living standards and constrain your thinking to the radical left.

  6. That’s the problem, the more you give and concede and more they will demand. Totalitarian govt is what we are living under. Our way or else.

  7. The automakers will just buy exemptions like they did last time with SUV’s. You can’t import Volkswagen diesels that get 50MPG but your piece of shit Ford Explorer is completely exempt.

  8. They’re not environmentalists, feminists, peace activists or human rights activists. They are not animal rights activists. They are just anti white racists.
    They never jump on China for its pollution, human rights or animal rights record. They never jump on Saudi Arabia for it’s record on women’s rights. They never jump on nogs for gun crime or possession.
    They’re agenda is solely our downfall.
    They are scum.
    The good news is:- they love the diversities more than the diversities love them, and will be discarded of when they’re no longer needed.

    • I studied molecular biology in college and I can assure you none of these “green activists” were in any of my biology classes. If you didn’t study the carbon, nitrogen and oxidation cycles your opinion on “climate change” is worthless.

  9. “In addition to getting the working class off meat eating by 2035, progressive activists also want to get you in electric cars by 2030.”

    I think electric cars are cool. They would be cooler if the batteries didn’t poison the land when you throw them away. They would be super cool if the batteries didn’t cost a fortune, and lasted forever. But none of these things are true. In rural areas, diesel motors are used at recharging stations to charge the electric cars. When they worked it out, they found electric cars recharged this way, actually get lower milage per gallon than conventional vehicles.

    When I was a meat eater, I was a normie who went along with diversity. I even had non-White friends! Not long after I became a vegetarian and then a vegan, I became what people like Joe would call a Nazi. True story. Joe’s Bobos might want to rethink their plans, because they never turn out as they predict they will.

  10. Electric vehicles are inferior in every respect. They don’t last as long, they are more expensive, from an energy standpoint they are far less efficient than gasoline. Most have a 300 mile radius compared to a 500 mile radius for medium-large sedans. Electric vehicles do not save emissions as the batteries themselves are poisonous and their hydrogen is derived from the same petrochemical industry. The massive increase in electricity requires will necessitate a heavier reliance on coal, natural gas plants, which can only be built sporadically because of the difficulty of transporting natural gas, and “biofuel” which basically means burning forests for electricity. Electric vehicle are far heavier because of the battery and so are more dangerous on the road, will cost more to maintenance, and in general will be dramatically less convenient.

    The whole alternative energy thing is a complete fraud. Why else does Biden have to bribe Ford and GM with 1 trillion just to get interested in making these garbage vehicles? Know what else? That is exactly why Biden and his class wants to force you to drive them; precisely because electric vehicles are inferior in every respect. If the vehicles cost more and wear out faster, than you have that much less discretionary income, and because of their shorter range, you too can’t travel as far. The whole alternative energy, electric vehicle liberal fraud is designed to make your life worse, because these people hate you.

    Every aspect of contemporary technology is designed to lower your living standards and impoverish you. This is in direct contradiction to older, white forms of technology like gasoline vehicles, which were meant to uplift people out of hovels. Liberals want to put you back in a hovel.

    I will never buy an electric vehicle.

    • I’m not the same anonymous, but I agree with most of your comment. I don’t agree that gasoline vehicles were “meant to uplift people out of hovels.” I know Henry Ford said he wanted to make the farmers’ life better, easier, with his Model T, but you know the real motive of the automobile industry was the same then as it is today.

      Electric vehicles could be good IF they were being designed and used rationally, and for the real benefit of people instead of extracting money from them.

      • Of course, being the multi-cult mongrel society, we aren’t ever going to advance to synthetic ammonia fuels, as forward thinking WHITE men have proposed.

        Also, forget about OTEC projects , that would both make clean electricity and super abundant fisheries.

  11. I have no issues with EV’s. They’re already here. They’re in the transport network. The sky hasn’t fallen in. You still have your Ford pickup trucks. Some are now electric……and American made. The rollout of EV chargers will progress as demand dictates. It will be a gradual transition over several decades, not an overnight snap change.
    Maintain an open mind. Some progress is ok. We’d still be in caves and rags if it wasn’t.

    • Ford electric pickups are not for sale yet. I do like the very low maintenance aspect of these vehicles, and the elimination of several systems you find on conventional vehicles, but how long are the very expensive batteries going to last?

      • @Powell,
        Yes that’s a fair point. Every new idea and technology has question marks over it. But instead of just not going ahead with it, it’s better to work through it, debate it, scrutinize it, refine it until it’s worked out.
        Remember:- when ice vehicles were first rolled out en masse in about 1900, people would have been like……….’where will we get all the gas to feed these noisy things’?
        Every new idea has logistical issues that need to be worked through and hopefully, eventually perfected.

      • @Powell,
        And just to answer your actual question:- as the technology ages and becomes mainstream, I’d guess the batteries will become cheaper. They may even last for the lifetime of the vehicle.
        I’m told that EV’s have about six moving parts as opposed to hundreds or thousands in an ICE vehicle.
        That has to be a plus for running costs.

  12. “When I say electric vehicles are the future, I’m not joking,” Mr. Biden wrote

    that tard couldn’t identify 3 things under the hood.

  13. They’ve also decided that whites will be the minority everywhere they are, by about mid to late century.
    Yes we’re so democratic that we get a say over literally nothing.
    Please remind me again what ‘democracy’ actually is?!
    Jews and Libs deciding everything on our behalf as if we’re all still 12.

  14. Electric cars could of been the future 10 years ago probably but big auto an government moneychangers smashed the idea because we wouldn’t be dependent on our 2nd greatest ally in the middle east Saudi oil

  15. Does anyone ever ask where all the energy is going to come from to produce the millions of windmills, solar panels and batteries necessary to replace fossil fuels? Nuclear energy, of course, is out of the question. Environmentalists want us to eat bugs and freeze to death in the dark.

    • Where is the energy going to come from to recharge the batteries if even half of the vehicles in the U.S. are electric? The electric grid is maxed out now. There would have to be a balls out program of building new generating plants and a new, much higher capacity electric grid to accommodate all the new electric cars. The green idiots won’t allow new thermal electric plants (gas or coal) and windmills and solar panels just don’t cut it.

      Even if new power plants and an expanded grid were built by some miracle the current battery technology (Li-ion-polymer) is only marginally sufficient for passenger cars and useless for pickup trucks that have to work for a living. There is a reason I see Ford Power Stroke Diesels at job sites when a compressor or generator has to be hauled somewhere with 500 Lbs. of cargo in the bed and six guys in the extended cab.

      It helps to be ignorant of the laws of thermodynamics and know nothing about electrochemistry when proposing political solutions as a politician. Not so good when engineering has to get done though.

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