Vox: What a Meatless Future Could Mean For Farmers

Progressives want to get you off real meat and dairy and get you on soy milk and other plant-based alternatives by 2035. This isn’t from Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown who supports a meat tax to raise the price of meat consumption. This is from Impossible Foods CEO Pat Brown.


“The new generation of meatless meat companies has been vocal in its ambition to remake our food system. Impossible Foods CEO Pat Brown has said he wants to end all animal farming by 2035. Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown (no relation) sees his company working to make this “the first generation of humans to separate meat from animals.”

As steep a climb as it might sound, it certainly isn’t unrealistic to think that in the near future, startups that make alternative proteins might start eating into the market share for meat and dairy products.

Early signs of such a shift are emerging. According to a USDA-funded report, rising plant-based milk sales could be a factor in the decline of cow’s milk consumption (though overall dairy consumption is on the rise, thanks to cheese). An Israeli startup that makes cell-based or “lab-grown” meat just opened a pilot facility to produce 5,000 slaughter-free burgers a day. And looking ahead, the CEO of beef giant Cargill recently said that plant-based meat could make up as much as 10 percent of the meat market within a few years.

A largely plant-based future would be a win for livestock, 99 percent of which is raised in factory farms, and the environment, as industrial animal agriculture is a major source of pollution. But it would also cause a massive shift in a huge part of the economy — one that could lead to dislocation and upheaval for the hundreds of thousands of farmers and meatpacking workers who make their livelihood from raising and slaughtering animals. What does the future look like for them? …

Their position is not unlike what coal miners and oil workers faced a couple of decades ago before natural gas, wind energy, and solar power took over a big chunk of the market. In recent years, some have trained to become wind farm technicians or to install solar panels, while others have been unable to find work in the renewable energy sector. …

And some hog and chicken contract farmers are already trying to transition their facilities to grow hemp and mushrooms. But there is no denying there will be displacement and upheaval — and the sooner policymakers wrap their heads around the depth and breadth of transition, the better equipped the country will be to make it. …”

Yes, how do actual people figure into this?

What about the people who would rather eat real meat? Over 90% of the population?

What about the people who work in farming and ranching and the whole economy where meat production and distribution has trickle down effects? Should the government put them out of business? Also, who supports this transition to “a plant-based future” outside of vegan totalitarians?

Note: Please note that the same urbanite BoBos who want to engineer a transition away from meat eating and abolish the police increasingly can’t even house people in their big cities. As Ezra Klein bitterly pointed out on his podcast, they can’t even build high speed rail in California.

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  1. They’re playing around with a ticking time bomb hurting these farmers.. When that bomb goes off is anyone’s guess.

    • “playing around with a ticking time bomb hurting these farmers”:

      But there are not many traditional small family farmers left. These niche-market, c.s.a., boutique, and ag entertainment “farming” businesses are not farmers. Big ag corporations that now produce over 90% of food and fiber are also not farmers.

      • Yes, the numbers are dwindling, but there are plenty of small farms still existing. Since you are in China, I can see how you would be ignorant of that.

  2. Another nonsense article for the masses.
    Garbage topics from garbage media.

    Is this someone’s orchestrated media effort to drive down cattle ranchers, so they can move in and buy up the ranches cheaply. They did this with egg producers in the west.
    “Eggs are terrible, eggs are heart attacks in a shell”
    Then when the new (((owners))) took over
    “Eggs are wonderful, eggs are full of health and excellent source…..”

  3. This is a very powerful strategy for destroying White families and communities all over the country.

  4. The trick is how to radically depopulate cities. You have 45,000,000 DMV Americans who don’t make anything at all consuming the chicken.

  5. Well like with anything else, if you take meat and legitimate animal farming away, it will just go underground. In that scenario, the plight of the animals will deteriorate. History tells us that if the public can’t get something lawfully, the black market handles the demand.
    Banning anything hardly ever ends well.

    • Time to change the laws in all small municipalities, to allow White (ie. REAL) Americans to raise poultry in your own back yard, like we used to, in my parents’ day. I never liked crickets, tomato hornworms, beetles, and other bugs. But the hens… do!

      Fresh eggs, a chicken in every pot. Easily done. Where I live, Rural Retreat has chicks of all kinds for sale year-round.

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