Tucker Carlson: The CDC’s Eviction Moratorium Is a Momentous Change

I’m a moderate on this issue.

Initially, I supported the eviction moratorium because the states were imposing lockdowns and poor and working class people were losing their jobs. Obviously, it wasn’t their fault that this was happening. It was a national emergency caused by a once-in-a-century pandemic.

Can this continue permanently though long after COVID vaccines have become available, long after the lockdowns have ended, long after the death toll has flatlined and long after the job market has recovered? Should people be allowed to continue not paying their rent indefinitely?

At this point, I sympathize more with the landlords. As the COVID death toll plummets, media hysteria rises over the Delta variant and COVID authoritarianism soars, it is also becoming clear that there is a separation going on between what progressives want to do and the threat posed by the disease. I’m less worried about the virus and more worried that there seems to be no end to this.

Note: There are people who believe the whole thing was a hoax. I’m not one of those people. I do believe it was a real crisis. I’m saying that you can believe it was real and also believe the crisis ended a long time ago after the COVID vaccines became available and old people got vaccinated.

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  1. It’s just a matter of time before the govt and everything associated with it collapses under it own stupidity.

  2. I think it was a real crises. The problem is that it just created opportunity that enabled the Lefts innate desire for power to come out in a particular nasty way. Reasonableness is just not part of these people’s soul Combine, lust for power, narcissists personality, no humility, and because they tend to be non religious, a deep felt fear of death, they themselves can’t recognize, you end up with people like Fauci, Count, Newsom etc…. What would end all this, and I we can all hope on day. Is a genuine religious christian revival. Secular people have no hope to feel. They are afraid of death…..

    • @ the left are very,very proud, the never conserve anything, conservatives are motivated.by lust.

    • Re: “as chock full of commies as any organization in America”:

      Nearly every organization in the U.S., including the “non-profit” corporations, all their leaders and staff are capitalist through and through, anti-communist regardless of so-called “socialist” (progressive) rhetoric. Communists or genuine socialists are EXTREMELY RARE in the U.S. Even in the “Red decade,” the 1930’s, the highest vote counts for the very few Communist candidates on U.S. election ballots were generally less than one percent of total votes cast.

  3. The US/Israel funded the virus and released it timed to have mail in ballot fraud and secondarily to shut down/control the white economy. I don’t think it is nearly as deadly as they had hoped for. I wouldn’t be shocked if the vaccine were more deadly than Covid in the long term. Germany and France are looking really unstable to me right now. I would love to see a guillotine in front of the Capital going 24/7 but I’m going to guess the ZOG collapse starts in Europe and we just have a collapse and not a revolution.

    • “The US/Israel funded the virus and released it”:

      Yes IF it was a bioweapon that’s who would have released it. There is a LOT of circumstantial evidence linking the outbreak to the U.S., which makes, stockpiles and has a history of USING biological weapons, and I was swayed by that “evidence” in the beginning. But genetic studies done since have proven it is a natural bat virus, that jumped to humans, probably somewhere in Southeast Asia, no longer than a few years ago, by innocent contact with bats or an intermediate host such as a civet cat.

  4. You say the crisis “ended a long time ago,” yet many poor countries such as Indonesia have only ten percent of their populations vaccinated, and their privatized intensive care facilities and oxygen supplies are very inadequate. Even developed countries like the U.S. are much too poorly vaccinated to stop the Delta strain that is many times more infectious than the original, nearly impossible to control with masking and social distancing. The U.S. still has only about half (in some states less than half) of nursing home staff vaccinated, only about 85% (less in some states) of the elderly, and a VERY small percentage of children and youth. In France, where over 100,000 have already officially died of Covid (and Covid was killing in France for months before testing and official tallying began) the daily death toll is rising again, approaching 100 per day, and test-confirmed new cases are rising above 25,000 per day. Meanwhile, only 65% of the population has received even one vaccine dose and as in the U,.S., only about 85% of the elderly. So how can you say “it’s over”? This is like the “double-tap” bombing run strategy, after the first bombing the survivors of the first run tend to come out in the street just in time to be caught by the MAIN bombing run, the napalm and white phosphorus fire bombing that burns up the foolish majority.

  5. Totalitarian abuses of power under the public health and welfare rationale arising out of covid-19. I seem to recall someone warning about that very likelihood some time ago. Here at Occidental Dissent, I believe. That person issued this warning despite the constant pooh-poohing by the Host of this site and his The Virus is Killing Us All acolytes on this same site. I just can’t recall who this lone OD commenter was. Any idea who I am talking about? Guesses?
    Yeah, it’s tough being humble when I told you and those We Trust the Establishment This Time, They Would Never Lie About Our Health commenters exactly what was going to happen. Elections have consequences. Enjoy your enslavement. I specifically said that the covid-19 hysterics would be used to justify Everything as Public Health. Systemic Racism. Communism in the flesh. Anything and everything TPTB want and need to stay in power forever. Now like a rape victim sit back and enjoy being ***cked by your masters. Morons.

    • The virus does kill people.

      It just kills a lot less people these days because old people are mostly vaccinated now. As for the rest of the population, it is less of a concern. The median age of death is something like 85 years old.

      • The virus is irrelevant. Always has been. The aftermath is what is despotic. You moderate dissidents gave TPTB permission to tie all their self-dealing actions to “public health.” Now they are going to mandate a vaccine that does not prevent the spread of the disease, and in fact has a higher % likelihood of causing death or genetic harm then the virus itself.
        More importantly, going forward EVERYTHING they want to do will be tied to false claims of public health, which the normie citizens you are trying to influence towards reality will lap up, and which will give the Supreme Court a basis to allow both governments and big business to do whatever they want to their voters and employees. In a word or two, Game Over.
        Thanks, Brad/Steve/Ron/John/etc. Hope the nonsensical flirtation with the weightier elements of society was worth it. The dictatorship will come after you all, too. And don’t think your version of Dreher’s Benedict Option will save you. It won’t.

        • The virus is real.

          It has killed lots of people.

          As we said at the time, there would be a vaccine.

          Since most old people got vaccinated, the death rate has declined. Thus, the crisis is over.

          Pandemics are natural phenomena. There were three pandemics in the 20th century. We were due for another pandemic.

          This is far cry from what you people were saying: it was all a HOAX, but it was “just the flu.” Millions of people would starve to death. The economy would crash and never recover. Everyone who got the virus was faking it. The military would drag people out of their homes and vaccinate them in their front yard. Every doctor, hospital and county coroner in the country was part of a global conspiracy. The lockdowns were permanent. The vaccines are deadlier than the virus. And so on. None of this was true and saying absurd things like that only made you look ridiculous

          • You, sir, are a bald-faced liar. You and your commenters can go back through all posts by yours truly on this site. You will not see any claims by J. R. Chloupek about covid-19 as a hoax or any of the rest of the gibberish posted above. I always said the virus was real, that its origin did not matter, but that the proper way to react was to cover expenses for individuals and businesses closed or furloughed via government helicopter money, as it would not be fair to impose the cost of virus remedial measures strictly on the politically unconnected.
            I also said allowing unnecessary restrictions on citizen behavior under the public health justification, if accepted passively by the majority of citizens, would incentivize our rulers to extend the dictation of behavior to other realms, thereby ushering in 1984 in the flesh. Well, guess what, here we are. Vaccine passports are just the beginning.
            But as I also said before, until the great mass of people stop allowing their native intelligence to be replaced by divide and conquer, and act as one against the Oligarchs, the show (of force) will go on. Blaming me for pointing out the truth will not change anything. Joining me against TPTB might. Your choice.

  6. I give up on Tucker. Clicked on to watch him yesterday, and AGAIN his buddy was Glenn Gridswald, the Brazilian homo. I have been saying, those two are going to wind up married some day. You read it here first.

    • Tucker was commiserating with Hungary’s Orban how anti Semitic Orban’s opponents are. Orban and Tucker are the anti Semites; against Semitic Muslim Arabs. They talk about how refugees in Europe all commit crimes, Tucker never talks about Latinos committing crimes. He says he doesn’t blame them for sneaking in here illegally. Tucker buys into the idea that if you side with the Palestinians and criticize Israel, that’s anti Semitism. The Palestinians are themselves Semites, more so then Zionists from Europe. Russia, USA are! Tucker is a Zionist shill propagandist neo con, don’t kid yourself! The only reason he is now against ME wars is cause the USA didn’t murder them all! Those Muslim/Arabs are still there! Mericans got wounded or killed for nothing!

  7. This is precisely how totalitarian power is created.

    Put yourself in Czarist Russia ca 1917. Most likely you would have been a peasant, which was 80% of the population, or at best in the new industrial working class, which was another 5-10%…. Your standard of living would have had no chance at mobility and your living condition would have been not much better than serfs, despite the serf system having been abolished. Your Emperor is literally the wealthiest man on Earth and lives a life totally disconnected from the plight of the masses. Along come the Bolsheviks with a promise of uniting the workers of the world and redistributing the wealth of the nobility.

    The only thing that prevented the entire population of Russian peasantry from revolting was their religious conviction about the divine right of Nicholas II to rule. I’m pretty sure most of us posting here would have grabbed our pitchforks and torches and joined the Revolution.

    It all started with just intentions. A divine ruler has the obligation of putting his people’s well-being above all other concerns. Nicholas failed to do that, and was too absorbed with his family to be an effective ruler. I’m actually a fan of the Romanovs and believe they were a picture perfect family. They were simply caught in the wrong time in history

    At any rate, the Bolsheviks grabbed absolute power from the czar and never lived up to creating the just society they claimed to want. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    • “the Bolsheviks grabbed absolute power from the czar and never lived up to creating the just society they claimed to want”:

      The ideal, just society of Russian communism COULD NOT appear immediately, because Russian communism first had to struggle to SURVIVE. It had to be in “war communism” from the very start! The Russian workers’ and peasants’ republic that made peace with Germany and Austro-Hungary was immediately hit with wave after wave of military attacks and terror and sabotage efforts by powerful internal and external forces including the “White” Russian monarchist armies and foreign military forces (Japanese, U.S. and European) that wasted almost ten precious years until they were all defeated. Then came the foreign-directed Kronstadt operation, and a clandestine network of saboteurs reaching all the way to the Kremlin, that was only broken by Stalin’s purge. Then came Operation Barbarossa that was expected to be the final blow. And then, only a few years after Russia’s unexpected victory, Stalin may have been poisoned, and the traitor Krushchev who took his place began the slow destruction of Russian communism that ended thirty years later with Gorbachev and Yeltsin. In spite of relentless efforts to destroy it, socialism in Russia made amazing strides.

      • “In spite of relentless efforts to destroy it, socialism in Russia made amazing strides.”

        Strides taken on the bones of millions.

  8. Don’t fear landlords. If you can’t collect rent from your tennants by law, you can always sell your portfolio to Blackrock for 20% over the asking price. I understand they are buying up every residential property in America, and Bill Gates is buying all of the farmland.

    You will own nothing and be happy! The billionaires will carry your burden from now on. 🙂

  9. That wont stand in any court. CDC does not have authority over rent or evictions. Simple as. Take your landlord to court for kicking you out and the judge wont care what the CDC said. CDC does not handle property law. Listen, I know the feds say a lot of things, but they also said I can’t buy pot at the store, which I do. They say many many things. Barely anything they say stands outside of DC. Don’t put your hopes in the CDC saving you from eviction. They simply have zero input on the matter.

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