King County Courthouse Employees Told To Work From Home

We have an important update from Seattle.

King County courthouse employees have been told to work from home at the sheriff’s orders because it is simply too dangerous to come to work there after a homeless sex offender and drug addict attempted to rape a female employee inside the women’s restroom last week. There has been talk of falling back and retreating from the courthouse and moving it to a safer location for years.

The Seattle Times:

“Even two decades ago, King County Superior Court judges routinely complained about the absurdity of sentencing drug dealers to prison while watching drug deals go down in the adjoining park once nicknamed Muscatel Meadows.

“It was never Shangri-La,” said Andrea R. Vitalich, a senior deputy attorney with the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office

But over the last couple of years, things took a hard dive from “gritty to downright dangerous,” said Vitalich.

The attempted rape of a woman inside a courthouse bathroom last week was “the final straw,” she said, after years of escalating assaults on courthouse employees, jurors, witnesses and others. …”

KOMO News:

“SEATTLE – Tired of the crime and harassment around the King County Courthouse, local workers are planning to march Friday to demand safer conditions and plead for the removal of a large nearby homeless camp linked to the crime wave.

But now it appears that camp won’t be removed as soon as some had hoped.

The workers’ protest kicks off at noon. King County and Metro Transit employees will march to the courthouse in downtown Seattle – demanding a safer workspace.

Last week, a man tried to rape a woman in a courthouse ladies’ rest room. And in June a man who had recently moved to Seattle from Lousiana to Seattle was stabbed to death at the encampment. …”

Meanwhile, there is an interesting race for Seattle City Attorney going on. Pete Holmes is the “moderate” in the race and the current Seattle City Attorney who is responsible for the decline of the criminal justice system. He is currently running in second place behind the Republican and only one point ahead of Nicole Thomas-Kennedy who is the BoBo running on a platform of abolishing the police.

Note: In Portland, 33% of the population also supports abolishing the police. Far from being a fringe position, this is mainstream on the Left. Half of Democrats in Seattle and Portland support police abolition. The “moderate” position is the lawlessness and cultural decline on display there.

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  1. George Wallace should have been elected President in 1968 then reelected in 1972. This would have been a far better country than the filthy mess it has become and getting worse, too.

  2. They can move the courthouse to a better neighborhood, but that won’t change the inequality, and the stench of inequality. The system is rotten.

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