“Trans Councilwoman” Confronts Small Business Owner Over Anti-Trans Sign

I shared this video last night.

It isn’t from San Francisco though. This happened in Aberdeen, WA. The “trans woman” is also an elected member of the city council there. The small business owner is a Vietnam veteran.

Note: Imagine spending your youth fighting in Vietnam to return home to this.

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  1. DEGENERACY is everywhere in the U.S. and other Western countries not just in some cities, differing only by degrees in different areas. The system is rotten everywhere, and love of money (root of all this evil) and taking advantage of others are universal in this Western so-called “culture.”

    Re: Vietnam veterans coming home to this? They should not be surprised by any kind of corruption.

    Meanwhile, strict Confucian moral standards for admission to the CCP are being upheld, even tightened in recent years. Cheating on a spouse or even having a child who has a drug addiction would be enough to bar from admission or remove from membership, and not temporarily but permanently. Moral standards for “Christian” priests and ministers in Western countries are much lower.

  2. That old guy is hilarious Kind of sounds like stan lee from marvel comics. I wonder what the sign said exactly?! Was it like rainbow flag with X over it.

    The old man is ballzy af to think we have free speech rights these days. I hope he doesn’t lose his store or is harassed with threats I’m sure blue cheka is gonna go after him relentlessly with a mob

  3. Aberdeen is a small, meth addled shithole on what used to be a petty substantial harbor close to the coast. It stands in the way of Seattle’s drive to the beaches. The logging restriction wars of the Clinton era pretty much sandbagged this area.

    What is true, however, is that the deviants, who are being encouraged to do this, will follow you everywhere and take over everything. There is nowhere left to run to, white man.

    • We also should help with the Fall of Babylon and her hormone-induced Whores….

      By any means necessary.

  4. The old man should dump the Star War merchandise and move into some other line of work that doesn’t enrich trans-supporting Hollywood.

    Price that stuff to move, sell it all asap.

    • Exactly my thoughts . This old bastard is gonna ruin his life for having that stupid sign up because you are just gonna bait freakish trans to run you out of business and record you arguing to make you look bad

      Disney has made Star wars more gay and are writing more gay story arcs to appease the 5% of their fanbase. They changed boba fetts slave1 ship name because of boba fetts slave ship is “white supremacy”. Its definitely not a good move to put up anti trans sign. Stan the man should of picked Star Trek its way geekier but less gay. If he’s smart he’ll just sell his stuff because anarchno capitalism will punish him most definitely even if antifa doesn’t burn his store down first

  5. Just absorbing the image of this freak’s calves with my peripheral vision for a split second makes my mind instantly recognize this thing as a male. Just like there is no one -outside of perhaps evangelicals in the plains states who have no experience with them- that actually thinks blacks are intellectually and behaviorally the same as whites, there is not a single person that truly considers transpedos to be actual women. These wretched monsters make me nauseous.

    • @D’Marcus – They ARE wretched monsters, with a bizarre gyno-fetishization in which they embrace what can only be considered a twisted and sick version of the traditional feminine aesthetic. Seriously; why the dress? Like homosexual “marriage”, and the Religion of Woke, this tranvestite cross-dressing in a destructive urge to tear down that which they cannot legitimately acquire.

  6. These sex freak scum are riding high right now. They think they have the right to force Normals to play along with their faginsanity, and if they refuse, they have the kike-bestowed power to ruin them.

    There is only one final solution.

  7. Imagine spending your youth fighting in WWII killing your WHITE cousins to see your cities and neighborhoods destroyed by blacks.

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