Survey Shows Discontent Among Downtown Portland Businesses

It is a new progressive era.

Portland is over. I would get out before it is too late.

If you are business owner in downtown Portland, you are sitting on a ticking timebomb with a third of the city supporting anarchy and police abolition and likely endless lockdowns coming down the pike over COVID variants. You can’t have prosperity without order, authority and stability.

Portland still can’t find many people willing to serve on its riot squad. Police officers have concluded that the city leadership is too weak to enforce the law against their anarchist base and that the political situation is hopeless. The city will continue its inexorable descent into an ungovernable dump.

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  1. Libtards and dogooders breed social ills.
    Then they move out of their ruined cities and carry the destructive doctrines to new areas.
    Social leprosy.

    Always, the same pattern.

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