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  1. There should be no place for California libwacko’s to escape the results of their political decisions.

    • Let’s not forget, there is typhus and typhoid, two different and nasty diseases. Both are bacterial in nature, both are contagious and both can be lethal although both can be treated effectively with antibiotics.

      Typhoid is potentially the more serious disease having a higher fatality rate and being more communicable. Both are diseases of filth but typhoid is directly transmitted from person to person through bad sanitation and contaminated food unlike typhus which has rats and fleas as vectors.

      Both diseases are Third World diseases so it isn’t surprising that typhus has paid the U.S. a visit as this country is rapidly becoming Third World. LA is ahead of the curve on this one as California had been for most of the 20th century.

      As far as I can tell typhoid has not been noted amongst the bums and crazies in California but it’s only a matter of time. Open the border, see what the cat drags in and first typhus then typhoid come to stay, just like the Third World wogs, the diseases’ vectors.

      I wonder who could be the vector behind the opening of the borders and bringing in the Third World?

  2. The rats walking around on two legs are the ones that wrecked California, the atheists, the creeps promoting sexual confusion, baby killers, open borders lunatics, free traders, multi cultural asshats. The liberal buttholes that like anything that degrades Christian culture.

    • While I can agree with your assessment Copper, that those who encourage others to do the same,” [Rom. 1:32] should be the beneficiaries of the Plague, the problem is, rats know no morals. What if just ONE bubonic rat gets into some produce shat on by Mexiniggers in the Central Valley, and spread to Utah, and suddenly, LDS faithful are dying by the thousands? And from there, the rest of the USA will be ‘infected’ by the ‘diversity’ of Californication.

      Misericordie, Domine.

  3. If the parts of the US that are not insane seceeded from the insane parts, there would be no breaks on the shitlib train. So instead of the entire US collapsing into anarchy in 50-100 years, with the right fighting and losing the culture war, the unchained shitlibs would accelerate only their areas into total collapse within 10 or 20 years. Think about it…

  4. “rats though are coming out of the homeless camps”

    No mention of Asians and Mexicans, who eat all the free roaming cats.

    • Prior to the Bubonic Plague, Christians killed an untold number of feral cats because they believed they to be the “familiars” of witches in league with Mr. Scratch. Had those hungry predators been around, the rats that spread the plague would have been neutralized.

      What’s even more astonishing is that the same superstitious beliefs can still be found in the present day.

  5. I knew some jews, they were too cheap to buy lids for their trash cans, then wondered why they had a mice and rat infestation.

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