Albuquerque Braces For Record Homicides In 2021

Sully is probably right.

Andrew Sullivan:

“The summer in a president’s first year of office is often the moment the novelty wears off, and the limits to what’s possible come more clearly into view. It was when Bill Clinton, after a dreadful start, came crashing down to earth at 39 percent approval; when George W Bush fell to 50 percent (before 9/11), Obama was sideswiped by the Tea Party, and Trump collapsed in the early polling. It’s not dispositive, as all these examples prove. Presidents can recover from rough starts to two-term successes. And Biden has large public, bipartisan support on infrastructure (65 – 28) and his massive social spending proposal (62 – 32) — his key priorities. 

But the mood has shifted, hasn’t it? …”

Turn on your television.

It is nothing but hysteria over the Delta variant and the “January 6th insurrection.” The latter has become the new Russiagate. Shitlibs are obsessed with it.


“According to APD, with five months left in the year, the city is just two homicides away from the record set in 2019. Albuquerque police have reported 78 homicides in 2021 and six homicides in the last week. …”

Look at the fundamentals:

COVID is up.

Inflation is up.

Wokeness is up.

Gas prices are up.

Violent crime is up.

Homelessness is up.

Drug overdoses are up.

Illegal immigration is up.

Cultural war grievances are up.

The perception of economic malaise is also up.

Note: The GOP are the only people who could blow this. In fact, they have already done so in the special election in New Mexico. Independents are still souring on the Democrats though.

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    • Biden? Personally fix something?? He might be able to fix some big criminal deal with some some semi-coherent phone call to China, but fix something pro bono practical like a leaking toilet tank? The man probably can’t even use the toilet unassisted.

    • You ain’t seen nothing yet, Dementia Joe is just getting going. Once Cackling Kamala becomes Mr. President the wheels are really going to come off.

  1. The problem is New Mexico is filled with Mexicans who vote Democrat. Mix them with White weirdo leftist types and it’s enough for a Democratic win. Throw in forever hopeless blacks and once again demographics rule.

    Non whites often do not deal in common sense. They will complain about ” no police around” while they vote for communist ” defund the police” Democrats. It’s just what they do and who they are. It was just years back Whites were so much larger in number to quell it. Now not so much. The result is classic third worldism.

    How many times on television do we see the hapless black face talking about crime and ” the police need to get the guns off the street” or ” these kids need something to do”? It’s the same stupid crap over and over again.

    Republicans are too cowardly to call for the obvious- more white immigration. Instead they always settle for a shrinking white voter base as the Democratic voter base expands.

    Any place filled with non Whites is often hopeless. Too dumb and brainwashed to vote for a Republican that could help things. Instead these people run for the easy ride by voting for another dark skinned dunce yelling about the police, equity, White racism and ” getting the guns off the street.” Then when crime goes up again they vote for another Democrat instead of those big, bad ” Republikkkan” types. Too easy and hopeless not to be manipulated the way they love to be.

    Unless the nation does what is so clearly needed- a reduction of legal immigration to 250k and an increase in white immigration, America becomes just like Brazil including kidnappings of people with money, bodyguards for both celebrity and non celebrity wealthy and many cities that are routinely in the top 50 most dangerous in the world.

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