Washington Post: Lynchings In Mississippi Never Stopped

It is a new progressive era.

In this new era, we are obsessed with things which ended centuries ago or generations ago like slavery, segregation, lynchings, white supremacy, etc. We can never move on from anything or live in our own time and the whole world revolves around blacks. In fact, we seem to become more obsessed with these things as we move further away in time from them. We’ve become so racially sensitive that the media rushes to believe hoaxes and college students are traumatized by gigantic boulders.

Washington Post:

“JACKSON, Miss. — Since 2000, there have been at least eight suspected lynchings of Black men and teenagers in Mississippi, according to court records and police reports.

“The last recorded lynching in the United States was in 1981,” said Jill Collen Jefferson, a lawyer and founder of Julian, a civil rights organization named after the late civil rights leader Julian Bond. “But the thing is, lynchings never stopped in the United States. Lynchings in Mississippi never stopped. The evil bastards just stopped taking photographs and passing them around like baseball cards.” …”

What do you call this?

Waving the bloody shirt? Beating a dead horse? Woke fiction?

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  1. Control the narrative……Control the narrative……Control the narrative……

    How do they say it, in yiddish ?

  2. Clearly, there was a reason that white men took the law into their own hands. We are living out the consequences of peaceably accepting criminals in government.

  3. Back in those days the negro knew his place. Today the negro has no boundaries, rules and most of all fear of the consequences.

  4. Even my dad who is a hardcore Republican Fox news guy who does the whole Democrats are the real racists and loves seeing a black in a Maga hat commented to me how much he now sees the news is all propaganda. There was a lead story about a black realtor and client being put in cuffs by police and dad said “it really makes you think with all the murders and insanity happening that this is where they focus”.

    He read the same article from the Washington Post in his newsfeed and said to himself “Enough with the Emmitt Till already”. I dont think these people will ever fully come around to reality but they are definitely aware of what is happening unfortunately i hear them all say the same thing to close.
    “That is the way the world and the country is now. It isnt 1955 anymore we just need to accept it and live our lives”

    • The implicit assumption of the Left is that they can replace White people in the U.S. with colored people and still have a first world country to enjoy. The PMC crowd on the Left is oblivious to the examples of Central America, wracked by violence, corruption and every social pathology possible and South Africa in flames.

      As the U.S. becomes more diverse failure increases on every front. Eventually U.S. failure will be so pronounced that the U.S. centered world order in place since 1945 will simply collapse.

      What comes next is up for grabs but the diversity bullshit will reach its logical endpoint with the failure of the U.S.

    • Weaklings. Quitters. It was so easy for the god damned unified, aggressive kikes to rip the country right out of the hands of these “Rugged Individualist” pussies.

  5. Does anyone remember Jessica Chambers? The negro who burned her alive committed other murders also but he is still evading justice.

  6. I call them zoghington post for a very good reason and have been calling them that for years. Reminder that WP stopped being American newspaper when that googly eyed piece of shit Bezos bought it in 2013. You know Blumpfs good friend he gave a massive sized tax break too while he was president

    If ever bought Zp because of a intentionally antiwhite anti American clickbait article congratulations you are a retard

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