Poll: Independents Sour On Joe Biden

The new progressive era is going to be short lived.


“Inflation, rising crime and the border surge are positioning Republicans for even bigger midterm gains than they’d imagined just months ago. …”

I think the midterms will go badly for the Democrats.

They are also expecting to lose at least the House in the midterms on the basis of their own internal polling. It is hard to see how Republicans lose with the border collapsing.

Note: The Republicans aren’t winning so much as Democrats are losing the Center by creating this self-inflicted disaster on crime and immigration.

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  1. “hard to see how Republicans lose”

    Never underestimate the Republican ability to bungle anything.

  2. While this is generally a positive development, I’m hoping that a large number of these people stay home during the midterms and the 2024 general instead of sliding to the GOP. We need the state and it’s pretend two party system to become further delegitimized.

  3. Michael Savage is pessimistic about the mid terms. I think the democrats plan to register all these Central Americans sneaking across the border and blocking an effort to stop them from stealing another election. That’s the plan, I don’t think they want to wait 18 years for their anchor babies to start voting, they are very impatient. Hence the insane trillions they are spending. Anyone who can see that and won’t vote against them should be instantly disqualified from voting, yet the franchise has been insanely expanded to every moron with a pulse.(and in Chicago some without.) Wonder if the aging SDS marxist Baby Boomers nearing the grave are getting impatient and don’t want to die before their dastardly plans come to fruition? They were always careful not to go too far before and slowly turn up the burner on the frog. When they overstepped they’d always step back carefully and wait for another generation to graduate from their commie schools where their social science books told them stuff like gay marriage and legal drugs were inevitable. But now all bets are off? A combination of increasing non-white power, and old leftists nearing the grave impatient without completing their plans seems to be in works.

  4. Looks like we’re close to a Saigon 1975 moment in Afghanistan, which would be disastrous optics for Biden (although he’s not to blame – W Bush is – and is doing the right thing by withdrawing).

    The Gaye Trannie Imperium fleeing before the bearded barbarians.

  5. In 2001 to 2012 Taliban (translates to ‘students’) were from one tribe, the largest tribe, but not a majority in the country (pashtun). Now the students encompass all the major tribes, most importantly Tajiks. This is a majority government. I think it will hold.

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