AOC Claims She Feared Being Raped During The “Insurrection”

The news cycle has stopped on CNN and MSNBC.

They seem to talk about nothing but the “January 6th insurrection” these days. The event only becomes more harrowing as we move further away from it. AOC didn’t merely fear that she would die that day. As a survivor of sexual assault, she also feared that she was going to be raped.

Note: She wasn’t even in the same building. A Capitol police officer also knocked on her door and gave her an angry look.

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  1. Sooo CIA. She’s claiming a statistical inversion of reality. White mobs don’t gang rape. Ask Lara Logan, it’s a brown thing.

  2. Yeah they can’t stop talking about January 6, but they do not say one word about that black guy who murdered Ashley Babbitt. No charges, no reprimand, no suspension with or without pay. It was not a justified shooting. Shooting a defenseless unarmed woman at point blank range, how could it be justified? Lets talk about it.

    Contrast the killer Mike Byrd’s treatment with that of Derek Chauvin. Lets be fair, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

    • Nothing is being done because he was legally justified in shooting her. If you want to play pretend insurrectionist you need to prepare for the possibility of a real bullet.

  3. More likely, AOC fantasied being raped. This is what the psychologists call ravishment fantasy. She should consult Dr. Bernie Sanders, the foremost expert on such fantasies who wrote a paper on the very subject.

  4. The DNC created AOC on the drawing board to rake inost gullible woke millenials. Unfortunately it worked and probably still does. Total clown show.

  5. AOC is an eternal drama queen and shit stirrer masquerading as some poor ‘victim’………and delights in it. Being some bogus oppressed individual brings excitement to her miserable existence. Honestly, she’s in the wrong line of work. Hollywood is where she perhaps should be.

  6. I’m sorry for being crude, but I’m almost certain that these are rape fantasies on her part.

  7. AOC’s whole thing was a media creation. Cenk Uyger from TYT propped her up when no one else would. Then she started parroting the talking points of resistance liberals after she took a little bit of mainstream media attention. She will say and do anything for attention.

    It’s as if a woman with the mental capacity of a child became a 31 year old congresswoman and completely abandoned any actual leftist change.

    Even Kyle Kulinski is walking away from her.

  8. AOC is a special type of crazy. I guess she cannot come to terms with the fact that she is not White, never will be White and is just a spiteful mutant at the end of the day.

  9. @ AOC/ young Ginsburg, me thinks the same demon, that escorted supreme court justice, in her days walking under the sun, has taken up residence, inside miss AOC.

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