Senate Passes Bipartisan $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill

The same people who refused to fund Trump’s border wall and who blocked Trump’s MAGA agenda and who lost control of Congress as a result folded on this and gave Joe Biden a big win.


“The Senate voted 69-30on Tuesday to pass the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package, handing a major victory to President Biden and a group of senators that spent months negotiating on the agreement.

Why it matters: The monster bill would deliver hundreds of billions of dollars for roads, bridges, waterways and other “hard infrastructure” items. It is widely seen as a victory for both parties and the reputation of the Senate, especially given the current level of polarization in Congress. …

To be sure, they will now say that they have already passed a large infrastructure package and there is no point in spending another $3.5 trillion dollars. They will likely win that argument too.

Note: Independent voters support basic infrastructure spending, but are much more skeptical of Joe Biden’s spending and economic policies.

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  1. “Independent voters support basic infrastructure spending,”

    Is it really an infrastructure bill, all 2700 pages of it ?

  2. The Republicans never fail to fail. Their last appeal to their voters in every election is always true and always the same: “The other guy is worse!” No wonder they are always losing after victory has been handed to them.

    • Some of it from previous “infrastructure” bills went via a round about way to building a certain “Global Citizen’s” luxurious summer home on Martha’s Vineyard. Now he can have a homo 60th birthday party there every year.

  3. The 3.5 trillion bill should be killed, period. It has a lot of poison pills and giveaways to boondoggle bullshit in it, as well as all sorts of destructive immigration giveaways.

    • Illegals get all of the free healthcare they want. They get right on our Social Security and Medicare. They aren’t all young coming here, so you know they are being bussed or flown in. They do nothing for this country.

        • Yes, there’s plenty of government money for programs and such. But they add no value to the US.
          The trillions we spend on just housing, feeding, and giving them healthcare, could be spent on the space program, which provides decent jobs.

  4. It is not a “big win for Biden,” who is a mere puppet figurehead. THEY have figured out how to reap huge profits from the spending, and how the vast majority of the population will pay for it, along with all nations on Earth who are forced to accept the U.S. Dollar, the world reserve currency.

    You should know that half of the “new” spending is really reallocation of spending that was already appropriated in other bills, bailouts and emergency measures, and it is being spread out over years to come, and YOU and all the workers of the world will pay for it. The hyped infrastructure bill is really NOTHING NEW.

    Of course the Empire will repair some of infrastructure and build new infrastructure for military purposes, and other “vital” (big business) needs, while the road that YOU live on continues to deteriorate from paving to gravel, and looks more like the Ho Chi Minh Trail after bombing, and YOUR local water “quality” will continue to contain lead but you will be able to stay if your area is not chosen for development or gentrification.

    I find much more interesting what is happening in Afghanistan.

  5. Do you know anyone who has ever gotten anything from past infrastructure bills? It seems that Italian and Irish Roman Catholic contractors get something, and Jewish suppliers get their money. Hell, I don’t know anyone who has even gotten a job out of past infrastructer bills. How about you???

  6. The GOP are worst than the democrats because they pretend to care for John and Jane Q. Public, while sticking a knife in their backs.

    Even the New York Post had a headline that read, “Infrastructure bill is chock full of anti-white racism.”

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