Tucker Carlson: You’re Either “Sophisticated” or a “Superspreader”

I want to give a shoutout to Tucker Carlson’s writers.

I watched this on the way home last night and the line about how Obama believes so much in climate change that he lives in a multimillion dollar mansion in Martha’s Vineyard on the Atlantic coast which is poised to sink beneath the waves due to the melting of the polar ice caps cracked me up.

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  1. The Magic Mulatto sees 60. With his history as a sodomite that is pretty good. And Michael still looks like a baboon. All low class. Look at all that trash at his party.

  2. Martha’s Vineyard has the name Martha in it, a former slave owner’s name no doubt. I forward the motion that Martha’s Vineyard be renamed to Shaniqua’s Licka Sto. I think you’ll all agree that this name is much more representative of 21st century America’s national character!

  3. “Obama believes so much in climate change that he lives in a multimillion dollar mansion in Martha’s Vineyard”:

    He also believes in equality so much that he lives in a multimillon dollar mansion – unlike Muammar Gaddafi (brutally murdered by Obama’s and Hillary’s Crypto-“Islamic” proxies) who only lived in a tent and said he would never live in a house until every Libyan citizen had a house.

    Regarding your second point of amusement about the melting of the polar ice caps: Thermometers do not lie. An increase of three degrees centigrade is significant, and you can also SEE the change. Arctic sea ice, glaciers, and permafrost are OBVIOUSLY melting. You can say it is part of a natural cycle unrelated to human activity, but the melting is still real.

    • I agree on the climate. Anyone who can’t see the changes is either blind or willfully ignorant. Some of them just chalk it up to “Jesus won’t allow anything REALLY bad to happen.”

    • The earth is constantly changing. The climate changes due to several things, including plate tectonics.
      If you want to put blame for pollution, look to China. The US gets blamed for all of the world’s pollution, but it’s not true. Americans do a good job at recycling, whereas other countries are dumping plastics into the oceans. Whites get blamed for overpopulation, when we are only 8% of the world population, and not reproducing ourselves. I’ve never once seen anything about overpopulation aimed at nonwhites.

    • “You can say it is part of a natural cycle unrelated to human activity…”

      That’s what I for one am saying: there were eras of vastly higher temperatures throughout the planet’s history long before the Industrial Revolution.

      In the ’70s, the Thienth Experth assured us we were going to die in the new Ice Age; in the ’80s, acid rain would do the trick; in the ’90s it was global warming; now, itz the ass-covering “climate CHANGE”.

      We survived through ages of heat, freezing cold, supervolcanoes and pandemics of REAL mass killers like bubonic plague & smallpox (admittedly sometimes after very great loss). We will survive whatever blind nature inflicts from now on, too, unless perhaps if it’s a giant asteroid; the greater & far more pressing danger is what the fucking kikes & shitlib race traitors are inflicting upon us right now.

    • Also, if anyone was worried about “Carbon Footprints”, how come millions of foreigners are crossing our borders, coming here and having babies they can’t even afford.

      Why is it, that there’s always talk about a coming water shortage, but you let more and more foreigners come here and reproduce?

      Which is it? Are there REALLY issues, or is this just aimed at whites only?

      • California’s population is now about 40 million people, most of whom live in the southern part of the state. That region is semi-arid at best and cannot possibly support the people living there without massive investments in public works. At the rate infrastructure is being used up and not maintained it will be impossible to support all those people plus agriculture meaning something is going to break in a big way.

        The shutting of the hydroelectric plant at the Oroville dam is one example of this limitation. If Lake Mead drops too much more those hydroelectric generators will also come off line, a huge problem for all the Southwest. Without sufficient electricity civilisation becomes impossible because millions of gallons of water must be transported hundreds of miles to support life in the Southwest. This is simply impossible without a high quality electric grid, something the geniuses on the Left are trying to wreck.

  4. Re: “Tucker Carlson says (…) a superspreader”:

    Carlson is a superspreader himself, spreading disinformation, pointing you and the rest of the target audience, down one blind dead end path after another; feeding you plenty of “tasty” truths that “you can’t find anywhere else on TV” to balance, and get you to swallow, a few crucial lies.

  5. Just goes to show that the bikers should have besieged DC in early 2020. Too hedonistic.

  6. The difference is the Sturgis people are White Trash Proles, with their shaved heads, long beards & ‘staches & low-class tats. Meat eaters, Boozers & druggies. Physically intimidating to skinny commie faggots. Certainly racists. Precisely the types they want to oppress & lock-down, permanently.

  7. The rent thing is odd. I have a neighbor that hasn’t paid rent in over a year and he still works everyday. No hardship what so ever. His nephew that lives there drives a Lexus and was test driving a brand new Audi SUV the other day. Very nice car, dark blue. I personally don’t care him very much, and he is clearly taking advantage of the system.

    Just scanning our local news here in Sin City and ran across this story,


    Looks like it just happened. LOL. The area is not the greatest area but homes there have pretty much doubled in value, across the entire city as well.

    Real estate prices have skyrocketed with the influx of California refugees. Supply and demand. And these people that rent out homes just missed the boom. Things will certainly settle in a month when summer is finally over. Not sure of the details, but it looks like they can’t sell the homes they are renting out.

    • Most home buyers want the house they are buying empty, they don’t want the old owner’s problems. Sounds like the guy just snapped. It looks like his renters were basically just laughing at him, refusing to pay rent and daring him to do something about it. Finally, he did do something about it.

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