This Is Portland: Portland Blows Past Homicide Record

It is a new progressive era.

As we all know, Portland has “some of the loudest folks on the West Coast.”


“PORTLAND, Ore. — Portland’s hit a grim record.

The deadly TriMet shooting over the past weekend was the city’s 56th homicide this year. That means this year is the deadliest Portland has seen in two and a half decades, according to The Oregonian/OregonLive, and there are still four months left until 2022.

The Oregonian says there were 55 homicides in 1994. KATU asked police to verify that number, but Portland police were unable to accommodate the request Monday. …”

Wall Street Journal:

“But with 53 homicides so far this year, Portland is on pace to surpass its all-time high of 70 in 1987, according to Portland police officials. The trend is reversing Portland’s decadeslong history of having one of the lowest homicide rates among large cities. …

Following calls to defund the police, the Portland City Council last summer voted to cut $15 million from the police department, including the 38-person gun-violence team, which they criticized for racial profiling. In 2019, 52% of the team’s stops were of Black people, who make up 5.8% of the city’s population.

After the team was disbanded, homicides rose. This spring, Portland police officials proposed creating a new team. …”

They have already shattered their homicide record in early August. It hasn’t been this bad in Portland since the 1990s. The all-time record is 70 homicides in 1987 and that target is well within reach.

BTW, it should be clear now to everyone how we should handle the Joe Biden era. We should continue to do nothing. We should wait this out, watch and laugh as these lunatics spectacularly self destruct. These people are sowing the seeds of their own Thermidor. It won’t be long.

Note: 33% of Portland residents want to abolish the police.

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  1. “ BTW, it should be clear now to everyone how we should handle the Joe Biden era. We should continue to do nothing. ”

    Strange view. So losing is ok and we should just kickback? You are aware of the current situation and how it got this way, right?

    • I don’t think so.

      If I have learned anything over the past few years, it is that doing nothing is often better than doing something. We don’t gain anything from being in the public spotlight like in Charlottesville or with the mass shooters. It is better to let the enemy be in public spotlight when they are self destructing like during the George Floyd riots.

      • So if the “kickback” strategy is in play. Where are we in a decade? Better off or worse?

        You are an intelligent person, I am genuinely curious on your assessment. All ears.

        Worse or better by doing nothing and letting things spin the fuck out?

        • @Ron – Indeed, as you are indirectly pointing out, we all still have to live here. Worse is worse, and will not be kept out of even the quiet southern enclaves indefinitely. There is a rising tide of color in this country, and it will sweep away everything White, eventually.

      • You have a point. The left were triggered into a wholesale icon smashing frenzy. If that doesn’t detach working class whites from their loyalty to the Democratic Party, and reattach it to a racial consciousness, what will? The course is set.

      • Often attributed to Bonaparte, but we know Admiral Horatio Nelson said “Gentlemen, when the enemy is committed to a mistake we must not interrupt him too soon.” Lesson: Sometimes it is better to remain silent rather than constantly harping (blogging, commenting, protesting) on the enemy’s strategy and tactics, especially the weaknesses, because it may actually be educating and helping the enemy.

  2. I suspect Wild Bill Hickok would have just ordered another drink at his table, rather then go out and tame a town filled with this many fools.

  3. The system is the problem. It is viciously anti-White yet paradoxically it requires the active, constant participation of White people to function, similar to S. Africa. If it were possible to reform the system of government in the U.S. it would have happened decades ago.

    As the so-called “Civil Rights” legislation wrecked one city after another, the 1965 immigration law flooded the country with Third World wogs and U.S. foreign policy was recognized as hopelessly self destructive after Vietnam things would have changed for the better if it were possible to change the system from within.

    Instead the reaction against the Democratic Party’s incompetence and failure was Republican Party incompetence and failure. Reagan was the Great White Hope after the disastrous 1960’s and ’70’s yet he signed an amnesty bill in 1986, never secured the southern border and spent much more than the Democrats resulting in the 1987 financial markets’ crash.

    Two George Bushes were elected; two of those fucksticks, one wasn’t enough. The second was even worse than the first, something most people wouldn’t have thought possible.

    No need to explain how Trump was full of shit either.

    Without White people civilisation will collapse. Detroit, Newark, Baltimore, Atlanta, now Portland Ore., St. Louis and 100 other places give testimony to this fact yet nothing was done to change things with or without the Republicans. Why would the Republicans change now?

    It’s too easy for people to confuse the fact that the Democrats are worse than the Republicans with the idea that this time it’s different, this time the Republicans will do the right thing. If only we can get Trump in office he will fix things. Ha!

  4. Yes, let the kikes & antifag shitlib scum tear it all down – but after they’ve done it to the point that Whites are truly fed up, there must be something/someone other than the same ol’ Repuglicunts to take over. No more Reagans & Dumps: someone deadly serious.

  5. @12A@X7 – I don’t believe any thinking person at this point believes the Republicans are going to “do the right thing”, or be any better than the Democrats. The fact is though, R’s are less OPENLY hostile and anti-White.
    So for those who still believe in voting, it is literally a no-brainer.

    Even I have come to agree with the logic posited by many here, that voting is now an exercise in futility. In fact as I’ve posted before, voting has become a form of self harm.

    • What surprises me is the tens of millions of people who voted for Trump in 2020 after he had reneged unambiguously on most of his campaign promises such as a wall on the southern border. The list of excuses I heard and read included :”It’s not his fault, the Republicans in Congress sabotaged him” and my favorite, “He will do it all in his second term.”

      There are still tens of millions of voters who somehow believe that “this time is different, they wouldn’t dare fuck me over again” every time there is an election. Every time a Republican wins it’s the same old story: “they fucked me over, again!”

  6. The question is who is fueling the murders in Portland? Is it the small black population now out of control like in virtually every ghetto since 2020? Or are these drugged out white losers camping in homeless tents knocking each other off?

    “Reagan was the Great White Hope after the disastrous 1960’s and ’70’s yet he signed an amnesty bill in 1986, never secured the southern border”

    To be fair, I don’t think it was wildly conceivable in Reagan’s born in 1912 mind that it was even possible to ever make whites a minority in our own country. If Reagan were to see this I’m sure he’d be as repelled as he was of communism.

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