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  1. @ Kentucky people know about breeding and liberal Larry is a purebred ass#!, On behalf of the commonwealth, I will take the liberty and bear witness to that. Liberal scary,fairy,Larry is a certified one hundred percent u.s. grade A purebred ASS #!!.

  2. These selectively bred dogs are actually mixed-race mutts like when a nigger and a White broad have a half-breed – pure-bred dogs like my German Shorthaired Pointers could be considered racist Muh White Supremacists because their Northern European bloodlines are not tainted by Unterhunds.

  3. Oh Lord! I’ve owned two Himalayan at, and I currently own a Bengal cat and a Chow dog. I’ve been a racist for years. Woe is me!

    • Off topic, Stephen, someone here is getting a Bengal kitten from a breeder soon. I wonder what that will be like. I’ve heard they hiss instead of purr. I favor shorthair, tabby, working (hunting) barn cats, which are available everywhere at no cost and more than earn their little food and rabies and distemper vaccinations.

      • That’s my cat – a tiger-striped, fierce, very large tabby. She found me when she was a kitten, one night in the winter when I was out for a walk. I’d never wanted a cat, but her attitude was, “Hey! I’m with YOU now.” Would be cool to have a Bengal someday… They are very expensive though.

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