Brian Stelter: FOX Has Lost Control Of The Monster It Created

We love our characters on this website.

The recurring cast of characters are people who best embody some of our favorite narratives.

David French … the personification of the cuckservative.

Liberal Larry … the personification of the shitlib progressive activist.

Stephen Colbert … the personification of the woke Boomer comedian who isn’t funny anymore.

Brian Stelter is our favorite character though … the personification of the corporate media “journalist.”

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  1. Letterman’s old late-night show on NBC was good. But this Colbert character is friggin’ unwatchable.

    • He’s probably talking Colbert Report show character he played many years ago which was at times was funny not his late night lefty libtard antiwhite shit he does now His character was a semi satire of a capitalist conservative talkshow host

  2. Instead of being worried about FOX, he should be more worried about his failing network. I bet the fat cuck was bullied by girls in school. Look at him.

  3. I cannot believe that the bold effeminate guy isn’t Jewish. Can you? He’s an example of a goy who’s been around Jews so much his whole like that he metamorphosed into one. I get such a strong Jew vibe from him it’s incredible!

    • WHAT ???
      “effeminate guy isn’t Jewish. ”

      THAT guy is as kosher as a Brooklyn bagel.
      Everything about him screams judaism.

      He may be crypto, pretending to be catholic or some other sect, but ethnically, he is so totally jwish.

  4. Colbert had to retire the conservative character because it did nail the cucky nature of the conformist conservative. It was too close to the way the system wants the conservative in the first place. Ridiculing the cuck wasn’t a good idea.

    • Exactly as I assumed I always thought he had to give up the character because of that an cause Jon Stewarts Daily show was such unfunny shit in comparison and was failing in popularity

  5. You got that right. However I think the guy does have a point. Fox News has always promoted the talking points of the Republican Party. That was especially true on President Bush and his War on Terror. However the Republican Party is in real trouble going forward. The anti Vaccine crazies and those against Masks have took over the Republican Party. Fact is the Freedom Caucus of right wing libertarian Republicans caused this whole problem because President Trump was for a federal Mask Mandate until his Chief of Statt Meadows got in his ear and said…but but but it will offend the base! Yea right….what he means is the very small percentage of Republicans that are really just Libertarians. They would have been offended and they make up a very small percentage of the Republican Party. We know all all the various beliefs and wings involved in the D and the R parties. I believe the ordinary Republicans, Traditional Conservatives, Social Conservatives, Foreign Policy Conservatives, Moderate Conservatives and so on would have been fine with Masks and Vaccines. The Economic Conservatives would probably have been fine with it as well because many stores still have Mask required signs up and that’s with no Mask Mandate in place. Believe me in Mississippi with now 5,000 cases a day….Masks would greatly bring the numbers down…same goes for Vaccines. I read and listen to all political individuals, channels, websites, podcasts, news outlets, and so on. All of them and find the truth about a subject. The Right Wing Libertarians in the Republican Party are destroying the Republican Party going into all future elections. The anti Vaccine nuts are crazy and those crazies are a very very small percentage of Voters. The Governor of Florida is the worst of the worst and now the “Pro Life” party is looking like the Charles Darwin “Survival of the Fittest” party. When Republicans lose ground on the “Pro Life” issue…like they’ve every banned Abortion..nope..more and more people will think about voting for Democrats or even Third Party. That’s gonna doom Republicans for the way Covid-19 is being handled by these Southern Republican Governors. Take a look at Maryland which has a Republican Governor and things are going very well in his State because he’s had a Moderate Conservative approach on Covid-19 and keeping everybody safe. We know how politics is….the political parties turn on those who they think are “hurting the party” and that’s gonna happen very soon because the ordinary Republicans who wanna win elections and make a difference will see the anti Vaccine nuts as bad for the party and all these cases of Covid-19 happening with Republican Governors in control are very bad news for the GOP in the next election. It’s only a matter of time before the more Moderate Republicans distance themselves from the Freedom Caucus type that’s fueled all the fake news on Masks and Vaccines and these individuals will be took out of influence or kicked out of the Republican Party. This is why a more Moderate approach is always better for Democrats, Republicans, and even Third Parties going forward. Deo Vindice !

  6. How about Keith Olbermann? — what does he personify? — the guy is a total fucking nutcase.

    Stelter is an effeminate beta dweeb.

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