Oakland’s Chinatown Leaders Demand Gov. Gavin Newsom Declare a State of Emergency

I don’t think anyone us is paying attention to this because of the optics. I’m pretty sure this guy was attacked himself a few months ago.


“OAKLAND, Calif. (KRON) – An effort to combat crime in Oakland — The president of the city’s Chinese Chamber of Commerce says he’s fed up with nothing being done to stop violent crime.

Now, he’s calling on Governor Gavin Newsom to declare a state of emergency.

Newsom was seen walking the fireline observing the destruction from wildfires. Now, the governor is being summoned to Oakland to help stop another situation that is being described as out of control: crime. …”

The joke is that “white supremacists” are doing it.

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  1. ” city’s Chinese Chamber of Commerce”

    Where’s the WHITE Chamber of Commerce in Oakland ?
    Does any city have a WHITE Chamber of Commerce ?

    Why not ?

      • I got kicked off Free Republic decades ago for saying that the Chinese exclusion act was a good idea, that if it hadn’t been passed we would have disintegrated as a nation long ago, in the same way we are disintegrating today due to mass immigration. The brain-dead conservatives there are obsessed with gathering any tiny amount of non-white votes so they can “prove” to their oppressors that they’re not “racist.” They’re willing to throw their history, their people, their culture and nation under the bus in order to garner a few votes for the Republican party. Conservatism died when it became hitched to the task of electing that corrupt organization. It’s all for naught , non-whites including Asians vote their racism, vote their hatred for whites, vote to seize power and territory from whites. The Republicans might do well in the next cycle or two but they are doomed as a national party, and we are becoming a one-party state, thanks to the cowardice and corruption of conservatism.

        • This. /\ /\ /\

          Give up on the Republicans and “Conservatives” now, don’t waste time later. A rhetorical question I have posed to “Conservatives” many times: What have “Conservatives” conserved since 1945 except the welfare/warfare state? Deafening silence is their response.

          The “Conservatives” really put the “con” in “Conservative”.

    • @Arrian,
      You’ve stolen my thunder! I was also wondering why such a body is nessessary in America. Once they arrive, aren’t they just Americans? Seems every ethnicity want to be the same as us, whilst being different at the same time.
      If you want a white chamber of Commerce……….dat makes you a waysist!!

      • Re: “I was also wondering why such a body is nessessary in America. Once they arrive, aren’t they just Americans? Seems every ethnicity want to be the same as us, whilst being different at the same time”:

        No. It is NATURAL for ethnic groups to self-identify and segregate and try to maintain their cultures. It is the “just Americans” that is unnatural. There is a profound difference between unnatural capitalist empire and natural, ethnic statehood.

        • “It is the “just Americans” that is unnatural. There is a profound difference between unnatural capitalist empire and natural, ethnic statehood.”

          Truth. America is a failed experiment. The country was founded by Protestant Northern Europeans and immigration should have been restricted to them.

  2. blacks are higher up the victimhood pyramid than asians so nothing will be done. it will be funny to see them start calling asians racist though.

  3. Larry Elders is running for governor of California and it seems like he has a chance. Of course, the conservative black brought up failing black grades and said nothing about Whites. Tucker Carlson did nothing but praise him as most Whites do when a black “conservative is running.

    • Sigh

      Reminds me when pandering Illinois Right to life conservatives ran Black Conservative talk show host Allen Keyes for US Senate here in Illinois against a then unknown mixed race Dem Illinois state Senator Barack Obama .

      The White GOP candidate had to drop out because of a sex scandal. Obama trounced Alan Keyes .

      Black GOP conservatives rarely win anything and when they do it s like Black GOP South Carolina Senator or that Indian dot not feather South Carolina Governor turned UN ambassador representing the Israel Likud party !

      In contrast a few ethnic Japanese guys did well for us in Western politics .

      US Senator Haikowa (spelling is way off) and that Japanese President/emperor of Peru were very good.

      • @Jaye Ryan,

        If you recall, the “sex scandal” that sunk retardican US Senate Jack Ryan’s campaign was an unsubstantiated claim by him trophy wife and actress Jeri Lynn Ryan (Best known for her role as the Borg “Seven of Nine” on Star Trek: Voyager).

        Obama was groomed to be the “first black US president ” by the small hat tribe since his day at Harvard, if not before. When he came to Chicago as a community organizer (ACORN), whom financed and introduced to ‘the right people ‘ him during his first campaign and subsequent reelection campaigns for Illinois General Assembly Senator?
        Obama’s connections to Bernadette Dohrn (née Ohrnstein) and William Ayers both marxist domestic terrorist members of the violent Weather Underground group.

        Jeri Lynn Ryan being a smoking hot blonde shiksa of limited talent in Jeweywood, betrayed her husband, in order to further her own career, and ingratiated herself into the good graces of Hollywood producers, directors, and casting movers and shakers.

        Connect the dots. We would eventually be right where we currently are, but the timeline would have been on the ‘express train.’

        A somewhat not too well known subplot to the Illinois GOP search for a replacement for Jack Ryan was wooing Mike Ditka. Ditka still regrets not running against Obama for the US senate seat in 2006 to this day.

        • The Ayers are big commie activists, but the money behind Obama was the Pritzker Clan who own the Hyatt Chain. One of them, JB Pritzker, is currently our big fat governor, Penny Pritzker was rewarded with an Obama cabinet seat, and James Pritzker walked out on his wife and kids to get his jollies prancing around in women’s clothes and is a huge funding force behind this transgendered insanity confusing all these school kids these days.

          We’ve always had demonic types who wanted to destroy civilization, but 130 years ago when the robber barons were gentiles they never had any wealthy sponsors the way they do now. When one becomes successful, usually one has a stake in the stability of a society. The pathological thing about a Jewish Elite is instead of seeking stability, their fear and loathing of gentiles causes many of them to fund devils who seek harm to the culture who would be marginalized with a traditional gentile elite.

      • Jack Ryan says: “a few ethnic Japanese guys did well for us in Western politics (…) that Japanese President/emperor of Peru (was) very good:

        Read, learn and share ACCURATE history! There were TWO President Fujimori Inomotos, the father and the daughter, installed in succession by the U.S. They certainly “did well” for the U.S. Empire, Peruvian Neo-Nazis, and the 1% wealthy capitalists in Peru. Both were brutal, corrupt fascist dictators, “like father like daughter.” They did NOT “do well” for the Peruvian PEOPLE.

        • Correction: Daughter Keiko was not literally dictator. She was installed as the First Lady of Peru, after her mother accused her father of corruption. She was also made president of a new fascist party built on the legacy of her father’s “great achievements,” that was organized in the U.S.; but she was never elected President of Peru. However this year she came very close to having her turn to be brutal dictator with a tremendous electoral interference push by the U.S. President Pedro Castillo’s inauguration was delayed until very recently due to U.S. interference (mostly through its OAS puppet) trying to invalidate the election and install Keiko Fujomori.

          • “Thief, liar, assassin and President”: the argument against the daughter (Keiko) Fujimori’s presidency: https://www.arthuride.com/keiko-fujimori-thief-liar-assassin-and-president/ “Fujimori had his military and paramilitary forces execute workers and laborers indiscriminately, that included tortures worse than even Adolf Hitler could have conceived; for example: Mariela Barreto was quartered using surgical equipment, and the precision of the cuts indicates they were performed by someone with a master knowledge of anatomy. Ms. Barreto’s remains were found in three different sacks left on a road outside Lima, a few days before those who found the sacks revealed the exact location of the mass grave where the remains of the victims of a massacre were buried (…) These acts were coupled with open looting of the National Treasury by Fujimori (…) and forcing on unwilling poor people mass sterilization identical to the maneuver of Adolf Hitler (…) (Over 300,000 Peruvian women) were forced to be sterilized, sometimes being told if they didn’t get their tubes tied the government would stop giving food to their children. Nurses in hospitals had sterilization quotas to meet. When women in a village were sterilized, some of the nurses who helped in the operations were also forced to be sterilized or else lose their jobs….”

    • Did anybody else see Larry Elder’s photo op in from of the table with a sign that read “Latinos for Israel. No caca. Mr. Elder had his arms spread wide with the grin of a heeb that bought a condominium for 20% under list price in Dade county.

      • Hopefully one of the condos that collapsed in a heap. The condo building that collapsed in Florida was overwhelmingly full of “Our Greatest Allies”.

  4. Well, if things are like that for them, they’ve got a safe space, though.

    Asia. Big place in the east, full of their fellow gooks, can’t miss it.

  5. Being White in Asia to play the field is one thing, living as a minority in America and passively discriminated by Chinese in work, housing, education, etc., particularly when the Asian women become dumpy and hypergamous, like other American women in America, is completely another thing…

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