Sacramento Votes On Homeless Master Plan

It is a new progressive era.

The Sacramento Bee:

“The Sacramento City Council unanimously approved 20 sites for homeless shelters, tiny homes and sanctioned tent encampments Tuesday, part of what the city has described as its Comprehensive Siting Plan to Address Homelessness.

“This is the most aggressive plan in the history of the city,” said Mayor Darrell Steinberg, who led the initiative. “No question about it.” …”

We’re moving up from Skid Row to housing people in tiny homes!

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  1. Once this starts, it will spread and spread and…..
    The camps these petty bureaucrats design will be too small.
    These camps will be the nucleus of future slums/favelas.

  2. Cities in red state Florida don’t have any problem figuring out what to do with tens of thousands of homeless junkies, winos and schizos, because that bullshit isn’t tolerated.

  3. Instead of solving the real problems of wealth inequality and untreated mental illness, cities will just try to cruelly sweep homeless people under the rug.

  4. A healthy society, does not have homeless camps, all over the place, a healthy society, doesn’t have the beast of the field, attacking it’s citizenry, anytime and anywhere, the wokesters all have a death wish.

    • Terry, precisely. These camps are the AIDS sores on a HIV positive homosexual, pointing to a deep underlying problem (society is currently at the equivalent of popping drugs and having unprotected anal sex all day and night).

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