Seattle Finally Makes Half-Hearted Attempt To Remove Homeless Camp In City Hall Park

After years of refusing to confront the cultural degeneration in their midst, it took a naked homeless drug addict attempting to rape a pregnant courthouse worker in the women’s restroom in the King County courthouse and the issue coming to national attention to move Seattle to act.

KOMO News:

“SEATTLE – A man is hospitalized with life-threatening injuries after a shooting early Wednesday at a Seattle homeless camp, police said.

Officers and medics responded to the scene, a homeless encampment near 12th Avenue South and South Lane Street, at about 3:30 a.m. after receiving reports of shots fired.

A 32-year-old man was found with a gunshot wound. He was stabilized by medics and rushed to Harborview Medical Center. …”

Someone was also shot there early this morning.

As with CHAZ, the truly incredible thing about this story is the lengths to which Seattle has been willing to go to tolerate this experiment in cultural decline and anarchy at the expense of livability. Countless businesses have already pulled out of downtown Seattle. They also show no signs of turning back. Either a police abolitionist or a Republican could become the next Seattle City Attorney in November.


“SEATTLE — Outreach providers were joined by city and county workers Tuesday at City Hall Park in Seattle’s Pioneer Square to begin clearing what’s become a notorious and controversial homeless encampment.

According to an email from the King County Executive’s Chief of Staff April Putney, homeless outreach group JustCare and partner organizations have been working with about 52 people living at the park over the last six weeks to create a long-term plan for them to move into indoor shelter. …”

Some of the homeless people are being relocated to shelters while others are being allowed to stay. It seems likely that this is a PR stunt and that they will be back after the news cycle moves on.

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  1. Same as with the feral Blacks running wild in their streets, the “homeless problem” has become too big to solve in these cities given the current political climate. Any non-brainwashed thinking person can think of a few highly effective solutions. The problem is ZERO political will to do what would work, and fewer and fewer options remaining the longer this situation continues.

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