Gov. Gavin Newsom Helps Remove Homeless Camp In Berkeley

Austin or Aurora or Berkeley … it doesn’t matter.

These tent cities of homeless drug addicts are a symbol of our new progressive era. They are found in the most shitlib progressive cities which are subsidizing and fueling the growth of homelessness. When you venture out into the poorest parts of the rural South, you don’t find people living like this.

I wasn’t aware that Berkeley had a homeless camp. It makes sense though. This is what you find everywhere all over the country wherever this class of people are in power. Among other things, Berkeley is known for its Antifa infestation, the strength of its climate change doomsday cult, the intensity of anti-whiteness there and its now typical issues with policing and unequal justice.

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  1. Newsom was baptized and raised in his father’s Catholic faith. He describes himself as an “Irish Catholic rebel……

    The one percenters are turning on their henchmen, they want Gay Pete and Newsom is not going to be able to out gay, Gay Pete.

    The dominoes are falling, after Newsom comes Whitmer then Kamala. The only question now is who Gay Pete picks as a Veep? Rachel Levine? This is going to good try not to piss your pants.

  2. Funny how all those homeless dumps in CA are FINALLY getting cleaned up just a few weeks before the recall election.

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