Tucker Carlson: Nobody Likes Rising Gas Prices

Believe me, I sure as hell don’t like $3 a gallon gasoline. It is effectively a tax on rural America.


“The Biden White House increasingly views rising gasoline prices as a source of potential political peril — and is now asking some of the world’s biggest oil producers to pump more oil.

Why it matters: This trend, combined with a fragile economic recovery threatened by the Delta variant of the coronavirus, and inflation beginning to bite consumers, could threaten the administration’s ambitious congressional agenda for late summer and early fall. …”

OPEC, please help!

Note: We’re going back to the good old days of the Obama years at the pump.

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    • “They deserve it more than Julian Assange”:

      Assange doesn’t deserve it AT ALL. Speaking of Assange, isn’t it odd that Carlson doesn’t speak of Assange, and when he once had a guest that did speak of Assange, Carlson acted as if he knew little or nothing. You KNOW what kind of a journalist is Carlson if he never rises to the defense of the greatest living journalist, who languishes (and is in many ways tortured) in the REAL gulag, the Empire’s political prison system. Now, journalist Craig Murray has also been imprisoned for doing excellent journalism: https://thegrayzone.com/2021/07/31/craig-murrays-jailing-national-security-state-independent-journalism/

    • Oh and fuck Biden and his stupid raising gas prices because no one is big enough bold enough to do something radical. I don’t like $4.30/50 gas prices where I’m at. You need to shut up. The cities are paying above $4.00 to $4.50. Stop complaining about $3.00. We’re stuck between idiots like Biden that want to raise gas prices, that does absolutely nothing but hurt working class people but ***feels**** like they’re making a difference to the environment, and people like you that think everyone is doing it because you seriously think everyone revolves their politics around you (rural America), while the Earth goes up in flames.

      • U.S. gas prices will be cheap compared to Lebanon where gas prices are set to quadruple within a week, and only the wealthy will be able to afford to drive. People are filling their tanks now. Lebanon is under escalating hybrid war attack by Israel, and the U.S. and its satellites U.K., France etc. The immediate goal is to destroy popular support for Hezbollah, to destroy Hezbollah. Then Israel will annex parts of southern Lebanon, and take its water supply.

        The U.S. continues to occupy the oil fields of Syria and take their oil, preventing the Syrian people from having an affordable fuel supply to try to destroy popular support for the democratically-elected government. Iran has attempted to deliver gasoline to Syria by oil tanker, but a shipment was attacked at sea by U.S./Israel.

        Somalia and Yemen have enormous untapped oil reserves, hence the Empire’s constant keeping them in chaos, to wear them out and subdue them completely and eventually install fully-compliant puppet governments to take their oil. Venezuela has the world’s largest oil reserves including very newly discovered fields of light sweet crude excellent for gasoline manufacture, hence the Empire’s hybrid war to destroy democratically-elected Venezuelan socialism that nationalizes its oil.

        • Even the capital of Lebanon only has electricity three to four hours a day now, as the Empire and Israel tighten their chokehold:

    • @Aspire:

      Re: fires in Greece: Turkey, Algeria and many other nations are plagued with massive forest fires this summer, not entirely due to poor forest management. Land area the size of the state of Florida has been burned off by wildfires so far this summer in Siberia (Russia) and the Siberian permafrost really is melting. Arctic warming denial (aka thermometer reading denial) is like pandemic denial, from the same mindset.

    • You realize that the fires are set by psychotic arsonists with your political “scientific” persuasion? All over the world, commies are setting fires, while psychopaths in government plot how they’re going to change the weather and grind us into poverty to “save the world.” During the dust bowl in the 1930s kooky apocalyptic “scientific theories” that told us all to give up modern living to “save the world” were considered laughable, and everyone with common sense considers them laughable today.

  1. Democrat strategists like rising gas prices. High gas prices incentivize urbanization and urbanization helps them electorally.

    • I like the idea of assholes with monster SUV’s paying $150 to fill up. Working stiffs with pickups not so much.

  2. Gas prices would be even higher if Trump got his second term and started a war with Iran.

    And he would have done it make no mistake. His entire first term was making the preparations.

    • I think I agree. Biden is too weak to start a war with Iran. It is the way it is and a broken clock is right twice a day.

    • Chances are that Iran has nuclear weapons. No one, including Trump, is going to chance an invasion, and then lose thousands to a nucler truck bomb.

  3. I rarely drive

    On balance , I m a White Liberal urban elitist .

    I like to walk , take fast and clean public transport .

    I d ban cars from our central cities .

    I like all kinds of White elitist controls from a selfish , White urban elitist perspective .

    1) immigration control of COVID , TB and Ebola infected POC – ban all Muslims

    If they don t use toilet paper or soap they can t come

    2) birth control (even abortion) for the Black and POC underclass

    Yeah Planned Parenthood founder Margarette Sanger was racist and promoted eugenics …. (And there is something wrong with that?)

    3) Gun control

    When your area s demographics go Memphis, Detroit , Camden NJ – certain people can t be allowed to carry guns.

    Stop and search worked great under NYPD mayor Guliani

    4) graffiti control, public pissing and pooping control , control of dog owners not cleaning up their dog poop . Strict controls of public decency , laws against rap music , wearing your pants below your butt .

    Singapore has all these controls and it s a great place to be – no Liberals or Libertarian idiots. Ass holes get their asses caned .

    Yeah and I support making everyone get vaccinated for all kinds of contagious diseases including COVID

    I favor controlling all kinds of things American girls and women do . Women shouldn t be allowed to vote unless they be produced at least 4 healthy White children

    Ann Coulter is a bitch!

    • Jaye Ryan

      Your solutions are just a patchwork of half-measures, that sum to zero.
      Only total separation from POC will work.

      Try taking public transit in a major city, on a regular basis.

    • Gas prices.
      Bring in an additional 120 million ppl over 50 years of immigration and then wonder where the demand comes from.

      The American ppl are too stupid to realize, the more ppl you bring to the table , the smaller your portion will be.

      Much Lower living standards for the bottom 90%, great wealth for the top 1%.

    • @Jaye – There is no “vaccine” for COVID available in the United States. What is available is a mRNA protein spike injection.

    • Mr. Ryan,

      In the spirit of friendly criticism I am of course bound to be against abortion, birth control pills etc.

      I agree that a country can determine who can and cannot enter their country. I believe that universal permissive gun laws in a society like the USA creates more crime not less.

      Of course your selective gun control laws could only be enacted if your side has control. Without power nothing can be done.

      I will not say what I think of Ann Coulter but a perceptive man knows that I just did.

    • Lumber is collapsing in price.
      Went from 350 pre covid to 1500, now down below 500.

      The entire economy could follow the same pattern,
      Surge in inflation, then falling prices. Economic whiplash.

      • That’s if you’re a contractor buying directly from lumber companies, not if you are Joe Citizen. My friend had to buy a few 2 by 4’s and plywood and it has almost doubled from last year.

  4. City folk should pay more for gas than rural folks. Country people need their vehicles. In polluted cities, there should be incentives to use train, cycle or walk more. Why would you need a Chev Silverado in New York? Of course, many city people do need vehicles, but they don’t need them for every trip they make like rural people do, hence the suggestion that they pay more and are discouraged from needless car use, contributing to pollution.

    • “In polluted cities, there should be incentives to use train, cycle or walk more. ”

      Try it, in any major city, on a regular schedule.
      We’ll miss your comments.

      • @Arrian,
        I’m basing my argument on logic. Country people shouldn’t be taxed for pollution they don’t create. And they have to drive……… essential services may be spaced much further apart. They don’t have public transport networks that city people do.
        Why would you want to drive in cities anyway? My wife had to drive in peak hour traffic once when she visited a major city. She drove from an inner suburb to the CBD………it was just a carpark all the way. She later calculated that by pushbike with the distance traveled and time it took, a pushbike would have been three times quicker.
        For many people, being stuck in traffic is literally more stressful than their average day at work.

        • @ goose

          “Why would you want to drive in cities anyway?”

          To prevent having your head stomped, being raped, for women, being stabbed and a few other minor inconveniences.

  5. Off topic:

    Did y’all hear that the feds drained Nick Fuentes’ bank account of 500k recently? Supposedly, for his role in the January 6th “Stop the Steal” rally in DC.

    Little Nicky isn’t going to be traveling around the country for the AmNat groyper “White Boy Summer” with high gasoline prices and inflation anymore.

    • November,

      Elsewhere I saw your comment on Ivan Turgenev. I too wondered what happened to him. He was nice to me. I like him. I disagreed with his support of Trump.

  6. Is the Gop inc paying twatter to keep Afghanistan and taliban trending 4th day in row now. Somebody call Bitch turtleface Mcconnell he’s crying because his Taiwanese wife won’t screw him until he re-invades Afghanistan The world is quite literally going to hell and Gop inc still only cares about wars in the middle east

    Maybe he can form a small battalion of republicuck senators who voted in favor juneteenth observance, confederate statue removal and democracy for cuba retards like Ted Cruz and Nikki Haley

  7. Everything is going up. Largely because the dollar is going down. It’s called inflation. You will need a 20% raise this year just to break even. Same as me, you won’t get it.

  8. Yea nobody likes $3.00 a gallon for Gas. I was a fan of Tucker Carlson at one time. That was before Fox News. Now he’s nothing but going down a list of prepared Republican talking points. He’s now bought and paid for by the Republican Party which is the Super Rich who keep everybody Working Poor. The Republicans usually keep the Gas Prices super high by way of Oil Prices being high. They like that idea because that makes the Oil Companies more money. Democrats also want higher Gas prices because that means more Taxes and higher prices means people might drive less…aka help with Climate Change. Well in my State of Mississippi….the Gas / Diesel prices can be high or low…people still gonna drive. That’s just a fact of life. I’m al about low fuel prices. It’s good for Consumers and the Economy as a whole. As for Climate Change….I do consider myself an Environmentalist..always have been…always will be. However high prices are still high prices. I’m very interested in the Electric vehicles and all, Hydroelectric Power, Solar, and Wind Power. Not a fan of Coal or Nuclear. I do realize that many more power plants will be built before we can all drive Electric Vehicles. I’m very interested in seeing that in the future and a Nationalist direction for America can make that happen. Deo Vindice !

  9. Seriously, why not hydrogen intstead of electicity? I know it blows up, but so goes gas, but gas linhers longed and pools on the groun whereas hyydreogen vets upwad quickly but it need not be primary like gasoline. It can power fuel cells to generate electiicity. It is, after all, the most abundant element in the universe.

    • Hydrogen is the smallest atom on the periodic table and the building block of all other atoms having (it’s most common isotope) just one proton and one electron. All other atoms have more protons, neutrons and electrons. Hydrogen is typically found in nature as a diatomic molecule i.e. two hydrogen atoms in a covalent bond sharing two electrons to fill the atom’s first and only shell. Hydrogen is typically represented as H2 in formulae (I can’t do subscripts).

      This small size of hydrogen means it is physically difficult to store and transport. The H2 molecules tend to sneak out of all containers and past gaskets, too. The rate of H2 loss increases with increases in pressure in the storage vessel too although this pressure loss typically doesn’t constitute a fire hazard.

      By comparison methane molecules, the simplest hydrocarbons have the formula CH4 (subscripts again) and a size of approximately 380 picometers (1 x 10 -12 meters (superscript this time)) while H2 (subscripts again) has a size of approximately 120 picometers (1 x 10 -12 meters (superscript this time)). This small size and storage loss is just one of the many problems mitigating against using hydrogen as a fuel.

      One picometer is approximately 3.934 x 10 -11 inches (superscript this time) by way of comparison. The boiling point of hydrogen is approximately – 423 F. at 14.7 PSI making it difficult to liquefy and store also unlike much larger molecules like propane (-44 F. at 14.7 PSI).

  10. Gas prices rise, inflation rises, but the prices of opium, heroin and other poppy-derived illegal drugs are set to skyrocket when the LEGITIMATE Afghan government (Taliban) is finally able to turn the U.S.’s colonial poppy-based narco economy into a real national Afghan economy.

    This is a great picture (which is why it is being scrubbed from Western media) of Taliban heroes sitting on golden chairs drinking tea out of solid gold cups, in a gold-plated room of the palace, built with American taxpayer dollars, that belonged until yesterday to the U.S.’s most-favourite blood-stained super-wealthy drug lord, General Abdul Dostum: https://www.rt.com/news/532084-afghanistan-dostum-home-taliban-videos/ The Empire had been counting on General Dostum’s large, battle-hardened and well-supplied mercenary army to hold the northern part of the country against the Taliban.

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