CNN: Where Is The President?

What do you see here?

I see nothing but the collapse of a corrupt puppet government which couldn’t defend itself and had zero legitimacy. In every occupation in history, there is always a class of people who cooperate with the invader. Those people are perceived as traitors and pay the price when the regime collapses.

Note: Here in the South, we called them carpetbaggers and scalawags during Reconstruction. The Taliban victory in Afghanistan is their version of Redemption.

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    • If they are clever, no executions and no public humiliation of their defeated domestic opponents. If they do that, it’s a complete moral victory as well. It’s not like anyone in the Anglo world really wishes them harm. They know who runs the MIC.

      • If the Taliban really wanted a good PR win, how about of program of De-Zionification for collaborators. Play it up. Show trials. And when they repent, say sorry, amnesty. If they don’t, a light sentence and a lifetime on parole…

        Just some friendly advice.

        • They have the eyes of the world upon them. If they play smart they will be restrained in their vengeances. If the people they don’t like run off then there’s even less for them to do.

    • Just finished watching Rambo 3 (1988). The last frames of the movie say that “this movie is dedicated to the brave people of Afghanistan.”

    • “Here in the South, we called them carpetbaggers and scalawags ”

      I’ve had the suspicion that carpetbaggers and scalawags were polite euphemisms for jews, keeping in mind grant’s experiences. The southern folk being just too polite and genteel to name the jew.

        • Leave Dementia Joe alone, he doesn’t even know where Afghanistan is or what happened there, he was just reading from the script on the teleprompter. Dementia Joe was sleeping on the couch in the Oval Office while BHO’s people and the ‘intelligence’ agencies made decisions. Dementia Joe is going to get the blame though, someone has to.

          • Dementia Joe is already getting the blame from both the Fox TV and CNN types for ending their war in Afghanistan. The clusterfuck of an ending is bad optics and that is what the Usual Suspects are hitting Dementia Joe over the head with, that is why he wouldn’t take questions after giving his statement yesterday. I happen to believe that is a great thing but the Deep State disagrees and it’s their opinion that matters.

        • “Most of the scalawags though were in the mountains or hill country”

          Yep. They were conflicted from the start: resentful of the planter aristocracy who had always ran things and smirked down on the mountain people as “poor white trash”; they had few or no slaves, so no personal economic interest in niggers.

          Despite all that, they were on the wrong side, and all subsequent history proves it. They were just trading Southern elites for Yank ones, made far more arrogant by their triumph.

      • After the Civil War most Northerners who picked up stakes and moved headed West towards California, not South. It was The Usual Suspects who headed south to exploit people when they were at their weakest.

    • @Brad So sad about Afghanistan. The Holocaust Museum and the George Floyd statue in Kabul will never be completed.

  1. The Talib have regained their own destiny and that of Afghanistan, we should wish them well fair winds and following seas
    We as dissidents should learn from this epic ZOG/Yankee F-up and defeat! this may be the beginning of the end of the evil empire

    Our own fight for our own future is yet to come

  2. I would assume Biden is making conference calls to regional leaders and to the Taliban boss. Press time would be a waste. If he can avoid hostages and a high body count he’s in the clear. He need not talk in public. I want this done clean with few casualties and few refugees.

    • @Captain – Wow, you’re just full of pointers for the victors; and you are in no position to know anything about their motives and plans. You seem to be quite the fan of the Taliban. Be careful what you wish for.

  3. If we couldn’t execute an orderly evacuation of a few thousand of our people, we certainly aren’t going to be able to deliver consequences to the Taliban should they decide that they don’t want us to abscond with 30,000 Afghan collaborators.

    I say fuck em. Bring our people out of there now. Wheels up asap.

    • Why would the Taliban prevent such a bug out at this point. They are on the edge of an epic clean moral victory. All they need to do is not take hostages and not shoot foreigners and if they encounter traitors just let them go into exile. The Empire is collapsing.

      • Conservatards on the radio are worried they will be shooting the planes down. I don’t think these guys are that stupid.

    • Who is “we?” In what way are pederast diplomats and US military faggots serving the American regime “our people?”

  4. No matter how you slice it this is a serious blow to the Deep State/Ruling Class of the U.S. Dementia Joe has accidentally weakened the Deep State by pulling out of Afghanistan by amongst other things showing that there is Zero, Zero, Zero public support for the Empire’s various wars and interventions. All the wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth is coming from The Usual Suspects; college professor types, ridiculous “journalists”, washed up military officers, NGO types and other professional parasites.

    There isn’t an ounce, not even a grain of public support for continuing the war and there hasn’t been for years. Those in favor of the war generally don’t have anything personally on the line, they have advanced their precious careers off of the war. The GIs who went over there (and Iraq) gained nothing from it and some of them were killed or maimed for this ridiculous war.

    The Deep State is now boiling mad and not to be underestimated. Most likely they will double down on support for Taiwan and antagonize China even more. Their argument will be after the fall of Saigon (almost 50 years ago BTW) and now Afghanistan the U.S. can’t give an inch regarding threats to Taiwan. Look for those idiots to provoke a bushel basket of trouble with nuclear armed China in the future, they never, ever learn anything.

  5. One thing is certain. When the Ethno-State becomes a reality we will have allies galore because the United States has managed to piss off just about every nation on the planet in one way or another. The Confederacy lost because it had no allies. Such will not be the case this time as regards the Ethno-State.(Red state secession and the formation of a Greater White Heartland Republic!) Long live The Whitelash Revolution!

  6. Everybody with half a brains knows by now Biden is a senile old man. The deep staters however prolly have realized that Kamala Blowjob is even worse and don’t know how to procede right now. I assume they have a fight behind the curtain regarding installing her now.

    • I read the U.S. wants to “rescue” and bring over here at least 20,000 hired “interpreters.” The U.S. was paying 20,000 interpreters! Or were some of them “comfort women”?

    • Most of those Afghan “refugees” will be terrorists, rapists, gangsters and welfare parasites.

      • @Spahn,
        Not to mention tomorrows ‘activists’ ranting and bitching about everything. They couldn’t be an SJW in their own country, but will happily do it in the West.

  7. This outcome for the 20-year Afghanistan goatfuck proves beyond all doubt that the entire jewS military/”intelligence” establishment is nothing but a colossal hype. The clownshoes laughably known as “generals” like scum Milley are just sniveling bureaucrats who lick the asses of pols, the MIC & the kikes in search of promotions & do-nothing post retirement sinecures as reward for “services” rendered. Despite bloodsucking trillions upon trillions of dollars, they haven’t won a real war in 76 years. The Taliban, the Russians & the chinks are howling with laughter at the humiliation of the eternally blustering, incompetent faggots, and so am I. The eagerness with which the joined they attacks on sane, normal Whites after Jan. 6 proves that they are our common enemy; the ally of the kikes, commies & niggers. When their crushing is total is when we will reclaim our stolen birthright,

  8. Where is the president……..the Afghan president? There he was on tv reassuring everyone then two minutes later, he was on a jet. Gutless piece of crap. Happy to be in charge while y man is fighting HIS war……..then absconds the minute they begin leaving. Always weak when they need to be strong. I guess he’ll wind up in Paris or New York to begin a new life with his extended family.

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