Neocons Slam Withdrawal From Afghanistan

Why on earth should American soldiers continue to deploy to Afghanistan to prop up a corrupt government that has no legitimacy and to defend an army which we squandered billions of dollars to equip and which we have known all along is fake and refuses to fight?

Charles Kupchan is right:

Los Angeles Times:

“It has been excruciating to watch the Taliban roll across Afghanistan, undoing in a matter of months two decades of efforts by the Afghan people and the international community to build a decent, secure and functioning state.

The Taliban’s virtually uncontested takeover raises obvious questions about the wisdom of President Biden’s decision to withdraw U.S. and coalition forces from the country. However, the rapidity and ease of the Taliban’s advance provides a clear answer: that Biden made the right decision — and that he should not reverse course.

Biden doubted that U.S.-led efforts to prop up the government in Kabul would ever enable it to stand on its own. The international community took down Al Qaeda; beat back the Taliban; supported, advised, trained and equipped the Afghan military; bolstered governing institutions; and invested in the country’s civil society. None of that created Afghan institutions capable of holding their own.

That is because the mission was fatally flawed from the outset. It was a fool’s errand to try to turn Afghanistan into a centralized, unitary state. The country’s difficult topography, ethnic complexity, and tribal and local loyalties produce enduring political fragmentation. Its troubled neighborhoods and hostility to outside interference make foreign intervention perilous. …”

The usual suspects who masterminded this debacle and who ignored reality for decades are furious that it has been exposed. All the right people are pushing this narrative.

Bill Kristol:

“At this horrifying moment, if you’ve been at all involved in foreign policy and foreign policy debates, you’re tempted to write, to share your own thoughts. Others have written eloquently and insightfully over the past few days, and I’ve profited from reading them. But in my case at least, looking at this unnecessary and unfolding catastrophe, I’m overcome by the sense that, as the expression goes, there are no words.

So I’m not inclined to opine much at this moment. …”

Liz Cheney:

Zioclops Cringeshaw:

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Israel):

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  1. Withdrawal is a great thing, matched only by its very public, incompetent execution by the Bidet regime.

  2. I hope the Deep State dumps Dementia Joe and makes Cackling Kamala the next Mr. President. All they have to do is show the images of Hunter getting busy with the under age whores while smoking crack to let even thick headed, addle minded Dementia Joe get the message that it’s time to go.

    If Dementia Joe is too far gone to understand that it would be disastrous to have the NYT, WP, and WSJ, the Deep State’s stenographers, somehow get hold of and publish this material there is always Dr. Jill Biden to do some convincing that it’s game over.

    After all, Dr. Jill is one of the finest doctors in the U.S. according to Dr. Whoopi Goldberg.

  3. What did Talleyrand say about the Bourbons when they were returned to power after Napoleon’s defeat?

    “They have learned nothing and forgotten nothing”

  4. If the Vietnam parallel holds, we’ll lick our wounds for about a decade. What I expect however, is that we will hear a chorus of neocons saying we need to confront Iran’s nuclear ambitions to restore America’s credibility.

  5. How can this be? I distinctly heard Joe Biden in a speech say this would not be like Vietnam. That there would be no panic and everything would be orderly!

  6. Biden told the Taliban he would end the occupation immediately and let them have all the military hardware left behind, providing the Taliban didn’t shoot at departing American troops or retaliate against collaborators.

  7. Chickenhawk Cotton took an uncircumcised dick out of his mouth long enough to bitch about Cornpop getting us out of that dusty hellhole

  8. Seeing the kikes & their goy whores scream in impotent rage is a delight – as is seeing that brain-dead race traitor scum Biden being roasted for doing the right thing. If only they’d cut each others’ throats on national televitz.

  9. The downside is tens of thousands of additional “refugees” that will be coming. From Haiti too. It’s been a great week for Anti-Whites.

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