New York Times: The Tragedy of Afghanistan

Why is this a tragedy?

This is a beautiful sight. It is what ought to happen here. Can you blame the Afghans for turning to the Taliban to get these people the f*** out of their country?

New York Times:

“The rapid reconquest of the capital, Kabul, by the Taliban after two decades of a staggeringly expensive, bloody effort to establish a secular government with functioning security forces in Afghanistan is, above all, unutterably tragic.

Tragic because the American dream of being the “indispensable nation” in shaping a world where the values of civil rights, women’s empowerment and religious tolerance rule proved to be just that: a dream.

This longest of American wars was code-named first Operation Enduring Freedom and then Operation Freedom’s Sentinel. Yet after $83 billion and at least 2,448 American service members’ lives lost in Afghanistan, it is difficult to see what of lasting significance has been achieved. …

The Afghanistan papers published in The Washington Post, including a confidential effort on “Lessons Learned” conducted by the Office of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, an agency created by Congress, painted a devastating picture of corruption, incompetence, lack of motivation and other flaws among the Afghan forces the United States and its allies were trying to mold into a serious military.

One Navy official said Afghans viewed their police as “the most hated institution” in Afghanistan. Other officials described systematic looting by soldiers and officers, as well as Afghan casualties so huge — 60,000 killed since 2001, by one estimate — that the government kept them a secret. The corruption was so rampant that many Afghans began to question whether their government or the Taliban was the greater evil. …”

The dream is over in Afghanistan.

Good riddance too. Hopefully, it will further discredit the political establishment in this country and spur a domino effect and globohomo will be challenged on multiple fronts all over the world.

Note: Wouldn’t you love to see the last Chinook taking off here and flying back to New York City or Los Angeles as televisions are smashed?

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  1. Trumptards clamored for 4 years for Mr Big Talk to GTFO of Afghanistan and now that Biden is doing it(after 6 months in office) – however messy it may be – the Trump Chumps are wailing and gnashing their teeth.

  2. Afghanistan understands what is up. Interventionism didn’t work for Germany, Korea, Vietnam, and Cuba, the problem is that our political class want to waste our tax paying dollars, time, energy, and resources on helping others overseas as opposed to us. The entire neo-liberal and neo-conservative establishment believes that people in the Middle East have the same values as the Founding Fathers. It is an entirely different culture with different ways of living.

    It’s also about cheap oil and doing Israel’s bidding.

  3. If the Taliban are smart they will curry a bit of favour with the outside world and make sure Kabul is a relatively normal city with a foreign quarter and some kind of hospitality for hippy type travellers and foreign technical workers. They were excessively puritanical back in the 1990s. And they probably know that.

    • If the Taliban are wise, they’ll ignore any advice on how to operate their Islamic nation from jews or Anglos.

  4. “Wouldn’t you love to see the last Chinook taking off here and flying back to New York City or Los Angeles as televisions are smashed?”

    If only! White Americans would rather watch sportsball and eat McDonalds.

  5. I’m seeing quite a few newly minted “right wing populists” on social media seething about this. That is the big threat in the coming years, that all of this populist energy in the USA could be diverted into another round of patriotarded imperial projects.

    Watching certain MAGApedes flip from supporting Afghanistan withdrawal under Trump to bashing Biden for it really shows that this could be a problem. For now, the energy is still mostly formless, just general unrest and dissatisfaction in the population, but if some neocon is able to successfully put on a populist face and use that energy we could be in trouble. Must keep watch for the fake populists like DeSantis.

    • My bet is on that Mark Levin guy from Fox TV trying to channel the populist rage about the clusterfuck that was the fall of Afghanistan into more support for “Our Greatest Ally”. I don’t watch him or the ridiculous Sean Hannity but they are predictable creatures. If Taiwan boils over they will argue “This time we have to draw the line, we must protect Taiwan at all costs”.

  6. Why is this a tragedy?

    The 1000s of billions thrown down that rat hole, could have educated 100,000s doctors, researchers, scholarships, research institutes for smart WHITES. So much lost potential, so much lost advancement.

  7. Looks like the Yankee Empire has lost another “Reconstruction”. No pride in their Yankee Empire homo pride flags/fags now.

    The Yankee Empire loves to come in and get factions in a region to war against each other as they did in the South. This demonic Empire formed by black radical Republicans that replaced the original USA back in the 1860s sows hatred among nations that lasts for generations and the faction the Yankee Empire supports always gets left holding bag after all these Yankees hightail it (literally off the roofs of buildings sometimes) out of all the mess they have caused and head to another nation they can start ripping apart or back to the Yankee Empire.

    May God Save the South!

    • I hope this is the end of the global satanic puritan empire, i hope to see them leave Japan,Germany,Iraq,Syria and South Carolina

      Glory to the brave Mujahedin

      And for us

      Deo Vindice

  8. It’s a very strange feeling when you realize that no one is in charge of governing this country anymore. It’s a mixture of relief, happiness and fear about what happens next.

  9. I’d like to know more about how this occupation of Afghanistan has contributed to the opiate crisis, which is now endemic to rural America (White America).

    My advocacy for Taliban rule of Afghanistan is contingent on it drying up the supply of cheap heroin, which increasingly is replacing the now more heavily controlled pill market.

    This is the only White interest I see in the region, and I don’t care how many traitors, collaborators, feminist and queer activists get definistrated as a result of the withdrawal.

    I’ve got friends that bled and died for that cursed dirt. Let them bleed for their own land. We should fire bomb or crop dust the poppies with all the roundup we increasingly can’t use domestically because we finally found out it causes more harm than its worth.

    • China is a major source of opiates now, not Afghanistan. The Chinese ship fentanyl into Central America especially Mexico then it’s carried across the wide open southern border. No doubt that is a major reason both Republicans and Democrats don’t really want to close the border, the drug trade is just too lucrative for too many people.

      • “NOT Afghanistan”???

        After a record poppy harvest year, and in the midst of a near-record harvest year, Afghanistan is still the world’s main source.

        However what you say might BECOME true. Afghanistan after independence may try to ban opiate use within its borders while continuing to export, or it could ban poppy growing altogether and return to normal agriculture producing only food, oil and fiber.

        Yet you do not mention the U.S.’s favourite, most loyal NATO partner Colombia, the most narco state in the Western hemisphere, the world’s second-largest producer of illegal drugs after U.S.-occupied Afghanistan and soon to become the largest.

        • Synthetic opioid overdose is the leading cause of drug overdose deaths in the U.S. according to the CDC which compiles these statistics in the U.S.

          “Opioids—mainly synthetic opioids (other than methadone)—are currently the main driver of drug overdose deaths. 72.9% of opioid-involved overdose deaths involve synthetic opioids.

          Opioids were involved in 49,860 overdose deaths in 2019 (70.6% of all drug overdose deaths).”

          Fentanyl use increased drastically in recent years (once again CDC data) with most of the fentanyl not from legitimate prescriptions but originating from illegal sources.

    • Ironicsockaccount,

      If your country hayseed friends signed up to fight, bleed, get TBI, paralyzed, mutilated, or killed to provide afghan coeds an opportunity to earn a masters degree in gender studies at Kabul University (yes, it was a real thing) they can pat themselves on the back for being proud and enlightened feminist allies.

      Maybe some black tar heroin is just the prescription for those morons that fought the mujahideen to bring globohomo to Afghanistan for USA-ZOG. Maybe opium dreams will soothe their humiliation at being defeated by a bunch of illiterate Stone Age goat herders.

      General Soleimani wants them to know that karma is a bitch.

      By the way, you reek of an alphabet agency.

  10. Despite all the fagging for China that the Nationalist types do in this little corner of the internet, they too are directly responsible for the opiate crisis by flooding the market with fentanyl intended to directly fill the demand by addicts.

    This is a deliberate assault on rural Whites, revenge for the opium wars that we didn’t have anything to do with.

    This is one of the sources of my enduring dislike of China as currently constituted, and proof, as though I needed it, that they hold no moral highground over the West.

    • Fentanyl is flooding into rural America through Mexican cartels, which the American government supports and allows into the country. Not China.

      • Dart you are correct. China (and Hong Kong) regulated and curtailed fentanyl and fentanyl precursor production about five years ago. The main sources now are Mexico and India. Mexican labs producing fentanyl are often supplied with precursors from labs in the U.S. as well as India. Back in the U.S., and Canada, the Mexican fentanyl is often made into fake heroin and counterfeit prescription pills. The semi-socialist government of Mexico has a hard struggle against U.S.-supported illegal drug industry.

  11. Let the great kvetching commence

    It was just 2 months ago that the kabul embassy posted the rainbow pride flag photo. This withdrawal was a huge failure by zog but whats their weird fetish of leaving billion dollars of highgrade weapons behind?

    You leave but don’t take the blackhawk copters back with you thats kinda weird Like You set a deadline to leave but don’t take it back with you ok whatever just saying

    • Re: “their weird fetish of leaving billion dollars of highgrade weapons behind”:

      Also leaving behind plenty of obscene graffiti, and other examples of American degeneracy and decadence:

      • There was a “black site” prison somewhere on the vast, luxurious Bagram airbase, and at least 5,000 Afghans have just been released from it. Tens of thousands more were rescued from other political prisons located on U.S. bases all over Afghanistan, where they were often tortured during interrogation, as in Gitmo (Guantanamo).

    • The Deep State never believed the U.S. would actually keep the agreement with the Taliban and leave. The Deep State was thinking they would need all those weapons and equipment to continue their war using mercenaries, local auxiliaries and U.S. Special Forces.

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