Ben Sasse: Worse Than Saigon

Ben Sasse is seething.



National Review:

“While President Joe Biden cowers at Camp David, the Taliban are humiliating America. The retreat from Afghanistan is our worst foreign-policy disaster in a generation. As the Taliban marches into Kabul, they’re murdering civilians, reimposing their vicious Islamist law, and preparing to turn Afghanistan back into a bandit regime. The U.S. embassy has told Americans to shelter in place. Refugees are fleeing to the airport, begging to escape the coming bloodbath. None of this had to happen.

America is the world’s greatest superpower. We ought to act like it. But President Biden and his national-security team have failed to protect even the American embassy in Kabul. They have broken America’s promises to the men and women who long for freedom — especially those thousands of Afghans who served alongside our military and intelligence services. They are turning their backs on the women and children who are desperate for space on the remaining flights out of hell.

Gross incompetence has given the Taliban a terrible opportunity to slaughter our allies. Eighty-eight thousand of our Afghani allies have applied for visas to get out of the country, but this administration has approved just 1,200 so far. I’ve been among a bipartisan group of senators that has pushed Biden to expedite this process, but to no avail. At this point, it’s not clear how many we’ll be able to get out. Every translator and ally who stood by us is now at risk.

This bloodshed wasn’t just predictable, it was predicted. For months, Republicans and Democrats on the Senate Intelligence Committee have warned the Biden administration that this would happen. Now the administration is acting like this is a surprise. It’s shameful, dishonest spin …

The sad thing is, many in my party are trying to blame-shift as if the last administration didn’t set us on this course. Here’s the ugly truth: Neither party is serious about foreign policy. For a decade now, demagogues have lied to the American people about our mission in Afghanistan. President Trump pioneered the strategy of retreat President Biden is pursuing, to disastrous effect. …”

No, the Pentagon and the “intelligence community” have been humiliated because they spent 20 years lying to the American people about the reality of Afghanistan.

Meanwhile in Saigon aka Ho Chi Minh City, only 5,774 people have died from COVID in the entire country of Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City also has affordable housing, a vibrant economy and peace. Does anyone think that Vietnam would be better off today if the Vietnam War had lasted another 20 years?

Look at how Vietnam has fared since our imperialists were forced to withdraw from the country which they pulverized with Agent Orange and more bombs than were dropped in all of World War II.

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  1. It’s very likely that the Taliban have, if not changed, realised they’ve got the world looking very closely. You might find they have adapted methods and practice. There hasn’t been a slaughter. Sasse is lying. There’s a chance no slaughter will follow either. These are not stupid men.

  2. The chicken hawks will never use the military to protect and defend our OWN borders. Invade the world, invite the world.

  3. The neocons are as much a plague as the woke shitlibs. “Beware of the leaven of the neocons and the woke-ists”. A re-rendering of Matthew 16:6.

  4. All of this pearl-clutching by the NeoCons and Trumptards is weak and pathetic. Like any of them could give a rat’s ass about Afghanis.

  5. You’re right – Vietnam is doing very well. I’ve heard from expats who live there that it’s the jewel of SE Asia now.

  6. The Taliban have not Attacked Americans, even though the tranny Generals spent weeks bombing and killing civilians. Clearly, some kind of framework was being acted on.

    The ‘Biden’ administration has accomplished what Trump refused to do. They have ended one of the forever wars

    And Trump is condemning ‘Biden’ for ending the war. Yes, the maggot is all angry that ZOG pulled out, even though no Americans at all were harmed.

    The response of Trump deserves a lot of attention. It proves, once again, that he was lying to us all along. The voice is the voice of Donald, but the feel is of Kushner. The Chabad Lubavitch, as you remember.

    All in all, a very good week.

  7. Ho Chi Minh City looks very clean, safe and civilized. No third world “refugees” raping and stabbing people, no Antifa punks causing trouble, no trash, grafitti or homeless junkies all over the place. And the cost of living is reasonable! What do you think, Jaye Ryan?

  8. The next time some idiot leftists says your AR15 doesn’t stand a chance against the military might of the USA.


    Never, ever give up your means of waging war on the enemy.

    • @Gunny – The big difference is the examples you give are/were hardened men with superior moral confidence; not spoiled, corrupted, effeminate people too comfortable and cowardly to believe in anything — much less fight for it.

  9. Hey retard Sasse….there was no war. This is the problem with Congress surrendering its power and refusing to actually declare war. You are left with open-ended conflicts with unattainable goals.

  10. The way puppet President Ghani fled from Afghanistan, according to Russian news source:

    He fled with four cars full of money. They tried to stuff all the money into the helicopter but not all of it fit, so some of the money had to be left lying on the tarmac.

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