Haiti Earthquake

Joe Biden also deserves some credit on Haiti.

The political establishment wanted us to occupy Haiti after the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse last month. Joe looked at the polls and realized that there was no support for yet another doomed attempted to civilize and uplift Haiti. It would be another debacle like Afghanistan.

New York Times:

“LES CAYES, Haiti — With broken bones and open wounds, the injured jammed into damaged hospitals or headed to the airport, hoping for mercy flights out. A handful of doctors toiled all night in makeshift triage wards. A retired senator used his seven-seat propeller plane to ferry the most urgent patients to emergency care in the capital.

A day after a magnitude-7.2 earthquake killed at least 1,300 people and injured thousands in western Haiti, the main airport of the city of Les Cayes was overwhelmed Sunday with people trying to evacuate their loved ones to Port-au-Prince, the capital, about 80 miles to the east.

There wasn’t much choice. With just a few dozen doctors available in a region that is home to one million people, the quake aftermath was turning increasingly dire. …”

Haiti DOES NOT need American leadership.

There is nothing that can be done to fix Haiti. We know this from experience because progressives have occupied Haiti twice under Woodrow Wilson and Bill Clinton. The U.N. has occupied and has been trying to “stabilize” Haiti since 2004. It has proven to be a waste of time.

In 1884, the former British consul Sir Spenser St. John summed up the course of Haiti’s history in the introduction of book, Hayti, or the Black Republic:

“With regard to the history of this country, materials abound for writing a very full one, but I do not think it would prove interesting to the general reader. It is but a series of plots and revolutions, followed by barbarous military executions.”

Sir Spenser St. John, Hayti, or, The Black Republic, p.x

In 1900, Hesketh Prichard would later add this in his book:

“Corruption has spread through every portion and department of the government. Almost all the ills of the country may be traced to their source in the tyranny, the ineptitude, and the improbity of those at the helm of state. …

It is not overstating the case to say that the ambitions of the average Haytian politician on entering office are not towards the advancement of his country or projects of reform; his main idea is to make a fortune for himself and to use his power to avenge his personal resentments. In the former connection, there is a national proverb: “it is no robbery to rob the state.”

Hesketh Prichard, Where Black Rules White: A Journey Across and About Hayti, p.281

The entire history of Haiti can be summed up as an endless series of plots, coups and assassinations, the inexorable enervation and decline of civilization and prostration and helplessness in the wake of natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes which other countries are able to recover from.

Spenser St. John describes of the aftermath of the Le Cap earthquake of 1842:

“Cap-Haïtien never recovered from the fearful effects of the earthquake of 1842, when several thousands of its inhabitants perished. To this day they talk of that awful event, and never forget to relate how the countrypeople, rushed in to plunder the place, and how none lent a helping hand to aid their half-buried countrymen. Captain Macquire and myself used to wander about the ruins, and we could not but feel how little energy remained in a people who could leave their property in such a state. It was perhaps cheaper to build a trumpery house elsewhere.

One of those who suffered most during that visitation wrote before the earth had ceased trembling, “Against the acts of God Almighty no one complains,” and then proceeded to relate how the dread earthquake shook down or seriously injured almost every house; how two-thirds of the inhabitants were buried underneath the fallen masonry; how the bands of blacks rushed in from the mountains and plain, not to aid in saving their wretched countrymen, whose cries and groans could be heard for two or three days, but to plunder the stores replete with goods; and – what he did complain of – how the officers and men of the garrison, instead of attempting to keep order, joined in plundering the small remnants of what the rest of the inhabitants could save from the tottering ruins. What a people!”

In our new progressive era, Afghanistan is still the graveyard of empires. Haitians are still assassinating their presidents and being devastated by earthquakes. The vast majority of Americans seemed to have wised up to the incompetence and corruption of our ruling class and their inability to fix foreign countries when they can’t even fix this country. There is no appetite for interventions.

Note: Don’t get me wrong.

I’m not saying that Joe Biden’s foreign policy is ideal. He has already granted an amnesty to Haitian refugees from the last earthquake. He is also resettling thousands of refugees from the war zone in Afghanistan. I’m just saying that it could be worse. We could be babysitting both countries.

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  1. Biden is a great deal more savvy, dangerous than anyone gives him credit for. Much of his cunning wasted on things that hurt whitey, but remarkably, this month he’s come good in several startling ways. He did untold damage in South Africa, but balanced that out with the crime bill later. He then cheerleaded Iraq war and now he does something deft like this all of a sudden. Interesting Times.

      • He one of the dominant American political personalities of the last 50 years. If he’s an empty vessel then so is the US. He needs to be looked at more closely. I’m not over thinking this. Apartheid, crime bill, student debt, gulf war II , 2020, now Kabul Evacuation. Maybe he’s the mirror in front of every American.

  2. How many more thousands of “refugees” will Joe welcome because of the earthquake? Anti-Whites must be wetting their pants over this.

  3. “Almost all the ills of the country may be traced to their source in the tyranny,”

    BS. BS. BS

    THeir source is blackness.
    All these negative attributes are sourced in their genes. Blacks behave as blacks , no matter where in the world they are placed.


  4. Lazy ngrs,

    They mix concrete wi beach sand, makes very weak structures. All over the caribbean, cement starts crumbling after a few years.

    Always the same, one disaster after another, then the gibs.

    Haiti is a tropical paradise, anything can grow, the most exotic tropical spices etc. But no, the ngrs have completely wrecked the soil and watershed, just ruined.

    Idiot WHITES, thinking they can transform ***** to civilized beings.

    WHITES, “let’s all get together, wish really, really hard and pretend all ppl are the same.”

  5. See all the nice bikes the Haitians are riding.
    All stolen from the US by Haitian gangs .
    When Haitian freighters leave Miami, they have thousands of bikes strapped to the ship’s railings.

  6. Haiti should have scheduled this earthquake a month ago then they would be leading the news cycle instead of Afghanistan.

  7. NO Haitian or Afghani RAPEfugees!

    “Do good to the humble, but don’t give to the ungodly. Hold back your bread, and don’t give it to them, since by it they might gain power over you. You will encounter twice as much evil for all the good things that you have done for them. 6 The Most High also hated sinners, and he will repay the ungodly with punishment. 7 Give to good people, and don’t assist sinners. – Sirach 12:5-7

  8. “There is nothing that can be done to fix Haiti. We know this from experience because progressives have occupied Haiti twice”:

    Incorrect. The occupation and humanitarian aid experiences prove nothing of the sort. Haiti was occupied by FALSE progressive forces in order to secure capitalist exploitation and to PREVENT socialism and independence. The “aid” was mostly, effectively, given to the handful of very light-skinned, European or Sephardic-looking billionaire and multi-millionaire “Haitian” oligarchs, with European or Sephardic names, who run the “Black run” government and own almost all the land and all the big businesses and the mulatto bourgeoisie, who run all the small businesses and directly parasitize the vast Black and destitute majority. Read, learn and share accurate history.

  9. An earthquake………give em aid and refugee status.
    A hurricane……….give em aid and refugee status.
    Troops pulling out……….give em aid and refugee status.
    Every drama afflicting the third world is somehow our fault, something we must fix, and results in more dieversity. Any excuse is used.
    We’re expected to see them, and treat them as equals when they even mop up a street after a minor flood and expect the outside world to come in and take charge.
    I want these people to do well……..but they have to want that for themselves.

  10. If “babysitting” both countries meant not feeding and supporting hundreds of thousands of them in this country for the entirety of their parasitic lives, it WOULD be worth it

  11. Re: “Joe has kept us out of Haiti”:

    Not completely, but the forces sent so far – about 200 Marines and various special forces, contractors, FBI agents, etc. – are much fewer than might have been sent, and that were sent by Obama ten years ago. Haitians, except for their ruling eltes, don’t want any U.S. forces, and no U.S. aid workers to come down and “help” them.

    Madame Boukman is a good source of Haiti information. I think this is interesting: One of the main reasons why Haiti is so poor and backward is Papism (Roman Catholicism) that parasitizes the people: “The earthquake in the south of #Haiti destroyed 200 Catholic Churches and damaged 150. All these churches in one small region of a small country, looting the poor and keeping them mentally colonized while they and their multi-billionaire Vatican bosses profit (…) 73 Catholic schools destroyed, 51 damaged in Les Cayes, #Haiti alone. This is the legacy of the 1860 Concordat with the pro-slavery Vatican that demanded massive land and control of the education system to recognize Haiti 56 years after independence. The REAL pact with the devil”: https://twitter.com/madanboukman/status/1430555245206253569

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