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  1. We don’t want their refugees. They can stay and fight for their beliefs. No point standing up for Afghans……..from the comfort of Manhattan. Stay and fight like real men…….in Afghanistan.
    Turkey neck McConnell should go and fight if he likes war so much.

  2. The numbers of women and children, killed, maimed, and their society wrecked is unbelievable. The Afghan women don’t need any more such “protection”. Just so they can become sexually permissive, abort their children, and become cat ladies like so many western women have become. No thanks.

  3. Some jackass American general was moaning to some FoxBizNews bimbo this afternoon about the Taliban not Respeking Wahmen – the War Pigs have no problem drone striking Middle East weddings, stealing Syrian oil and destroying whole countries on the orders of Israel but they draw the line at women not being allowed to drive or having to be chaperoned by a man after dark.

  4. He’s correct that Liz Cheney’s father, Dick, who was de facto President with “W” was the direct architect of this disaster. Dore is correct about many other things too. Very good selection.

  5. It’s not cynical for the libtards. They really do think the most important thing in the world is their ‘equality’ religion.

  6. Full session of Parliament: Boris promises to take 10,000s of Afghans. Utter bastard; Labour cheer. Absolute scum.

  7. “how about the US invades the US?” Interesting idea…deploy the Military on a domestic humanitarian mission. It could “save lives” in Los Angeles, Chicago, St. Louis, Detroit, Newark, Baltimore… ; )

    • But those aren’t part of the US and people need to stop seeing them as such. These Big Blue Cities are Hostile Globalist Colonies planted in the midst of Real America. We need to start perceiving American Nationalism as an Anti Colonial Movement. And start learning from other successful Anti Colonial Movements of the past how to win hearts and minds. The colonization started with that Ellis Island a certain ethnic group worships as sacred ground. If you don’t want to name them in more public conversations you can get around it by mentioning basically what is going on over the last 60 years was a hidden transfer of power from the 19th Century American Elite to a new Ellis Island descended Elite. AND this new Ellis Island descended elite absolutely hate the people who were here before them and want to outnumber them with 3rd world foreigners to steal away their political power. It’s up to them to figure out who exactly you mean by “Ellis Island Descended” and if they can’t figure that one out God help them.

  8. It will be embarrassing for the neocons and shitlibs when the Taliban actually begin running Afghanistan properly. The world will be asking why they weren’t handed the wheel much earlier.
    Of course we don’t yet have the benefit of hindsight and I could be wrong, but at this point, I’m guessing that once they settle in, they’ll begin being responsible.
    We must allow for the fact that their idea of good governance is different to ours………and it’s THEIR country.
    A Taliban spokesman is quoted as saying women and girls will have every right within the limits of Islam.
    Sounds reasonable to me.

    • On one hand, liberals go on and on about “other cultures” yet they won’t leave the Middle East alone. I don’t believe we are really truly there to “help” or for social engineering, but more for money, or to protect those poppies.

  9. I’ve been told by Charlie Kirk and other Republicans that America is an idea. The idea is that all women on earth should get masters degrees in social pseudosciences and then work as HR diversity instructors. The military must enforce this true American dream.

  10. How come the Silverback Sec. of Defense, Gen. Milley Vanilley and that fuckstick Sec. of State Blinken still have their positions? They are grossly incompetent and if the U.S. were a serious country they and hundreds of others especially in the three letter agencies would be summarily dismissed from govt. service.

    • But firing them or forcing them to resign would be a tacit admission of incompetence on the part of the Biden/Harris junta, no?

      • Indeed. Their incompetence is manifest to the whole world however through their actions. The only way to fix things is to first clean house and send the sons of bitches packing in humiliation. The fact that no one is being held accountable shows that there is zero interest in reforming anything in Washington, the ruling class likes things just as they are.

        Ironically the only one who will probably be forced to resign will be Dementia Joe who is manifestly unfit for office. When he goes it’s President Cackling Kamala, BJ in Chief who takes over. Talk about incompetence, she will make Dementia Joe and GWB II look brilliant by comparison (only).

        President Cackling Kamala is just the medicine this country needs.

  11. McCarthy and McConnell can sing “O’Danny Boy” and see who cares besides Catholics and Jews?

    • Krusty Wanker,

      Your ignorance is the stuff of legends.

      Here’s a nice breakdown of the 117th US Congress by religious affiliation.

      By Jove, it does seem like there are over three times as many Protestants as Catholics. The jews could go either way. Prots can claim the Mormons too.

      You’re welcome.

      P.S., Tom Watson committed miscegenation with Hattie McDaniel.

  12. So is Jimmy Dore another professional entertainer who got blacklisted for speaking his mind, like Owen Benjamin did?

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