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  1. Have you noticed how every war we start results in refugees to the West as soon as they wrap up? The idea that America leaves a nation better than what it was when the war begun is complete BS. My nation, Australia, is now airlifting these incompatibles out of Afghanistan to Australia, without consulting the populace.
    That’s tomorrow’s activists, drug dealers and welfare cheats now inside our territory.
    Well obviously if refugees want to leave after twenty years of conflict, we haven’t left it a better place than we found it.
    Jews in high places are forever generating refugee movements to the West. I know it’s them behind the scenes causing it all. When the fuck is something going to be done?

    • When the USD goes bad, not until then will the wheels come off the Empire. At the rate the U.S. Government is spending money; money not backed by one troy ounce, not even one grain of gold that day must be getting close. There is a ‘normalcy bias’ in life that leads people to believe that life will will continue as it has because that’s the way things have been for a very long time.


      When the USD goes bad it will go bad slowly at first, then all at once. The Kabul clusterfuck and the coming seizure of Taiwan may be the catalysts that end the USD’s dominance and thus the Empire which floats on a sea of dollars. The hideous Cackling Kamala becoming Mr. President after Dementia Joe’s resignation will certainly accelerate this process.

  2. Under Biden? After this shit show? He just got Dunkirked. He’s not got the charisma of a Churchill.

  3. Are we going in somewhere else?

    I suspect they’re preparing to turn inward. At least in part. There can never be a Trump 2.0 and the red state proles have to be taught a lesson about who is really in charge. They’ve become a whole lot less subtle in the last year or so.

  4. “We” are going in everywhere, not because of, but regardless of any temporary setbacks (strategic steps back) or apparent defeats in some places such as Afghanistan. The logic or nature of the System requires that it keep feeding or trying to feed, or else it would die. It cannot allow any victim to go free, which would encourage others to escape. It must keep trying to re-conquer and make an example of every nation (Korea, China, Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Peru, etc., and now Afghanistan) that seems have managed to slip away.

  5. I don’t think we’re capable of going in anywhere else. Any serious adversary (Iran, China, Russia) is going to be supremely emboldened by the Kabul fiasco.

    • Probably China regarding Taiwan. It’s only about 100 miles away from the Chinese mainland and the government in Peking has been thinking about it since 1949. The U.S. cannot successfully defend Taiwan, it’s about 7,000 miles from the U.S. west coast.

  6. It’s just being handed over to Blackrock China. Thank you for your service! Largest lithium deposit in the world in Afghanistan plus palladium and other goodies. Don’t listen to what Shlomo says watch what Shlomo does. Didn’t Jesus say that?

  7. Recall General Wesley Clark’s vid about rolling 7 countries over in 5 years. The last country on that list is Iran. It’s coming…

    • Do it! Take the most expensive fighter in history and attack Iran! Let’s see what our rainbow military can do! C’mon fighting wahmen, do it for the oppressed girls in Iran who don’t have access to abortion or Only Fans! Do it now!

    • They aren’t that insane. Such a move might be Russia’s final straw. China might even decide to take a stab at Taiwan if ZOG were so distracted. Bombing their nuke facilities would be the limit.

  8. Look for a chorus of neocons saying we need to quickly shore up the severely damaged American credibility. What better way to do it than prevent Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

    They’re going to have to move quickly. US military power is degrading continuously. Something lime 71% of Americans between 18-24 are unfit for military service. I don’t think the Afghanistan debacle will help recruitment among the remaining 29% nor help retain those already serving ZOG.

    Unless they plan a stand off type of war like in the Balkans.

  9. The U.S. hasn’t withdrawn from Afghanistan at all. There are more U.S. troops in Afghanistan now than there were one month ago. Now there are big battalions in the country too, with air support capable of waging intense ground combat unlike the SF and CIA types who ran small units.

    Dementia Joe has his dick caught in a wringer. The Afghan war was an unpopular loser so he did the right thing, withdrew from the war against the wishes of the Deep State which then unleashed a massive propaganda campaign against him.

    The Deep State’s stenographers at CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WP and the WSJ as well as the classic idiots on Fox TV are pounding him day and night to ‘do something’ about the “Americans” or “translators” left behind. This means ultimately ground combat in Kabul against the Taliban with their new U.S. made weapons.

    Dementia Joe is caught in a vise. The enormous political pressure behind closed doors is all in one direction: attack the Taliban in Kabul to rescue 5,000, 25,000, 300,000 (who knows?) “Americans” with traditional Anglo names like Akhmed and Mohammed. Overwhelmingly popular opinion is to pick up stakes right fucking now and abandon ship on that shithole, never to return. Dementia Joe will probably try to split the difference, a politician’s instinct.

    There is no splitting the difference on this one, it’s not a tax or spending bill. Dementia Joe is going to make this clusterfuck go from bad to worse at 1,000 MPH when he tries to
    “open up escape routes” to the airport. The ensuing combat and casualties will be the nail in his coffin, he will be resigning because of “ill health”. Cackling Kamala will become Mr. President then it’s “look out below” as the bottom drops out of the U.S.

    The Chinese are sitting back laughing at all this. Taiwan is the next dish on their menu and they are going to enjoy it. Look forward to a million of those bastards from Taiwan moving here when that place goes too.

    • re RT – That’s still a rather low bar. Even RT plays up the “race” angle in an anti-White way when it serves an anti-American agenda.

  10. Minimize your economic support for ZOG.

    Alcohol, tobacco, gasoline, firearms and ammunition are all subject to federal excise tax.

    Stop buying alcohol and tobacco.

    Keep your gasoline and firearms purchases to an absolute minimum.

    • Thanks for the Revolver article. It’s all true! From it: Equally to blame are the transnational progressives, who are rife throughout our State Department, as well as the rest of the Biden administration.[…] These Trans men and Trans women of the U.S. bureaucracy are at fundamental war with the concept of U.S. sovereignty. They attempt to use various alleged fuzzy international norms, such as “responsibility to protect,” to justify their policy preferences while undermining those of our elected leaders. They are also obsessed with the race, class and gender politics held by the global left, and invariably view complex local conflicts through this lens. The Trans perspective is rife in the government bureaucracy. It is also well-nigh universal in both academia and the NGO community from which the Biden administration drew its “talent.”……

      Who could these transnational progressives be? I’m going to go right out there and tell everyone I know, it’s the transnational progressives who are destroying our country. They’ll know, and care. I’ll inform them that people are aware the Muslim Invasion of Europe is a huge problem. There would be no Moslems in America or Europe feeding on the Christian peoples if it were not for the (((transnational progressives))). Most don’t know they are behind it. People are aware the Gun Ban Narrative is a huge problem, but most don’t know the (((transnational progressives))) is behind it. People are aware Open Borders and Mass Immigration of nonwhites are a problem, but many don’t know (((transnational progressives))) are behind it. Some are aware Degeneracy, Drug Abuse, Feminism, Homosexuality, Atheism, Communism, and the Anti-White Narrative are a problem, but they don’t know (((transnational progressives))) are behind it. Some are aware Multi-Culturalism, and Diversity are a problem, but they don’t know same parasites are behind it. People are aware these constant Wars are a problem, but many don’t know (((transnational progressives))) are behind them. So there are millions, hell probably 10s of millions, of people who are already aware of the symptoms, but they don’t have the whole picture, because the the mainstream media is totally controlled, they can’t put the pieces together, because they DO NOT KNOW THE (((transnational progressives))) are BEHIND IT.

  11. These wars are not just external, they are also internal. The corporate powers, high financiers, Talmudic mobsters, et al, that are behind the endless imperialist wars are also fighting a constant war inside the borders of the U.S. to prevent the development of any tendency toward real democracy and socialism. These powers-that-be fought against Dennis Kucinich from the beginning of his career running for mayor of Cleveland, attempting to assassinate him with a bullet like Huey Long (it narrowly missed him) and finally removed the “gadfly” from Congress by bipartisan gerrymandering. This year the powers-that-be are again working to prevent “Dennis the menace” from being elected mayor, because he opposes privatization of the tattered remnants of public health care https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XbwkR68aG0 – and the privatization of remaining public utilities https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CwSQwWUHybU&t=713s – and the U.S.’s support of Israel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7m9bm3I9cMU – and of course, all imperialist war.


    • And if such a meek and mild, semi-socialistic populist as Kucinich must be prevented from holding office or even running for office, it’s no wonder that REAL socialists don’t exist at all at any level of U.S. government. The same system that is responsible for all these hybrid wars to destroy any real democracy or any tendency toward real democracy in other countries, also wages constant hybrid war inside the U.S., to prevent it from appearing inside the U.S.

  12. Everybody shit posting on twitter, neglecting their blogs I guess. Must make hay.

    Important stuff happening right now.

    Still, it would be good to see comments being processed timely.

  13. Can’t help but notice Shlomo is still using the Chinook. Penned in the 50’s by dead white men Shlomo can’t seem to find a replacement despite spending $billions on failed prototypes. Saigon, Tehran and Kabul the Chinooks were flying around doing their job now at 60 years of age.

  14. Total collapse could lead to intensified wars. Although how you tell the difference between 2020 and the sack of Rome by the vandals, I have no idea.

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