Politico: “This Is Actually Happening”

It has been a super busy and stressful week for me.

Over the past week, I have driven to Nashville and back for our family trip. Then I turned around and had to drive to Birmingham and back to deal with a medical issue. I’ve just been too busy to write and manage with the site for a week now. I finally got home last night and went to sleep.

In the span of this same week, the top story in the world has been the swift unraveling of ZOG’s puppet government in Afghanistan. After spending over a hundred billion dollars to create this fake military to prop up the fake pro-Western puppet government we created in Afghanistan, it collapsed like a deck of cards the moment that we pulled out. Everyone in power knew it was going to happen. Even the most pessimistic scenarios though didn’t anticipate that it would happen in under a week.


“Most of America’s top diplomats and generals were still operating under the assumption that they had ample time to prepare for a Taliban takeover of the country — it might even be a couple of years until the group was in position to regain power, many thought. Though some military officials and intelligence agencies had stepped up their warnings about the possibility of a government collapse, officials felt confident in the Afghan security forces’ strategy of consolidating in the cities to defend the urban population centers. …

The principals meeting kicked off with an intelligence briefing concluding that the situation was so “fluid” that the Afghan government’s seat of power in Kabul could fall “within weeks or days,” the official noted.

That was a far cry from the assessments officials were relying on just days earlier that estimated a Taliban takeover would take months, or even up to two years, following the withdrawal of American and NATO troops. As recently as Aug. 8, McKenzie sent Austin a new, more pessimistic estimate: that Kabul could be isolated within 30 days.

“It was a pretty sobering meeting,” the official said. “We thought we had months ahead of us to draw down the embassy and do processing and relocation.” …

Congressional leaders were also keeping close tabs on the situation. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) told radio host Hugh Hewitt this week that he was in touch with military leaders who were “blindsided.” …

Pentagon officials were realizing far too late that the Taliban had waged an effective influence campaign in addition to the physical one, taking advantage of tribal dynamics to build ties with village elders and others who played key roles in the group’s mostly bloodless march across the country. …”

This is a good recap of how it went down.

The Pentagon and “intelligence community” failed in Afghanistan.

Joe Biden is getting heat from the “journalists” for basing his decisions about the withdrawal on THEIR ROSY ASSESSMENTS that the Taliban wouldn’t conquer Afghanistan for weeks, months or years. It was all based on the assumption that the Afghan army would fight the Taliban and keep them at bay just long enough to complete the planned “withdrawal with honor” by August 31st.

As recently as a month ago, the “journalists” weren’t interested in Afghanistan. We haven’t heard much about Afghanistan for a decade now. Now it is a “catastrophe” that the war is over and we have left the country. It wasn’t a “catastrophe” that we were there squandering over a trillion dollars for 20 years to prop up the fake government which didn’t even put up a fight and collapsed in a week.

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  1. I have to write that the picture by Dr. Yoshi was extremely funny. I respect men with backbone. I think in my society the worst thing a man can be is a coward. Without courage all beliefs and convictions are worthless.

    • The lightning fast collapse shows how artificial the zog imposed government was.

      I wish WHITE americans had as much spine as the taliban

    • The only thing supporting the Afghani gov was a vast river of american cash.
      Once the river dried up, the fake government collapsed.

      The only supporting the US gov is a vast river of debt.
      Once the river dries up ……….

      US fed debt > 125% GDP.

  2. @ the satanic regime in washington city, were not blindsighted period, the narrative they frame is a lie, wait and watch….

    • I agree with you Terry Smith,the Satanic Jews have every move planned in advance.Its all theater for the people.All the”stolen weapons”will go to some terror group controlled by the Jews.The group will create a pretext for their next war or whatever.And millions of”refugees”will suddenly need to leave home for the welfare checks in Germany,America,etc.It is all to create chaos which the Devil loves.

  3. Did the Afghan army pansies even fire one bullet in their defence? Gawd……….and we thought the American army was full alphabets and soy boys. I guess these women and girls won’t be relying on them for much.
    The real men deserve to win.

  4. “Now it is a “catastrophe” that the war is over”

    Afghanistan was the baackdoor to Iran.
    This thwarts one part in the greater scheme of Zionists to destroy Iran.

    So, Zionists controlled media will advertise it as a ‘catastrophe’.

  5. Not only did the US leave, they left billions in equipment just like they did in Iraq. I guess they can use leaving they equipment as a reason for going back.

  6. Why would the afghan soldiers keep the Taliban at bay so the US could get the evacuees out? Their military relied on the US military/contractors for support; logistics , maintenance. The afghan military, like the government we installed, was a time limited resource. A machine w/o spare parts is not viable. Better to lay down their arms now and take their chances as they would have to live with the Taliban anyway! Why fight an Alamo? Why fight for the sake of fighting. Like a hot head Biden would! Just to give Biden his optics of Muslims killing Muslims as the US high tails out just in time for 9-11?The only reason Biden is doing anything to get anyone out is b/c the vet are complaining that honor dictates that the US has an obligation to the their afghan brothers! Biden never anticipated that.

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