Poll: Republicans Now Oppose Withdrawing From Afghanistan

This is your brain on partisanship.

We need to occupy Afghanistan forever to “own the libs.” We’ve squandered a trillion dollars and thousands of lives on Afghanistan. Now we need to go to war with the Taliban, stay there for another decade and bring over tens of thousands of Afghan refugees who have been given amnesty by the Taliban. We need to do that simply because Joe Biden made the correct decision.

This is the same absurd partisan mindset that that drives American foreign policy toward Iran. Trump had to tear up the Iran deal simply because Obama negotiated it. Trump had to be obsequiously pro-Israel and pro-Netanyahu simply because Obama hated Netanyahu. He had to assassinate General Soleimani and nearly start a hot war and ratchet up tensions to show how tough he was on Iran. Similarly, the Democrats opposed Trump’s negotiations with North Korea and his sabotaged his effort to secure better relations with Russia and a better trade policy with China simply because Trump was doing it.

Note: The Afghan interpreters have been given amnesty and will be fine.

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  1. Republicans are pure trash. The cliche “republicans are just democrats driving the speed limit” isn’t even correct. The better line would be “Republicans are just Democrats driving drunk into oncoming traffic.”

    At least democrats have some sort of agenda and list of goals they want to achieve. Republicans just want Republicans to win, but beyond that they don’t seem to have any kind of agenda. What do they want? Nobody knows. Their partisanship is entirely aesthetic.

    • It’s why I am not “a conservative” any more.

      I heard a “conservative talk show host” on the radio going on about racism. He says that conservatives ‘aren’t the racists” and “everyone’s an American”. “We”re not the racists, the Dems ARE!”, he bleated.

      I’ve heard them go on about this before. That the Democrats are “the real racists”.

      I think the Republicans are just there to undermine us.

  2. Retreat was a forced move. Taliban prepared this offensive for a long time so without rapid retreat US Army would be over run with hundreds or even thousands dead.

    Middle East folk learned simple trick that high tech and powerful weapons are useless when your own guys and enemies are so close that you can not use any heavy weaponry.

    Without pulling out or now moving back there will be as bloody close combat as in Stalingrad and is such case losses are extremely high.

    Bad news in that this coming in Europe too. Our diversity also knows that Western power lies in the advanced technology so they must force us fight like in Stalingrad. Close combat with bayonets, knives, spades, small guns and hand grenades. Diversity has fortified itself into big cities and is free to attack to any direction. White Europeans do not have enough manpower to keep effective defense everywhere .

    Afghanistan fiasco is actually bad news for whites. No every diversity knows how to finish us off. Until now this tactics was unproven theory but now it is the confirmed fact.

    • Diversity in the West is concentrated in urban areas. Stalingrad was the error of an egomaniac. Urban areas can be sealed off and starved.

      • Starving besieged cities is one of the deadliest military myths. When starving castles and fortresses is so easy then why anybody building them thousands of years ? Urban area is stronghold, not a death trap.

        Military robots are dead on arrival. They are terribly expensive and very ineffective against competent enemy as we just saw in Afghanistan. Nobody will fight the robot but competent enemy will go around them. Those robots end up just like Maginot line.

        War is an art not a science. Before building military robot, they should try with art robot. Let them build one what paints better than Michelangelo or Rembrandt. Or composing better than Bach or Mozart.

        At the moment we do not have effective weapons against urban entrenched enemy in sight. But urban entrenched enemy has old good revenge attack’s against defenseless rural population. Against what we also do not have effective defense.

    • “Middle East folk learned simple trick that high tech and powerful weapons are useless when your own guys and enemies are so close ”

      There will be a push to robotic weapons.
      Things like autonomous landmines, robotic explosive ATVs ( think German Hercules tank killer, but reliable), expendable massed drone explosive devices, remote controlled minefields, drone guards etc.

  3. The first president that can say”so what, eh, no” when some stupid adviser wants us involved somewhere outside our country, is on his way to glory. Biden showed it once. Bet it won’t happen again.

  4. “But what about the doomed Mr. President?”
    “The doomed? F*ck the doomed.”

    The Republican Party was born in the midst of war like Conan the Cimmerian.

  5. The American political system is a sad joke and is completely broken. General Washington tried to warn us.

  6. I doubt Biden has any core convictions but I do believe 1) he doesn’t like colored people 2) he never really supported the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan.

  7. Hunter,

    Isn’t it starting to look just a little bit like all these “interventions” are solely designed to destabilize the targets for supporting a drive to import tens of thousands of the local primitives to the West?

  8. Trump voters are shit-stains on Sean Hannity’s underwear…..

    Fox News is a shit stain on Ronald Reagan’s underwear…

    • The same local talk show “host” went on about how racist the Democrats are.
      I’m so sick of these people. So low IQ, so consumed with things that don’t even matter.
      I guess they won’t wake up until he doesn’t get a loaf of bread to eat, because he’s white.

  9. Most “people” are just retarded sheep. “Their” opinions change with the malodorous breeze coming from the asses of their favorite kikemedia shills.

    • No F-ing shit! IQ doesn’t seem to affect the sheepishness either. It’s across the bell curve. Very black pilling.

  10. What happens after Afghanistan? Let’s take a look at Flashman in 1842 after he’s got home from Elphinstone’s massacre in the 1830s. Gambling drinking a whoring. Britches out Trousers in. The prig, preacher and the bore replacing the dandy plunger and bounder. Enjoy…chapter 1, Royal Flash.

    • Here’s the final Chapter of Royal Flash our Antihero scarpering across Germany during the revolution of 48 with a loaded set of saddlebags. Keeping out of trouble making some money on the side.

  11. Great photo choice as always. You’re real good at that. Not only did we try to teach them, lamely, negro worship, with the fist bump, we also got them to wear backward baseball caps with oversized brims (that was my impression of the photo at first glance).

  12. “We’ve squandered a trillion dollars and thousands of lives”:

    “Trillion” is understatement of cost, and “thousands” overlooks hundreds of thousands of killed Afghans and millions more maimed or lives ruined.

    “Joe Biden made the correct decision”:

    Again, the empty puppet figurehead’s “decision” making is an illusion. He could not have said withdraw unless it was told to him.

    “This is the same absurd partisan mindset that that drives American foreign policy”:

    What is called absurd makes perfect sense: It is the nature, the LOGIC, of the plutocratic system that drives U.S. foreign policy, and everything is always BI-partisan, although Republicans may be louder while Democrats are more coy about it.

  13. We have no obligations to Afghan women and girls. It isn’t our job to protect them from their OWN religion and culture. We can’t protect them from themselves.
    If their ploy is Sharia law, stonings, head coverings, etc, well…….it’s how they want to exist.
    When they arrive in the West, they bitch that we aren’t enough like the shithole they left. That’s after they just left a place where their religion and way of life was already in place.
    Alternatively, they can always go to a more peaceful part of the Muslim world. You’d think that would be the logical path to take.

    • @Goose – So true! I had a similar thought, about how once the muslim women get to a Western country, the first thing they do is complain about how they are discouraged and discriminated against if they follow their cultural practices and beliefs — which they totally are not. Prime examples, insistence on wearing the hijab and burkinis. Suddenly, these “human rights abuses” in THEIR countries become “human rights” in OURS.

  14. The deck guns are all turning to face the bridge where Joe is hiding behind his chair.

    No accountability has been sought from the pentagon for this failure to withdraw its hardware.

    No accountability has been sought of the state department for this failure to coordinate the withdrawal of American personnel and citizens.

    No accountability has been sought by the intelligence apparatus for its failure to observe and report the utter collapse of Afghan government/military.

    The media on both “sides” are now gleefully reinforcing the narrative that Joe is fiddling while rome burns.

    What is actually happening?

    Is it really even possible that our military, diplomatic corp and intelligence apparatus are so incompetent that they couldn’t orchestrate a withdrawal of a few thousand people? Its convenient that this fits our own biased views of ZOG. in fact it seems like absolutely everybody is caught up in bias confirmation right now across the political spectrum, as this is all just too rich to ignore.

    Trump wouldn’t have done it this way.
    What about the poor women.
    We shouldn’t have left.
    Muh terrorisms
    Biden is senile.
    Mark Milley is a faggot.
    Etc. and so forth.

    We all are getting just what we need to keep our eyes on the crash. Even the neocons are getting their confirmation bias fix.

    I’m concerned by how perfect it all is. Something for everybody in it. Its tempting to chalk it up to prescience on all our parts for seeing how rotten the system was and how it would fall apart. Maybe I’m jumping at shadows, but this feels like a gayop. I feel like I’m stuck in a cornucopia of gay.

    I just can’t figure what the endgame is.

    My gut says this was orchestrated as a landmine. But for who?

    Our narrative has Joe pegged as a puppet. Its clear he’s not in control. I thought early on he had outfoxxed everybody and triangulated this out perfectly to 2024 by levereging the fact that everyone who doesn’t work in DC wanted us out of Afghanistan. Maybe he tried. He’s on the record wanting out, it makes sense.

    Maybe this is the deep state going full Walter on the neighbors corvette in a retard strength tantrum against Biden for daring to end the gravy train? Is this what happens, Larry?

    I try always to look for the obvious explanation. I just don’t see anything that explains all of this. Nothing is making sense and that, I think, is the salient detail. Absolute chaos is unnatural. This is a fire in a crowded theatre scenario. Everyone is heading for the exits looking for a way out of a runaway shitstorm.

    Who screamed fire, and why? What is this chaos obscurring behind the scenes?

    This situation is far more dangerous than it seems.

    • ” . . . Is it really even possible that our military, diplomatic corp (sic) and intelligence apparatus are so incompetent that they couldn’t orchestrate a withdrawal of a few thousand people? . . .”

      Short answer: Yes.

      You ain’t seen nothin’ yet either. A version of this clusterfuck will be playing out in the continental U.S. as American ‘society’ disintegrates.

  15. WHAT “withdrawal”? As I said before, the Empire will not, cannot, stop attacking:

    “Biden EXPANDS military operations in Afghanistan (…) a dramatic expansion of the military operations (is underway) US officials revealed that military and intelligence operations were being mounted in Kabul and other parts of Afghanistan (…) Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said Friday evening US military officials said sorties like this had been underway for days (…) in Kabul (and) other cities and provinces, CIA, SOF and DIA officers (are) on the ground (…) The president, as he has said repeatedly, has no intention of drawing down our forces from South Korea or from Europe, where we have sustained troop presences for a very long time. And when it comes to Taiwan (…) specific reference to Taiwan is another warning of Biden’s escalation of Washington’s confrontation with China. This is only going to intensify as the US prepares to resort to military aggression”: https://niqnaq.wordpress.com/2021/08/21/sensible-thought-provoking-wsws-on-kabul/

    Afghanistan is CRAWLING with untold numbers of Imperial contractors, spies and U.S.-trained “radical Islamic” proxy forces (such as ISIS), hundreds of so-called “interpreters” (who knows what they really do) and hundreds of mainstream media “journalists” producing propaganda for the Empire, in addition to at least six thousand regular, uniformed U.S. troops mostly stationed in Kabul. What “withdrawal”? Don’t worry, the Empire of the Almighty Dollar will WIN because it is by far the most wealthy, and therefore most powerful force on Earth. The Empire is quietly preparing to create chaos, confusion, division, and suffering like never before, until the people of Afghanistan cannot bear any more, and give up completely and beg for U.S. rule. I hope I am wrong.

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