The Atlantic: Liberal Democracy Is Worth a Fight

In case you were wondering, they haven’t learned anything from a twenty year occupation of Afghanistan that made the Taliban more popular. In their view, we simply lost patience with our colonial responsibilities. Liberal democracy only needed another twenty years to flourish there.

The Atlantic:

“Of all the empty, pointless statements that are periodically repeated by Western politicians, none is more empty and pointless than this one: “There can be no military solution to this conflict.” …

That’s also why the phenomenon of liberal internationalism—or “neocon internationalism” if you don’t like it—exists: Because sometimes only guns can prevent violent extremists from taking power. Yet many people in the liberal democratic world, perhaps most people, don’t want to believe this. They have long found these tools either too distasteful or too expensive. …

Many will argue, in the coming days, that Afghanistan was not in fact an American defeat or a Western defeat, and in a sense they are right. The U.S. did not surrender; it lost patience and decided to leave.  …

We might not want any of this to be true. We might prefer a different world, one where we can stay out of their way and they will stay out of ours. But that’s not the world that we live in. In the real world, the battle to defend liberal democracy is sometimes a real battle, a military battle, not merely an ideological battle. It cannot always be fought with language, arguments, conferences, or diplomacy, or by deploying human-rights organizations, UN declarations, and fierce EU statements of concern. Or rather, you can try to fight it that way, but you will lose.”

Military power solves everything.

This was the delusion that was at the core of the war in Afghanistan. We could simply go into a country, overthrow the government and transform the people who live there into degenerate and deracinated Westerners because that worked in some non-Islamic countries after World War II.

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  1. Why doesn’t the crowd from the Atlantic send their sons to war instead of to college if their precious “liberal democracy” is worth fighting for? They are hypocrites first and foremost. They are also cowards.

    Dixie is vastly overrepresented in the military ranks but particularly in Army/Marine combat roles. Were it not for recruiting from the South the military would be out of business. BTW, White males from all over the U.S. who are the decisive element in making the U.S. military function are universally despised by the Atlantic crowd. Fuck ’em.

    Here is James Fallows, smart, a talented writer, Harvard educated and one of the worst hypocrites and scumbags writing about how and he and his student comrades from the elite classes schemed to avoid the draft during the Vietnam War. He referred disparagingly to those non-elites who didn’t scheme to avoid the draft and were conscripted as “proles”, the guy has no shame.

    He is also a perfect example of how these assholes are unteachable. After writing his story about his personal draft dodging he advocates for the draft to return. Presumably his sons would be exempt because of their father’s wealth, privilege and being an overall scumbag and coward.

    • Jews are more likely to serve in the IDF than US military by a wide margin. They don’t give a shit about us evidenced by leaving 10k Americans in Afghanistan while taking refugees to dump in the EU. The optics didn’t even occur to them.

    • His entire class needs to be hung from the nearest trees and left to hang as instructive examples.

    • Enemy training is also training so draft and military service is very important regardless of the provider.

      Avoiding military service is one of the worst mistakes any elite can do. Hired guns are never loyal so successful elite must train itself and it`s sons to defend their power. And keep proles away from army so in the battlefield well trained aristocracy will meet confused peasants with pitchforks who do not know what to do and how to fight. .

      When things go other way around and peasants are recruited and trained but elite avoids army then power of the elite will vanish in first serious clash. Hired guns will be told that kill your employer, rob everything he has and then come over to our side or just go home as a rich man.

      This is what will happen with those 3 million brought to Europe by Merkel. Instead of fighting and dying in cold European snow, they may take everything liberals have and go back to sunny Middle East and live rich and happy life. Diversity is our greatest strength so let`s use it against rich liberal elite.

      Donald did right when he let both Taliban commander and black thugs out of prison. Diverse people must have respected leaders to command attacks to Kabul or Wall Street or Silicon Valley.

    • “BTW, White males from all over the U.S. who are the decisive element in making the U.S. military function are universally despised by the Atlantic crowd.”

      But Southerners especially. Southern boys need to stop enlisting in the army of the enemy. It was bad enough when it was the Yankee army, but now it’s the Zio-Anal army.

  2. The only way they could change Afghanistan would be by replacing the population entirely or directly running a totalitarian regime there for 100 years.

    It took the Papist cult hundreds of years to break down clannishness in Europe and deracinate the European people. It would take several generations at least to do so in Afghanistan, and would require much more heavy-handed military occupation.

  3. Wars in nations that are incompatible with our own value system will always fail. We can’t change these people, we can’t improve them or make them just like us………and we shouldn’t be trying to. Once we leave, they will inevitably return to what they were before.
    The only certain thing that comes out of these wars…………is more refugees……and troops with an eye, leg and two hands missing!
    Other than using economic leverage against them for wrongdoings, there’s not much else we should be doing.
    The best way to win a war is to deport outsiders, close your borders, and have economic mechanisms in place that benefit your country, rather than the third world.
    Looking after your own nation first and foremost is the best defence against the outside world.

  4. The most important part of this fiasco is that we did not inform our NATO allies of the coming bug out. That betrayal has permanently weakened NATO, and it has encouraged our enemies everywhere. There will be Hell to pay.

    • “Our enemy” is NATO, retard.

      We, White Americans, are not the American imperial regime. Their allies are not our allies, and their enemies are not our enemies. If NATO mercenaries and western diplomats paid a price or were killed, that would be a good thing. They deserve it. Unfortunately, it is a relatively peaceful transfer of power and the imperial agents will get away with their crimes.

  5. Liberal democracy is not worth the fight. I enjoy watching the usual suspects pull their hair out over it.

      • A system that confuses/disinforms the people, calls them morons and takers, and gives them a “choice” of two identical capitalist parties is not worth defending. The real “takers” are the elites who control the (s)elections, not the vast majority of voters, who are not “morons.” Anyway, a high IQ is not needed to understand how the system.

        • I meant: “a high IQ is not needed to understand how the system” – works.

          I dash these comments off without proofreading, sorry.

  6. Deadly force should be used to destroy White genocidal (((Liberal Democracy))) and all the kikes & race traitors who control it.

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