OnlyFans Bans Sexually Explicit Content

I suppose that I should say something about the implosion of OnlyFans which is the biggest blow to whores since the demise of Backpage. Is pornography and advertising prostitution free speech? Should we defend OnlyFans and Backpage to consistently oppose censorship?


“(CNN) – After years of working to build their audiences on OnlyFans, a number of sex workers and adult content creators are now grappling with the sudden blow of potentially losing their incomes and access to the fans who have paid their bills.

OnlyFans, a subscription-based website that enables creators to get paid for posting videos and photos for fans, said Thursday that it planned to ban “content containing sexually-explicit conduct” in October while still allowing nudity consistent with its “acceptable use policy.” In a statement, the company attributed the changes to a need to ensure “the long-term sustainability of the platform.”

“These changes are to comply with the requests of our banking partners and payout providers,” it added. …”

It is an interesting debate.

I will just observe that the “journalists” are outraged by how the Taliban treats women under sharia law. They don’t treat women as sex objects. They have roles as wives and mothers. These people are so backward. Can you believe that they reject our modern Western values?

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    • Don’t get your hopes up. I don’t believe porn will end until the USA is nuked off the face of the Earth, as it is a fundamenal value of the establishment.

      Here’s what I think happened. The girls were making enough money from OnlyFans they didn’t need to work for the porn jew directors in Hollyweird any longer. Their supply of poor young things from flyover country dried up, so the Hollyweird jews called up their banker jew relatives, and threatened to have OnlyFans cut off if they didn’t Shut. It. Down!

      Meanwhile the hoes are blaming Christian fundies for this event, because ‘Christian fundies run Hollywood and banking, not jews’. 1 + 1 = 3. If you are dumb enough to do porn, you ain’t that bright to start with.

          • “. Their supply of poor young things from flyover country dried up, ”

            This is another reason jws always work to destroy any WHITE unity organization. We might work together to provide homes and jobs for young WHITES who are at risk of being ensnared by social traps, ie drugs, crime , porn etc.
            They even want to prevent us from forewarning young ppl.

  1. I would prefer to ban Jews rather than pornography. If pornography still exists after it would probably be more like art. Nothing wrong with naked images of people it’s just how Shlomo twists it.

    • “it’s just how Shlomo twists it.”

      Isn’t that the truth!

      They push the most depraved perversions and say it is normal.
      They never produce anything healthy and normal.

      • Art is okay? Like Michelangelo’s and other famous artists’ pornographic Catholic church art? It took Protestantism to put a stop to it.

        • Michelangelo, Bernini, and the others were great artists. There is a BIG difference in depicting the human form versus pornography.

  2. Onlyfans exploits the nature of prepubescent teenage boys and young single lonely men. They are duped into thinking they are in a relationship because they are direct messaged by these girls once a week. If you are going to meet girls on social media, make sure they aren’t depraved sluts, and that if you want, you can actually meet up. I get the internet is the new public town square and Onlyfans is the equivalent of going to a strip club but it is a symptom of White Western decay.

    Side note, I generally don’t like appealing to personality but if any of you have loved ones that are teenage boys or young adult males, it is likely some have been going down the porn pipeline. Getting them out is the most important thing you could do.

    • Where to start?

      “If you are going to meet girls on social media”

      You’re not going to meet girls on social media.

      “and that if you want, you can actually meet up.”

      No one in the history of the Internet has ever “met up” through the Internet.

      “I get the internet is the new public town square.”

      There was never an old public town square, and the Internet is not a new public town square.

      “Onlyfans is the equivalent of going to a strip club”

      No, going to a strip club is the equivalent of going to a strip club.

      Your comment is one of the most disingenuous I’ve seen.

      • Mind if I ask if you are a boomer? There are places like Tinder and Instagram, where people meet. That’s just the way it is. Onlyfans is the equivalent because instead of giving the girls dollar bills, you throw them e-cash.

        There are lots of people who have met through the internet. Also the phrase new public town square was coined by people who are against tech censorship and recognize that the internet has now become an open space.

    • Warning your kids before puberty is effective. Of course our favorite game was “spot the jew” before puberty. Watching Disney and other Hollywood media outlets is good practice for them. Nepotism in Hollywood created great visual target practice. Kids are mid/late teens now and run circles around teachers and boomers.

      • “Warning your kids before puberty is effective. ”

        Why do that ?
        Let them fall into a pit and break their neck. So what , if it ruins their life, they’ll learn.

        “When I was young , we found out the hard way, *wheeeeez, gasp*”

  3. This is wonderful, but the business model has been established, so someone will fill the void. It will simply propagate the relevance of crypto.

    But still, this is good. Pornography isn’t speech.

  4. This is just big porn teaming up with the banks to shut down competition. The banks aren’t doing it because they oppose pornography obviously, but because there are no Jewish middle men taking their cuts.

  5. “which is the biggest blow to whores since the demise of Backpage”

    I just hope they follow through. These worthless sluts need to go back to being secretaries, I mean lol, flipping burgers and being waitresses.

    I’m sure some other thoroughly Jewish service will eventually step in with a substitute for sluts, I mean “business owners” (yes, when interviewed, all these whores refer to themselves as business owners because they sell their pornography on onlyfans or Patreon).

  6. Capitalism will never completely ban pornography and prostitution. Any censorship or lack of censorship by corporate “social” media, internet providers, etc. is a profit-driven business decision. The capitalist state cares no more for common people’s moral health than for their physical health. But a proper ethno-nationalist socialist republic, of, by and for the people, would “go to war” against fornication and capitalist greed.

  7. I’ve noticed that those who condemn prostitution and pornography the loudest are often discovered to be massive hypocrites who engage in all kinds of sexual deviancy.

      • Any too-soft, too-easy lifestyle is suspect. And, as it is said, “an idle mind is the Devil’s workshop.” That is why Stalinist Russia sentenced sodomites to a minimum of five years hard labour on the first offense.

        But the hypocrisy of some does not invalidate the correct position, that the found-out hypocrites claimed to stand for. Truth is truth regardless of who claims to stand for it.

  8. I have a theory about this. I’ve read that the porn industry, ie the Jewish owned producers, has been struggling since COVID hit. A shit ton of the popular porn stars began producing their own videos on OnlyFans, because the lockdowns kinda shut the mainstream industry down.

    Once this happened, these women figured out that they were able to make more money doing it on their own. Why would they go back to the old business model?

    So I’d bet the bank that the big J-porn producers pressured the credit card companies to shut their competition down and force these sluts back to signing exploitive contracts.

    Honestly I don’t like the idea of women making a fortune selling their bodies on OnlyFans. I think it’s horribly demeaning. It’s also unfair to men who have to earn our living by the sweat of our brow. It gives women an excuse to never grow up and become mothers/wives. So if my theory about the mainstream porn industry shutting it down is true, imho that’s a good thing, even if their intentions were greedy.

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