Axios: Making The Outdoors Safe For People of Color

According to Axios, the deadly danger of bigotry is the biggest challenge that People of Color face when going outdoors.


“Outdoor enthusiasts want people of color to embrace activities like hiking, biking, kayaking, camping and birding — and feel safe while enjoying it all.

Why it matters: A national reckoning has drawn attention to the discrimination some people of color face during a run in the mountains or a walk on a trail. The outdoors can be deadly due to bigotry, not just wildlife, lurking in the woods. …”

Do you know what it is like to be attacked by a bigoted snake? Stung by a bigoted wasp or mosquito? Have you ever experienced the “trauma” of hiking on a trail or mountain with a bigoted name?

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    • Thinking for a moment, I’ve never seen blacks around water unless it involved a fishing pole and a bottle of gin.

      • @Arrian they do love their fishing. I have a soft spot for incredibly old black guys casting into filthy local urban rivers from sun up to sun down and always end up talking to them about their catches and what is biting. They are a throwback to a different time and seem to have missed out on the past few decades of societal programming. I have never seen gin but they all have a twelver of cheap beer. Usually offering a warm one up while you chat

  1. They love outside. Porches in particular. They mark their territory with empty beer/liquor containers and other assorted trash. Unmowed grass is also a preference, to blend in with the rest of the grass around multiple non-running vehicles in the front yard.

  2. Imagine walking on a trail and encountering some negro walking in a bizarro gait, talking to himself, and looking at you with menace. Recreation in Nature!

  3. Yes, we racists are harrowing black folks in the woods. What a stupid article. Something tells me who ever wrote this, hasn’t been in the woods much. Blacks don’t go to the countryside much. But it doesn’t have much to do with white folks. Blacks used to. But now most live in cities.

  4. “Ain’t no gibs, n dat forestes sheet”
    “Ain’t no whiites ppl to protect uz, n shheet”

    (Have you seen the USDA forest service ads, encouraging blacks to use the national forests ?)

  5. “people of color face during a run in the mountains”

    “Run fo what? Day ain’t no purses in dem damn mountains.”

  6. blacks not being able to swim is water being racist, blacks unable to canoe is the canoe being racist, blacks unable to catch a fish is the fish being racist, blacks getting lost in the woods is nature being racist, etc.

  7. White liberals have no shame in their fevered desire to beg black people to behave just like white people.

  8. Do you guys ever wonder if these types of articles are a sort of reverse psychology, where some shitlib who feels uncomfortable around blacks is writing it to perpetuate a canard about racists hanging out in the woods to lynch blacks so that the blacks will actually become MORE afraid of the outdoors?

    • Have thought of that too…I see them come into white suburbs and go shopping, send their kids to schools there, eat in the restaurants, and even “buy” a home there, and they certainly are not afraid of us. If the nogs start going in the woods, they will become just like the inner cities, only with trees, and totally unsafe.

  9. Clothing catalogs show them wearing plaid shorts and preppy clothes, going canoeing, camping out, playing bocce ball and drinking mint ice teas. They really think that’s a real market to pursue. It’s like some mythological fantasy of corporate America.

    • The outdoor companies are insane or engaged in psychological warfare against White people. I’ll take door number two with a little bit of door number one thrown in.

      • I won’t give them my business. They can’t crap all over us and elevate joggers to some kind of higher value than us. I know they do it, because they, and everyone else, is somehow connected business-wise with the government. But it’s just gotten to be where you can’t open a catalog or see an ad that isn’t targeting them.

  10. I lived just outside of Columbia SC for about 4 years. One of my favorite weekend activities was hiking in a state forest just down the road from me. Harbison State Forest charged $5 per car. You could buy an annual pass for $25. Despite being in the middle of negro land, I rarely saw any negroes in the park. It was like a sanctuary for Whites.

  11. “Outdoor enthusiasts want people of color to embrace activities like hiking, biking, kayaking, camping and birding — and feel safe while enjoying it all.”

    People of colour aren’t interested in White People things. It’s not “racism.” It’s just a lack of interest. Period.

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