Donald Trump Booed At Alabama Rally For Pushing COVID Vaccine

BTW, it is true that COVID is getting really bad here.

I had been hearing that our local hospital is full of COVID patients again. It really hit home though for me when someone I know recently had to stop by a warehouse to bring back a ventilator.

I also had a chat with an EMT this weekend who told me that one of the larger hospitals around here is so full of COVID patients that the people he is bringing to the hospital who have been in car accidents are being left for hours on stretchers out in the hallways before receiving treatment.

Make of that what you will. It is true though that it is not a good time to have to go to the hospital around here. This is never going away and we are all obviously going to get infected with it at some point. We’re going to be dealing with endless COVID variants like the cold or the flu every year.

Note: The culture war over the vaccine is silly. The vaccine will only expediate the emergence of these variants which will evade the vaccine.

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  1. They are lying to your EMT, who is passing the lie on to you. Not even a believable lie, that auto accident victims have to wait for hours for treatment.

    The talmudvision and Big Med are telling nothing but lies. The only wise response is to take nothing on word, but accept proof only. If you SEE the hospital is full, and they show you proof they are Covid patients, ok.

    But a lot of patients are marked Covid who aren’t. And I saw a talmudvision news segment here in Virginia Beach yesterday, all lies, said all the hospitals in the area are filling up with Covid Covid and 99% have not been vaccinated. All lies. It’s worse than the Soviet Jewnion.

    The hospitals in Southeast Virginia are operating at normal capacities. None are full. Your hospitals in Alabama are not full either. They are lying to you. Accept nothing from the lying liars without seeing proof.

    • Specifically, he said 8 hours.

      That’s how long it takes to be treated after being dropped off at the hospital in one of the bigger cities around here. As for bringing back the ventilator from the warehouse, I won’t say who did that, but that happened and it was a family member, so …

  2. I’m not yet sure what to make of it all. Australia is mostly in lockdown now. Can’t visit the gym, cinema, church, restaurants, bars(boo hoo) or even family members. You’ve only gotta venture outside your front door and you’ve likely broken some Covid rule……..and they change daily.
    Trouble is, if the authorities don’t impose restrictions and a third of the area is wiped out, we’d be complaining about that too.
    I don’t yet have a political position on Covid as it’s still early days. But my medical position is yes it’s real, and it’s killing people.
    Down the track, China has a lot of explaining to do.

    • The death rate in the U.S. was much higher in like 2014 to 2015 than 2020 to 2021 which is odd for a pandemic I would think. I very much don’t believe anymore these things/events happen by accident. I think the culprits are much less China and way more Davos. It would also be a miracle if the outer party and the proles get an explanation at all, it’s been a year now and it of course concerns no government or their propagandists were this shit came from.

    • @ goose

      The things you say convince me not to live on a single nation island, oz, nz, UK, japan etc.

      No place to run.

  3. If I understood you correctly you are saying that the mass vaccination of the population is a bad response to this health crisis, because it will expedite the emergence of deadlier covid variants. Then what alternative is there? Just accept that everyone will get it eventually and not help prepare their immune system? That seems to me the worse option because it would lead to people dying who would survive covid if they had been vaccinated.

      • It’s just a nasty flu. My step daughter had it and we didn’t even know. I was directly exposed and had zero symptoms. Just a stepping stone to our own Holodomor. 40% of small businesses are gone. Factories already moved overseas. Farming will be controlled soon as small farmers die off and the IRS seizes the properties while Black Rock and Bill Gates buy up the rest with freshly printed money. I’m not a pessimist. I think our genocide will fail but the Millennials and younger are going to take a massive hit from Mother Nature. Tattooed skanks are going to get hit the hardest is my guess.

  4. It’s hard to know how many ppl are ill & how many ppl aren’t. The PCR tests stink, the vaxxes are sketchy and treatment is political.
    My family is just over their 2nd bout, and my son in law posted negative twice while being the only one who was really sick.
    I have been actively exposed 3xs, still haven’t gotten it.
    I was literally kissing my grandkids the day they tested positive & my health is definitely not great.
    My niece & her hubby are surgical nurses in Tuscaloosa & they have been pretty slammed but not to the point of being out of control. We’ll see, I guess.

  5. Trump’s Southern White voters are the ones the League should successfully target. A lot of them hold socially conservative views and some still identify with the Confederacy on a cultural level.

  6. The most hilarious thing about Covid-19 are the people now taking horse dewormers for preventive medicine. (I didn’t believe this was real when someone told me about it.) The FDA is getting the word out that “You are not a horse. You are not a cow.” hahahah If only we could use the latest technology and our scientific dominance to develop, let us say, a vaccine or two lol

    This shit is even funnier than that British man who recently tried to vlog about his natural immunity and ran into natural selection instead.

    The WuFlu is not going to last forever; it is mostly over in my corner of the universe.

    The good news — 1) the growth of delta is deaccelerating 2) mostly unvaccinated people are getting hospitalized/killed 3) boosters will be available for anyone who needs/wants them this fall and 4) this is only a problem for red states and non-Asian minorities.

    • “The WuFlu is not going to last forever”:

      (1) Because it was not eradicated and has been allowed to become endemic IT IS going to last forever – like Influenza that raged worldwide from 1918 to 1921 is STILL WITH US, constantly mutating and coming back year after year, sometimes in greater strength than others, such as sixty years ago the Asian Flu pandemic, and the Hong Kong Flu pandemic of 1968. All these influenza epidemics and pandemics to the present day are descendants of the “Spanish” flu that “disappeared.”

      (2) I object to the expression “WuFlu.” The virus is not influenza and it did not come from the Wuhan research center. It is slightly less extremely unlikely to have come from one of the U.S.’s biological weapons labs such as Fort Detrick. It is almost certainly a natural virus that passed from bats to humans, probably through an intermediary species, some years ago, and has been gaining “function” (especially the ability to infect humans) ever since. Now that it has been allowed to infect hundreds of millions of people instead of a few thousand, its rate of “gain of function” mutation selection is on over-drive, so to speak.

      • Influenza is of course much older than the Spanish flu, which was merely one of its most deadly “variants.”

        It is speculated that the “Russian flu” pandemic of the late nineteenth century might have been a coronavirus disease, but an Alpha coronavirus not a Beta like the SARS, MERS and SARS CoV-2.

        Black Death has been with humans for at least 10,000 years, proven by genetic tests of remains of Neolithic villagers in eastern Europe, possibly explaining the sudden collapse of several Neolithic cultures. Today we have scientfic knowledge of the cause of disease, but capitalist business interests militate against putting that knoweldge into practice with a real, effective public health system.

      • >IT IS going to last forever

        This is true; SARS and other nasty stuff is still out there. After covid finishes burning through the left side of the bell curve, I expect flu deaths will drop back to the annual ~35K in the United States. What do you think it will be?

        Given the place and time covid broke out (bats were 1000mi away in hibernation, and the biolab is at ground zero), and given we have tested tens of thousands of animals so far with no trace of covid-19, and given the world-renowned carelessness of the Chinese and their subsequent secretive behavior, what conclusion should the world draw?

    • What about delta+ and epsilon ?

      What if the engineering of this virus is such that it is extremely mutagenic at a critical point ? Did someone with Bio weapon training use methods that shouldn’t be applied to clinical research ?

  7. The disease itself is real, I caught it myself and I describe it as a cold/flu hybrid symptomatically, with the strangest feature being almost complete loss of taste and smell, to which I personally never experienced with a cold or flu before. I didn’t go to the hospital at all and have fully recovered after a week. I believe this disease was clearly engineered and is still being, or was unleashed intentionally.

    People should really need to look into Bill Gates and his foundation. He has direct ties to players like Fauci and Ghebreyesus. He funds the NIH among many, many other “Globo-Health” organizations. He’s heavily involved in the vaccine production and he’s getting richer from all this. James Corbett made a very compelling documentary on the subject. Look him up, I can’t link cuz rules.

    • It turned into a stomach thing with me. It is a weapon or being used as one. It’s of lingered a bit in my case with breathing now and again but there’s no scarring on lungs apparently. But yeah, everyone is going to catch it sooner or later with greater or lesser severity. For most fit people its nasty enough though. And it will find out diabetics, obese or anyone with lupus and hospitalise or kill.

  8. I disagree. It is wrong to say “vaccines expediate the appearance of variants that evade vaccines.” VACCINES DO NOT expediate the appearance of any variants. Mutations (aka variants, new strains) occur naturally as time passes, and with a greater number of infections (more viruses) over a period of time there will be more mutations than with a small number of infections (fewer viruses) in a given period of time.

    Letting the virus run free (the “herd immunity” policy) in a large population such as India, Indonesia, Brazil and the U.S. produces many more viruses, and many more variants, than if it had been contained by strict public hygiene like China did. If there had been only a few thousand cases, instead of hundreds of millions of cases, there would be much fewer variants and Delta from India might not exist.

    Mutations (new variants/strains) are naturally selected for those with greatest infectiousness, which includes more ability to infect (1) the vaccinated, and (2) those with naturally-acquired immunity to a previous strain, and (3) those with very high immunity that had resisted infection with previous strains.

    Infection normally requires exposure to hundreds of coronavirus particles, and a massive exposure to millions of particles tends to produce a more serious infection and earlier onset of symptoms, and breakthrough of immunity. New strains like Delta that produce much higher viral loads and’or more durable spikes that don’t break down in the air as quickly will tend to predominate. So will milder or “symptomless” new strains, and new strains that do not kill or seriously debilitate the host quickly, before the disease is passed to others.

    The ANTI-VACCINATION CULT does much worse than sloppy thinking and failing highschool level biology. It has the blood and lost treasure of millions of workers on its hands. It serves the purpose of protecting the interests of big business and the plutocracy, that want to allow the disease to become endemic while the workers keep going to work, school and shopping, as if nothing is wrong while the “worthless” old and weak die off earlier and are culled on the cheap.

    • Well said anonymous.

      The blame for this does not belong to grugs. Why is the Jenny McCarthy-tier anti-vax stuff taking now?

      1) Politicized science. When lockdowns are enforced on a political group while another is allowed to literally riot for months during a pandemic, authorities lose trust and respect. The “there is exactly 273.34 genders” and “apologize for your privilege right now or else” stuff isn’t helping the prestige of scientists either.

      2) Censorship. In the glory days of YouTube, if a content producer tried to argue the world is 4000 years old, they’d get dogpiled, called a fgt, loser, dumbass etc. while being factually refuted. Today, pwnage videos are now extinct — removed for abuse — and grug videos are removed for disinformation. The result? Everyone gets siloed into an echo chamber elsewhere and no one gets bullied for being a moron. Censorship has unintended consequences, but here we are.

  9. Trump is promoting the vaccine because his jew friends in the pharmaceutical industry are making billions off the lie and the poison. Taking the shot is playing Russian roulette.

  10. >”Taking the shot is playing Russian roulette.”
    >5 Billion doses administered

    How big of a data set do people need?

    Seems like someone finally informed Blormf that his vaccine skepticism cost him educated white men in the suburbs. For every percent of the white vote he lost he needed to gain 5% of the black vote to make it up. Not smart!

    Biden hunted where the ducks are.

  11. Treatments for Covid exist, such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. Therefore emergency use of ‘vaccines’ is false. But there’s no money to be made unless the ‘vaccines’ are used. While Covid is real, almost everything surrounding it is false. But it’s the perfect ‘vehicle’ to piggy-back on if you want to steal elections, chip away citizen’s rights, etc and maintain control over the population.

  12. Let’s face it, none of has access to the first-hand stats necessary to make informed decisions about covid/vaxx. What’s surprising is how many persons seem to trust the government to report accurately when in every other thread that trust is zero.

    • “@other anonymous, re: “What’s surprising is how many persons seem to trust the government to report accurately when in every other thread that trust is zero”:

      I didn’t notice anyone on this thread indicating that they TRUST government statistics. U.S. and allied government infection and fatality statstics are UNDER-counts, and official vaccination rates are over-counts, to make the capitalist system’s response to the pandemic LOOK better, more effective, than it is. Nevertheless, government-connected scientific reporting is closer to truth than the conspiracy theories and other fantasies of the pandemic denial, anti-mask and anti-vaxx CULT. Yes, I trust science.

  13. Hunter,

    I’m a 70 pound overweight type 1 diabetic. I used to pick up every damn cold that would float by. I started taking zinc and vitamin C and elderberry in March 2020, and I haven’t had a SINGLE cold since, and I caught coronavirus, which lasted for about a week with minimal effects (mostly just loss of taste for a while).

    So take that for what it’s worth regarding this coronavirus bullshit.

  14. All the vaccines seems like they have serious side effects the astrazenca clotting, pzifer/ moderna heart issues in young men mostly

    My stepfather had his 2nd dose last week he’s really old I hope he doesn’t get any side effects but I’m skeptical what the boosters will do if anything more of the same It just extends the immunity?! I honestly don’t know anymore

    • Don’t be too skeptical. Vaccines work, but it is hard to keep up with (keep them perfectly aimed at) a constantly mutating virus that is being allowed to circulate almost freely among billions of people worldwide. Nevertheless they do work.

      “Vaccine nationalism” (aka “complacent exceptionalism”) is a failing policy. ALL governments must cooperate and implement an international policy to eradicate this new disease, using vaccines (universal or nearly-universal vaccination), universal testing (for antibodies and for infection) and public hygiene (distancing, N-95 masking and quarantine). If the SARS virus is allowed to adapt and become endemic in some of the animal species currently being infected by humans, it could become a permanent threat impossible to eradicate, like the Influenza virus we share with poultry and swine.

  15. Resistance to the COVIC vaccination is a terrible lead issue for us. Terrible. Makes it look like we’re resisting modern medicine, Makes it look like we’re all paranoid conspiracy mongering fringe people, makes it look like we’re Bible fundies that think the world’s going to end soon, all the good people with get raptured and Jesus will come back so there’s no reason to participate in state and local politics and we’ll just concede state and local politics to the worst Jews, BLM, Antifa.

    That’s pretty much what happened.

    And this type has been waiting for Jesus to come back the current year for, pretty much forever.

    The obvious response to COVID should have been to end all bad 3rd world immigration, migration from dirty places where germ diseases like COVID are rampant.

    Just look at sanitation in Haiti, Liberia, Central America, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    We’d have to be complete fools to let hundreds of thousands millions of people from these dirty infected places move to our towns, states, but….

    Well, we seem to be distracted with other things – COVID vaccinations, Christian church divisions, GUNS GUNS GUNS.

    Anybody here want to continue to let hundreds of thousands of Bantu Muslims Blacks from Somalia to continue to come here and get whatever guns they want, same as they had back in Mogadishu Somalia.

    Yeah, I know – the Libertarian Constitutionalist true believers think race, culture, refusal to use TP or soap isn’t important. Everything is about free market economics, less government, more personal responsibility.

    I want to puke.

    No I want to lock these

    • “Blacks from Somalia to continue to come here and get whatever guns they want, same as they had back in Mogadishu Somalia”:

      Are you familiar with the history of Somalia, including the history of imperialism in Somalia? The U.S. is currently bombing Somalia and supporting, arming and training some groups, and fighting, or pretending to fight, some of the same groups and other groups that keep Somalia divided and in chaos. No wonder the people flee their homeland!

      Somalia is an extremely strategic location and has huge mostly untapped oil and gas reserves. Somalia was a Russia-allied socialist republic like Afghanistan in the sixties and seventies, making progress and stable until “we” destabilized and destroyed it.

      Jack, I agree with you that immigration is harmful, but it can’t really be stopped without ending the main cause of all these peoples fleeing their homelands.

      I am glad you have not joined the pandemic denial and anti-vax cult. You might find this article on The Saker blog interesting:

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