China Mocks America’s Withdrawal From Afghanistan

Where’s the lie?

The GOP is incapable of conceiving of a future which doesn’t involve squandering an endless stream of money and lives on that rathole for another 20 years. This is what the politicians, defense contractors, the “journalists,” “intelligence community” and Pentagon generals accomplished with all those lives and all that money which was invested in their Afghanistan project.

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  1. What’s not to mock? The US clearly had a deal with the Taliban to leave peacefully and we still fucked it up. The optics of jamming C-17’s with Afghan men to flood the EU and US before even thinking about Americans left behind even woke up normies.

  2. If I were Taiwan, I would start assembling my own nukes. Maybe buy some from India. I don’t think the other rogue nuclear states (Pakistan, North Korea and Israel) would provide Taiwan with nukes.

      • “I don’t want to see Chinese people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait killing each other.”

        This is how most Taiwanese also feel. When the PLA units land in Taichung, RoCA will quickly surrender and Taiwan’s “president” will flee with her cats on the first flight out of Taipei.

    • Taiwan (which is the remains of U.S.-supported “nationalist” – capitalist – China) is already being integrated with mainland China through trade. It will be to the advantage of the Chinese people in Taiwant to re-unite with the motherland, when they are able to choose. There is no reason for China to invade and force the inevitable to happen sooner, unless the U.S. increases its military presence, sets up more missiles, etc. on the island. The U.S. SHOULD withdraw from the Chinese island, and from southern Korea, and from Japan, but it certainly will not do so. In fact the hybrid war against China is just beginning.

    • Most people in Taiwan want to rejoin China because China has a much more promising future, while the USA has turned Taiwan into a dystopian faggot country. After the USA decays sufficiently, China will just pay the American puppet government in Taiwan to step down.

    • “If I were Taiwan, I would start assembling my own nukes”

      Think again.

      America has Taiwan, s Korea and Japan garrisoned, to prevent that very thing.
      They are entirely dependent on the US for ultimate defense.
      This gives the US total hegemony over those nations.
      ( how do you think the US forces the central banks of those nations to support the dollar?)

      Same in Europe, all are effectively garrisoned and therefore dependent.

  3. In my mind, the best case scenario going forward is that the Taliban becomes a Beijing vassal. Beijing is way more interested in the estimated one to three trillion in rare earth metals under Afg, and not anything religious or ideological. Which means that the BCS is that Beijing milks Afg for its resources, lets the Taliban do its Taliban-y things within Afg, but keeps a serious lid on them otherwise. Meaning do nothing to risk future Western intervention.

  4. The New China video was especially good, especially where it shows Biden the career politician having a mental block – he can’t remember “the reason why we are in Afghanistan.” China’s leadership is a strict public-servant meritocracy, where no one rises to top without a genius or near-genius IQ and demonstrated proficiency in all relevant fields of knowledge, as well as a clean moral record.

  5. Roman Catholic Immigration Logic: The Afghans will be just like the Italians, Poles or Irish O’Assholes.

  6. Never vote for the party of Lincoln ever again. Never!

    They continually waste money, human lives, etc in their never ending conquest of other nations just for their own personal pride, satisfaction, vanity and their perverted belief that the way of life they are trying to force on others is of God (in reality is of the god of this world — Satan the Devil).

    The first nation that the Republican’s Yankee Empire beat down and destroyed was the Confederate States of America — the American (never forget that the word ‘America’ is named after a slaver) South. The Yankees just couldn’t be satisfied to fight the Confederate armies in combat but they had to resort to terrorizing Southern civilians, burning scores of Southern cities/towns/planatations/homes to the ground making women, children and slaves homeless, destroying private d to all his wounded men but instead sent message to Lee about both of them mutually calling a truce when none of Lee’s men were among the thousands of wounded men that Grant left laying between the lines. He allowed his own wounded men trapped between the lines for over three days while Grant fretted about his hard-nosed reputation. That’s beyond vanity. (Grant himself even admitted later he made a mistake.)

    Horror was added to bitterness by the suffering of the wounded, still trapped between the lines, and the pervasive stench of the dead, still unburied after two sultry nights and the better part of a third day under the fierce June sun. “A deserter says Grant intends to stink Lee out of his position, if nothing else will suffice,” a Richmond diarist noted, but a Federal staff colonel had a different explanation: “An impression prevails in the popular mind, and with some reason perhaps, that a commander who sends a flag of truce asking permission to bury his dead and bring in his wounded has lost the field of battle. Hence the resistance upon our part to ask a flag of truce.”

    No more willing to give that impression here in Virginia than he [Grant] had been a year ago in Mississippi, following the repulse of his two assaults on the Vicksburg fortifications, the Union general held off doing anything to relieve either the stench or the drawn-out agony of his fallen soldiers until the afternoon of June 5, and even then he could not bring himself to make a forthright request for the necessary Confederate acquiescence. “It is reported to me,” he then wrote Lee, “that there are wounded men, probably of both armies, now lying exposed and suffering between the lines.” His suggestion was that each side be permitted to send out unarmed litter bearers to take up its casualties when no action was in progress, and he closed by saying that “any other method equally fair to both parties you may propose for meeting the end desired will be accepted by me.” But Lee, who had no wounded out there, was not letting his adversary off that easy. “I fear that such an arrangement will lead to misunderstanding and difficulty,” he replied. “I propose therefore, instead, that when either party desires to remove their dead or wounded a flag of truce be sent, as is customary. It will always afford me pleasure to comply with such a request as far as circumstances will permit.”

    Thus admonished, Grant took another night to think the matter over — a night in which the cries of the injured, who now had been three days without water or relief from pain, sank to a mewling — and tried a somewhat different tack, as if he were yielding, not without magnanimity, to an urgent plea from a disadvantaged opponent. “Your communication of yesterday is received,” he wrote. “I will send immediately, as you propose, to collect the dead and wounded between the lines of the two armies, and will also instruct that you be allowed to do the same.” Not so, Lee answered for a second time, and after expressing “regret to find that I did not make myself understood in my communication,” proceeded to make it clear that if what Grant wanted was a cease-fire he would have to come right out and ask for it, not informally, as between two men with a common problem, but “by a flag of truce in the usual way.” Grant put on as good a face as he could manage in winding up this curious exchange. “The knowledge that wounded men are now suffering from want of attention,” he responded, “compels me to ask a suspension of hostilities for sufficient time to collect them in; say two hours.”

    By the time Lee’s formal consent came back across the lines, however, the sun was down on the fourth day of exposure for the wounded and even the mewling had reached an end. Going out next morning, June 7, search parties found only two men alive out of all the Federal thousands who had fallen in the June 3 assault; the rest had either died or made it back under fire, alone or retrieved by comrades in the darkness. At the end of the truce — which had to be extended to give the burial details time to roll up the long blue carpet of festering corpses — Grant fired a parting verbal shot in concluding his white-flag skirmish with Lee: “Regretting that all my efforts for alleviating the sufferings of wounded men left upon the battlefield have been rendered nugatory, I remain, &c., U. S. Grant, Lieutenant General.”

    Lee made no reply to this, no doubt feeling that none was called for, and not even the northern commander’s own troops were taken in by a blame-shifting pretense which did little more than show their chief at his worst. They could discount the Copperhead charge that he was a butcher, “a bull-headed Suvarov,” since his methods so far had at least kept the rebels on the defensive while his own army moved forward more than sixty air-line miles. But this was something else, this sacrifice of brave men for no apparent purpose except to salve his rankled pride. Worst of all, they saw in the agony of their comrades, left to die amid the corpses on a field already lost, a preview of much agony to come, when they themselves would be left to whimper through days of pain while their leader composed notes in defense of conduct which, so far as they could see, had been indefensible from the start.
    — Foote, Shelby. The Civil War: A Narrative: Volume 3: Red River to Appomattox

    May God Save the South!

  7. Taiwan is as good as gone, time has run out for them. The government in Peking will be uniting all China under one government, something the Nationalist Government under Chiang Kai-shek and the government in Peking both agreed was the proper thing to do only Chiang wanted to rule all China. As the U.S. Empire has declined and China advanced from centuries of turmoil this is inevitable, Taiwan cannot possibly defend itself for long.

    The idiots who rule the U.S. however are unlikely to let Taiwan go without a fight even though they cannot win. After Afghanistan and the inevitable comparisons with Vietnam they will argue that they cannot let another U.S. commitment go south, Taiwan is different.

    They will have zero public support for their latest crusade and will find that their “diverse” military isn’t up to par.

  8. Only the foreign media will give a new take on events with some insight and original thinking. The Lügenpresse in Western countries are merely the stenographers for various factions in the ruling class, they are worthless.

  9. Not defending the US militaries record, but China’s dig is strange coming from a dictatorship that only ever invades smaller nations, or has soft, strategic wars with bigger ones. This huge, arrogant regime is too gutless to have a real war with a real competitor, and have never really done so.
    Every technology they use was stolen from Y pepo.
    They really can’t talk.

    • “a dictatorship that only ever invades smaller nations, or has soft, strategic wars with bigger ones.”

      This describes the USA.

    • @Goose,

      ZOG-USA’s “greatest ally” provides China with a lot of military and technological secrets as part of a quid pro quo on not disavowing each others abysmal treatment of their muslim populations.

      Jews aren’t dual loyalists. They are loyal to only other jews. Jonathan Pollad admitted as much, after he arrive in Israel to a hero’s welcome.

  10. Seriously, Joe did the right thing? You hate the neocons that much you excuse his leaving all those Americans and Westerners trapped there when they knew as soon as they exited Bagram the Taliban would over run the country? The reason Trump talked a good game about leaving but never did it was he instinctually knew of the hit he’d take from the optics of the humanitarian disaster. If you get out you have to do all you can to prepare to minimize the disaster, I think senile old Joe actually believed his shit about the 300K strong Afghan army holding it’s own. He did the right thing as far as weakening the evil NYC elite run America’s reputation around the world and putting a big stink of weakness on the face of the democratic party that makes all those treasonous suburban women who voted for this crap feel uneasy. But the pull out was completely screwed up.

    • The Pentagon and “intelligence community” blew that one. They told Joe that the Afghan government wouldn’t collapse for months or years. They’ve been lying about Afghanistan for twenty years now

    • What’s wrong with leaving a bunch of military contractors and bureaucrats stranded somewhere anyway? Are we supposed to care about these faggots just because they’re “American” (whatever that means) or “Western” (whatever that means)? Every one of those people is an anti-White piece of garbage who would rightfully deserve a lot worse than being stuck at an airport for a few days.

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