The Grayzone: Antiwar Veterans Explain How US Lost Afghanistan While Leaders Lied and Profited


The same elites who were in charge of running the war in Afghanistan were privately adamant that their own children should never enlist and be sent over there.

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  1. Biden is an enigma isn’t he? Some slick deflection, misdirection and evasion. Cognitive dissonance means nothing to him.

  2. Who predicted back in 2001 that the end of this war would result in massive numbers of refugees? Well blow me down hah………who would have thought?!
    The Jew ess aye certainly has it worked out:- start a war in a place we have nothing in common with and care nothing about, make it worse than it was before………..and then accept five million refugees that the war created, without the approval of the American, Australian or European people. This is on top of illegal immigrants who commit crimes on home soil who aren’t deported as it would violate THEIR human rights, with no consideration given for ours.
    In many, many ways, they’re out to destroy us, and pretend it’s all about human rights and the benefits of diversity.
    No wonder people with our views exist.

  3. If these simps were so anti-war they should have never joined up to fight for ZOG in the first place – I figured out when I was about 12 (40 years ago) that there was nothing in the US worth fighting for.

    • @cd,
      Most of the time, the motives and ideology of young troops differ greatly from the pudgy, cigar sucking faggots that send them to wars. Once they’ve been around a while though (say, three or four years),they should have woken up by then.
      On the southern border, and in some excessively crime ridden cities is where they should really be posted……. they’d be kept very busy!

  4. “Interesting.

    The same elites who were in charge of running the war in Afghanistan were privately adamant that their own children should never enlist and be sent over there.”

    Nothing new here. There were advertisements in Yiddish in New York in the run up to WWI imploring Jews to support the war and that their “doctors” would get their children medical exemptions.

  5. Oh got it. So this site about “Nationalism” is run by dual citizen israeli jews like Ben Shapiro, and Maxi Blumenthal. Wake up people. Expel the jew by 2022 or this nation is done for 100%.

    • Of course Grayzone is not a Nationalist (do you mean fascist?) website! It is an anti-imperialist website. But anti-imperialism is not only an ethno-national concern it is also an inter-national concern. The struggle against imperialism concerns all peoples, and all peoples need to join forces against it.

      If you won’t give views to an anti-imperialist website that features a Blumenthal and others of Jewish descent, then you should start your own ethno-nationalist anti-imperialist website that is exclusively of your own ethnicity, but remember the struggle against imperialism concerns ALL peoples.

      Also stay off Unz Review featuring Ron Unz of Jewish descent.

  6. The Biden people did the right thing by finally ending it. It would be hard to say who actually decided it, I have doubts that Biden decides much of anything, but it was done and good for it.

  7. Little Ben Shapiro from Fox TV, ’nuff said right there. Lemme guess? The guy is a hypocrite? You don’t say!

  8. Why did America bail on Afghanistan? The Jews told the American government to do so, after 20 years of military occupation failed to produce the result they wanted – like Trump, Biden’s cabinet is almost more Jewish than Israel.

    But why? I think the Israelis cut a deal with the Taliban, using their Chinese fronts, for the Israeli Belt and Road Initiative – roads and rail lines through Afghanistan (ultimately linking East Asia, Africa, and Europe), all converging on Israel of course, and we’ll likely see the Jews use their Chinese puppets to try to go after Afghanistan using their standard debt-trap diplomacy (targeting mineral resources, and the like, as collateral for loans the targeted nation can’t possibly repay) as they have victimized countless other poor nations across the world.

    This is probably the real reason the Chinese have been building up their military: to enforce those Jewish contracts at gun point, globally. China is the new evil empire, but it’s really just another Jewish sock-puppet.

    I presume the Israelis also plan to skim a percentage off of all that commercial activity flowing through Israel, forever, of course.

    Ben Shapiro apparently hasn’t received the memo yet.

    • The railway proposed don’t go through Afghan land. It would go through Kazakhstan from Beijing then through southern Russia, then via Auschwitz railheads to Berlin. They want to extend it to Rotterdam.

  9. “elites who were in charge of running the war in Afghanistan were privately adamant that their own children should never enlist and be sent over there”

    Always !

    Just like ‘ integration’, you send your kids to school with violent thugs,
    while their little brats go to safe exclusive college prep ‘academies’.

    When will the common man realize the hypocrisy of the moneyed elite ?

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