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  1. Joe Biden who has been disastrous and terrible throughout his 50 year long career did the right thing. I unironically support him on this specific instance. He did what Trump said he would do. Biden just turned almost all the Republicans into the true-cons of the Bush administration. It is quite sad because I like many of you got the false hope that the MAGA movement was truly against the endless wars.

    The MAGA movement today would totally disavow 2015 Trump.

  2. FTN’s 9/11 montage was amusing. So if we don’t do ZOG wars Israel and the CIA will attack us again? I think that’s what this (literal) cocksucker is saying.

  3. “Republicans losing their minds over the end of the war in Afghanistan”:

    Or pretending to lose their minds over it, as a strategy to win their next elections. Do they even know what they believe? Do capitalist politicians have any real beliefs or convictions at all? It is all about their personal political careers. The system will not allow any other kind of “leadership.”

    • Capitalism=When Shlomo banks print your money and make it illegal to use anything else as currency unless they control that also. Bitcoin was a temporary exception.

    • I now fully agree. I don’t think a closeted faggot like Ms. Graham has ANY right to dictate ANYTHING to ANYBODY.

      Impeach not Biden, (let them destroy themselves) but this drag queen, pretending to be a man.

  4. @ me.biden, does what he is told too do. Say’s what he is told to say, the only formulating going on with.him, is in his baby bottle.

  5. Anal Sex Graham…..

    Anal Warts Graham…

    Sean Hannity Family Values…

    Ronald Reagan Family Values…

  6. Lindsay Graham:”My anal warts enjoy their anal sex sessions with DuPont Circle male prostitute…4 Star US Army General Mark Milley…..but Mark is somewhat overpriced for what he charges per hour….”

    • Lindsay Graham:”But I can always pass the cost off to my Deep South Evangelical Christian Voting Bloc…tee hee…”

  7. I wish some honest cop would check “Lady G’s” crawl space for the remains of teenage missing and exploited boys.

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