Julian Assange: The U.S. Goal Is Endless War, Not a Successful War

It was mainly due to Julian Assange and WikiLeaks that we found in the first place how rotten the war in Afghanistan was because the generals had been blowing smoke up the ass of Congress. None of them gave a shit about what was going on in Afghanistan as long as the grift continued.

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  1. Back in the 80’s when Amnesty International was selling “sponsor” bracelets with Soviet dissidents names on them I never would have guessed the US would have political prisoners 30 years later or that Amnesty International would actually approve of this.

  2. Assange is in the REAL gulag (political prison system). When Tucker Carlson once had a guest discussing Assange, Tucker acted as if he was unfamiliar. Quite telling. Assange is a citizen of Neoliberal Australia that also ignores him.

  3. Trump had an opportunity to hit a 500 yard home run out of the park with a pardon of Julian Assange on his last day in office. It would have been a great blow against the Dep State, an act of justice and mercy too but Trump doesn’t have greatness in him. He is actually a little man with a big mouth, the guy had no courage when it counted, he is a grifter and a blowhard.

    BTW, Julian Assange has released documents about the U.S. and sometimes other countries’ bad behavior but he never mentions Israel. Why?

    • Trump let a lot of violent criminals out. So that tells you how much he cares about “making America great”.

  4. Eisenhower warned the public about the ‘military industrial complex’ in his last speech before leaving office. That was 60 years ago.

    Spy networks have accumulated all kinds of unaccountable power they were never meant to have.

    • That was a great speech. Too bad Ike didn’t do much toward chopping down the MIC while he was in office.

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