Taliban: We Are Not In Favor of Afghan Refugees Leaving Afghanistan

The Taliban is standing in the way of ZOG resettling hundreds of thousands of Afghan refugees all over the West. It is unnecessary because the war is over and they have been given amnesty.


“Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid said Tuesday that Afghans should stop attempting to reach Kabul’s international airport, and reiterated that the militant group would not agree to extend the Aug. 31 deadline for U.S. troops to withdraw.

Why it matters: The evacuation effort has ramped up significantly over the last 48 hours, but given Mujahid’s statement that “we are not in favor of allowing Afghans to leave” the window to complete the operation could soon begin to close.

What he’s saying: Mujahid said the journey to the airport was dangerous and that Afghans should instead remain in the country and help to rebuild it. He also claimed the Taliban would guarantee their security after the U.S. left. …”

Sen. Ben Sasse wants to bring them to Nebraska. AirBnb wants to house them as a virtue signal while banning people like us from their platform.


“Airbnb will begin housing 20,000 Afghan refugees globally starting Tuesday, founder and CEO Brian Chesky tweeted Tuesday.

Why it matters: “The displacement and resettlement of Afghan refugees in the US and elsewhere is one of the biggest humanitarian crises of our time,” Chesky wrote in a thread. “We feel a responsibility to step up.” …”

This is the most devastating withdrawal in history!

The endless war in Afghanistan is over.

The Taliban is offering amnesty to the other side in the Afghan civil war.

The Taliban is upholding its end of the peace deal and letting us withdraw from Afghanistan without firing on American soldiers.

There is no need to resettle hundreds of thousands of Afghan refugees in the West because they can stay in their own country.

Note: What about our impoverished defense contractors though who own Republican politicians? Have we considered what might happen to their stock? Is this what a great nation does?

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  1. These taliban guys get more likeable by the day. The neocon-artists lied about them from day one

    That recent image of the taliban soliders eating ice cream cones cracks me up Not that I’m pro taliban or pro Muslim or anything I’m just reeling in the memes and neo liberal cuckservative tears over this

    • I feel the same way. Muslims don’t belong in America or Europe, and I don’t want any damn Afghan refugees being forced upon us by Jews, Neocons, or Liberals.

      All that being said, I’ve found myself straight up rooting for the Taliban to crush the American military and its fake Afghan government. I saw a video where they were dancing to some type of Western music and having a good time, all after they had conquered Kabul. Based and Taliban pilled.

      The real enemy isn’t the Taliban. Its Jews like Bill Kristol and race traitors like Ben Sasse. I don’t care how the the Taliban treats their women, just as long as it isn’t our women – White women.

      The Radfems on Twitter are having a screech fest about some acid attacks that happened in like 2011 or 2015. Those kind of stories are effectively neocon/jew propaganda that Ben Shapiro would approve of.

      We’re supposed to hate the Taliban so that the American military is justified in bombing them, thus creating more refugee crises which bring in thousands of Brown men that go onto rape White women and throw acid in their faces.

      Screw all the noise. The Taliban are the good guys here, especially if they keep all their perverts and degenerates from coming over here.

      • @DP84 – Yes, that is quite rich considering the most frequent acid attacks on women are occupation in European cities (especially London U.K.) and not one peep of protest was ever uttered by Big Feminism. Nor by Ben Shapiro.

  2. Soooooo, now the Taliban are doing the job Republican politicians are supposed to be doing: preventing violent, primitive, foreigners who cannot assimilate from a hostile culture with a religion at war with the West for 1,400 years from migrating to the U.S.

    I never thought I would agree with the Taliban on anything but they are now doing something that benefits the U.S. American politicians, in typical fashion are working to further the destruction of the nation. Who is really the enemy here?

  3. The US and it’s allies should have been out days ago. WTF are they still there?
    You just know the establishment is rotten to the core when an an outfit such as the Taliban talks more sense than they do.
    I feel a lot of white guilt about stealing all of Afghanistan’s best minds. It must stop!

  4. Thank you, sand niggers. They’re doing everything right, while the Repuglicucks are proving themselves yet again to be cheap partisan bumble-scum we know them to be.

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