Rich Lowry: The Media’s Finest Hour

The “journalists” are pro-endless war and pro-imperialism and aligned with the “intelligence community” and military-industrial complex. In fact, they are so aligned with the Deep State and Pentagon and the Blob in Washington that they are willing to trash Joe Biden and push down his poll numbers in order to sustain the occupation of Afghanistan.

National Review:

“Poor Ron Klain.

It’s not a good sign when a White House chief of staff to a Democratic president wants to retweet favorable news coverage and all he can find is the least credible and most slavishly loyal commentators on the Internet.

The Afghanistan fiasco has created that most disorienting and discomfiting experience for a progressive administration — a serious bout of critical media coverage immune to White House spin and determined to tell the unvarnished story of an ongoing debacle.

The White House and its allies have lashed out at what they are portraying as an insular, pro-war media ignoring its many successes in the Afghan evacuation.

This, like Ron Klain’s tweeting, is a sign of desperation and of a feeling of outraged betrayal that usually dependable allies have, on this story, switched sides. Say it’s not so, CNN. …

The press is blatantly biased and has become even more so over time, repeatedly propagating false narratives that have shredded its credibility. Still, there are limits beyond which even it can’t be pushed. …”

As we have noted, the shitlibs and True Cons are openly aligned on all sorts of issues, but especially on imperialism and endless war overseas. George W. Bush and Liz Cheney have recently become #Resistance heroes.

Note: We saw this when Trump attempted to withdraw American troops from Syria too.

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  1. Well…Rich Lowry has found at least one BIG GOVERMENT program that he is very very found of..

    And what BIG GOVERMENT program is that:

    Answer:Using US Taxpayer tax dollars to fund Afghan Warlords to rape little Afghan Boys…

    National Review Family Values….Village People Family Values!!!

    • I believe that “Afghan Warlords raping Afghan Boys…” stuff about as much as I believe that Iraq’s WMDs and German Soldiers Raping Belgian Nuns were legit things.

      • @C D,

        It’s real, and insidiously satanic to the point where the CIA provide viagra to the older warlords, so they could endulge in this horrific travesty.

  2. It is upside downworld. Everyone is actually impressed with Biden doing this and yet the media is presenting it as if the masses are outraged, everyone still wanrs us there and the people are clamoring for a million refugees from Afghanistan, Eritrea, and the rest of the area

  3. I expect the Lügenpresse to begin showing “Americans” trapped in Kabul by running pictures of White families with children; blonde hair, blue eyes. Nothing is beyond their capacity for lying, it comes as natural to them as breathing.

      • My implicational buzzwords have been getting out a lot more in normie circles lately. Not sure if “what do you mean by Globalist? Just say it you nazi” is a good thing or bad think. I would go with good because noticing is still better than not

  4. These (((establishment))) stenographers would be overqualified to work for Tass and Pravda in the former USSR.

    They have zero shame in their ZOG mouthpiece game.

  5. Shitlibs and neocons pretending to be ‘balanced journalists’. That just about sums up today’s media.
    Invariably when they’re on the news bitching about something, it’s usually something that made me, and most people, happy.
    They don’t report the news as such. Their agenda is to steer opinion.

  6. Rich Lowry and the NR courtesans are furious with Biden for abandoning the Jewish agenda of America fighting a war with Iran. American presence in Afghanistan was the supposed to be the prelude to a war with Iran.

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