RT: U.S. Mainstream Media Host Military Industry Giants Among Pro-War Guests

I’ve seen this former general all over FOX News. He is a “senior strategic analyst” there. Obviously, you will never hear the true reason why Gen. Jack Keane wants to stay in Afghanistan.

Joe Biden is plummeting in the polls because of an avalanche of pro-war propaganda from these former generals who work for defense contractors, angry CIA agents and sanctimonious “journalists.” The Pentagon, Deep State, foreign policy establishment and their “journalist” allies are once again trying to run the presidency. The same thing happened when Trump tried to withdraw from Syria.

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  1. ISIS and Al Qaeda are now back on the streets in Kabul? Well like……..so? Muslims doing shit in a Muslim country. Does anyone give a fuck? If you’re concerned about a terrorist attack on home soil…….then close the borders! Why is it the public can join the dots, but not these imbeciles?

  2. I’m no industrialist, but logic would suggest that during times of peace, factories can convert from military production to making everyday goods.
    In Australia during WWII, Ford and General Motors stopped their car production and geared up for the war effort making tanks, etc, then returned to cars, trucks and pickups in 1945. You’d think that would be the case today.
    Any companies that relies solely on wars continuing for their survival are really quite obscene.
    I’m all ears if someone knows something about this that I don’t.

  3. “In modern warfare, there’s nothing sweet or fit in you dying. You will die like a dog & for no damn good reason.”

    Ernest Hemingway

  4. Keane is an Irishman. Ditto Michael Hayden who referred to white Americans as “our Taliban”. I know it is a sacrilege to call a whore a whore, but if the shoe fits……

    • Fookin’ BROWNO! Last fookin’ two minute warnin’ before ye gets a knock from the Derry Brigade!

    • He isnt an Irishman. He is a Shabos. They come in all ethnicities and colors. His loyalty is to those who hold the pursestrings

    • Bob, you are aware that the people here in the US who were big supporters for both world wars against Germany were of English descent? Two stupid wars than only put the tribe in charge at the expense of dead Whites.

      On the other hand, those Americans for Irish descent had no illusions about perfidious Albion. Your ignorant rantings about the Irish are a source of amusement for me, đŸ˜€

  5. From the glorified bureaucrat retired generals now “earning” their Golden Parachutes by shilling for the MIC to the jewnalists doing their part by covering up their blatant financial interests, itz nothing but whores from top to bottom.

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