Zioclops: “We’re Paying In Blood” For Biden’s Troop Withdrawal

Afghanistan is a mess.

It is a mess because of over forty years of interventions.

Every group that we have fought there – al-Qaeda, ISIS and the Taliban – was created and nurtured by the Pentagon and the “intelligence community” at some point or another. The same imperialists have made the same mess in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya with the same policies. We created the “terrorists” who we fought in the “War on Terror” in order to grift off the American taxpayer.

Note: ISIS has been reactivated for the purpose of thwarting the withdrawal from Afghanistan. The suicide bombing also blew up Taliban guards at the Kabul airport.

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  1. We’re paying in blood, again, for all these useless wars that serve the interests of ‘Our Greatest Ally’ and the Military Industrial Complex/Deep State. There is no genuine national interest at stake here. The U.S. hasn’t needed to cause trouble and poke its nose in other countries’ business all over the world at least since the end of the Cold War, probably much earlier.

    Thank you George W. Bush II, you blockheaded scumbag.

  2. If the Republicans nominate a scum sucking Israel first doormat like Crenshaw, get ready for Biden or even Chlamydia Harris to win 40+ states.

    No more wars for Israel.

    • @John every GOP guy under 50 wants that honor. Cawthorn, Zioclops, Hawley. They want the approval of their dead daddy and to carry on his legacy of Israel worship and murdering innocent third wielders who would not even know what America was if our bombs weren’t being dropped on their head

      • @Captain Still – Of course the third-worlders know what America is!.) They have smart phones that are just as good as yours. They certainly know which refugee racket to sign on to for escape from the sh#tholes of their own creation.

  3. These people rely on American ignorance to push their sh*t. They know most people have no idea that there is a difference between ISIS and the Taliban so that they can push their fake brave warrior garbage on the masses. Madison Cawthorn was Tweeting that when Republicans get back in power America will come back to finish the job. How he plans to do this in his wheelchair and cripple poopy pants no one knows.

    Tomi Lauren and the GOP bimbo squad are calling for glassing the region. I said it before if people are dumb enough to believe this they deserve what ever happens

  4. The only Americans they want to kill are those who are occupying their country.
    It took the blink of an eye for America to enter the war, but forever and a day to leave. Just fucking get out!

  5. Alphabet agency created Isis k is in immediate effect since the Talban takeover

    If Crenshaw wants to go to war so badly he can go over there himself and lose his other eye stop pounding the gop inc war drum you pathetic paid shill and Do It!

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