Secular Talk: $2.02 Trillion Went To Top 5 Defense Contractors In Afghanistan

This is why it is so hard to get out.

We just need to spend another $2 trillion in Afghanistan, stay there for another 20 years, lose another 2,000 troops in yet another surge and import 200,000 Afghan refugees – bring them here to this country because we meddled in and sowed so much chaos in their country – to solve the problem of terrorism in Afghanistan. Lets go back into Afghanistan … it will be different this time!

Note: Blumpf “rebuilt our military” and put Gen. Mark Milley in charge of it.

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    • John, please recognize that Delta was produced (naturally selected) in India by the “herd immunity” (do-nothing) policy letting the earlier strains circulate among a billion UN-vaccinated people. Not just the vaccinated are being infected with Delta, some of those who survived the original Alpha strain, who have naturally-aquired immunity, are also being re-infected.

      Delta spike protein is quite different from the Alpha strain that the currently-available vaccines are designed for; and on top of that, Delta spikes are more durable in air and on surfaces, and Delta produces an incredibly immense viral load – hundreds of times more than Alpha – so much that it can hardly miss being inhaled by anyone who comes within range, even when both spreader and “spreadee” are properly masked. Just one minute of exposure to the viral plume of someone in the infectious stage of Delta is like spending more than a half hour within the plume of someone spreading the Alpha strain! Properly-fitted N-95 or P-100 masks that are effective against Alpha are almost useless against Delta infection that spews out hundreds of times more virus particles. Distancing still works, but six feet was not enough even for Alpha.

      John, you should also recognize that currently-available vaccines greatly reduce the severity of Delta infections.

      Vaccination is only one tool, along with universal testing, distancing, quarantines, and yes, targetted lockdowns, that must be used to eradicate this disease before it becomes endemic in animals and humans like Influenza, and is a permanent threat to humanity. It doesn’t have to be!

      Love the science, reject the ignorance. God gave us brains and He expects us to use them.

  1. If the Defense Department (sic) were actually to defend the country they would have built a concertina wire fence along the Mexican border from Brownsville, Texas to San Ysidro, California, first thing. A concertina wire fence, 20 feet tall, 20 yards deep would be easy to construct and maintain. It could be built out of DoD inventory with the Army providing the labor. That is why it was never done; because it would be cheap, effective and easy to implement.

  2. Could you imagine what we could have built with all this wealth without J’ish wars and media filth as well as having the American population go from 90 percent white to under 60 percent in less than half a century. Change the course of the 1960s and we have flying cars, Mars colonization, clean open spaces, top tier education, beautiful films and music.
    It is depressing and uplifting at the same time.
    Two trillion dollars on this and eighteen trillion on waste and theft. What a dream

    • It might have been like the Paradise in Dante’s Divine Comedy. Hopping through the solar system to meet God. What we have now is a Demonic Tragedy. An image of Satan locked in Ice surrounded by his court of frozen traitors.

  3. Not to mention the money spent on refugees, blacks, diversity programs, prisons, etc that could have went to things like setting up on Mars, and the Moon.
    Wars, Jews and dieversity………..the cancers of our civilization.

    • @Goose but they have been smart about pushing entertainment and leisure. White people will sit back and watch everything fall apart as they are replaced because the food, sports, video games and other diversions are so good. Why stand up and make things difficult for yourself when the Xbox game you have been waiting for is coming out next year. Or the newest truck, lawnmower or other toy.

      • @Captain Shill,
        The changes have been gradual, and now we find ourselves watching nearly all black NFL, eating Thai chicken curry and living in our homes stuffed wall to wall with cheap Chinese ‘goods’. You also have the crime, division and victimhood that comes with diversity, and it’s altering our culture and standard of living. Whether the changes are good, subtle or detrimental, the fact is, they’re changing us in ways we never asked for. We’ve been denied the human right to flourish and exist unhindered by outside meddling. And the same dynamics are being played out EVERYWHERE that whites are. Every nation that attracts Mohammed and Tyrone just happen to be white ones.
        Many on the right don’t understand the role the Jews play, so are taking the journey with one eye closed.
        The best activists are the fully informed.

        • Shortsighted Jewpidity in trying to stick it to Whitey by importing races more anti-Semitic than Hitler.

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