RT: ISIS-K Claims Responsibility For Kabul Airport Attack

Who is ISIS-K?

  • It is an ISIS affiliate
  • It is an enemy of the Taliban
  • It is a radical offshoot of the Pakistani Taliban
  • It is one of many militant groups active in the region which have been backed and armed by foreign intelligence agencies. Who are its current handlers?
  • Donald Trump dropped a MOAB on them
  • It is yet another tiny terrorist group that was created by meddling in region and which did not previously exist

The bottom line is that 40 years of meddling in Afghanistan and a 20 year American occupation has created this sinkhole of money and lives.

Note: Should we invade and occupy Pakistan to deal with ISIS-K?

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    • Any way you look at it the US government killed these troops. Either through intent or neglect. It is really scary when your own government thinks nothing of killing citizens. I was a hold out on 9/11 being done by the US and Israel but the evidence seems overwhelming now. Scary times ahead for sure.

  1. Secretary of State Blinken is showing off a new map of Afghanistan with an area marked as (supposedly) held by “the Panjshir resistance” headed by CIA-connected drug warlord Ahmad Massoud, who could soon be “recognized” (called by the U.S.) as “the legitimate president” a la Juan Guaido. A U.S.-backed Massoud insurgency in the Panjshir Valley would be added to the ISIS/Takfiri insurgencies that the U.S. is supporting. Several months ago there were Iranian and Iraqi Shiite eyewitness reports of ISIS forces being rescued and flown out of Syria and western Iraq in the direction of Afghanistan. The hybrid war is not over, just beginning a new phase. Republican leaders are even demanding to take back Bagram airbase:

  2. ISIS is just MOSSAD/CIA proxy terrorism; they suddenly & conveniently crawl back out of their hole just as the Taliban is working to establish its control. Itz as transparent as the (((Iranian attack))) on the oil tanker.

  3. I ran across this inspiring article by independent journalist Andre Vltchek, who died suddenly (and mysteriously) about one year ago: “What we are experiencing is a great moment in human history. Imperialism has not yet been defeated, but it is losing its global grip on power. Now we have to clearly understand ‘Why?’, so we can continue our struggle, with even greater determination, with even greater effectiveness. (1) First of all, by now we know that the West cannot fight. It can spend trillions on ‘defense’, it can build nuclear bombs, ‘smart missiles’ and strategic warplanes. But it is too cowardly, too spoiled to risk the lives of its soldiers. It either kills remotely, or by using regional mercenaries. Whenever it becomes clear that the presence of its troops would be required, it backs up. (2) Secondly, it, the West, is totally horrified of the fact that there are now two super-powerful countries – China and Russia – which are unwilling to abandon their allies (…) Any strategy that could weaken these two countries, is applied. Yet, Russia and China do not crumble. They do not surrender (…) (3) Thirdly, all the countries in the world are now clearly aware of what would happen to them, if they give up and get ‘liberated’ by the Western empire. Iraq, Honduras, Indonesia, Libya and Afghanistan, are the ‘best’ examples. Submitting themselves to the West, countries can only expect misery, absolute collapse and the ruthless extraction of their resources. The poorest country in Asia – Afghanistan – has totally collapsed under NATO occupation. The suffering and pain of the Afghan and Iraqi people is very well known to the citizens of Iran and Venezuela. They are not giving up, because no matter how tough their life is under sanctions and the West-administered terror, they are well-aware of the fact that things could get worse, much worse, if their countries were to be occupied and governed by the Washington (…) Of course, there are other reasons why the West cannot get any of its adversaries to kneel. One is – that the toughest ones are left. Russia, Cuba, China, North Korea (DPRK), Iran, Syria and Venezuela are not going to run away from the battlefield. These are the most determined nations on earth. These are the countries that have already lost thousands, millions, even tens of millions of their people, in the fight against Western imperialism and colonialism. If one is following the latest attacks of the West carefully, the scenario is pathetic, almost grotesque: Washington and often the EU, too, are trying hard; they are hitting, they are spending billions of dollars, using the local mercenaries (or call it ‘local opposition’), and then they quickly withdraw after wretched but anticipated defeat. So far, Venezuela has survived. Syria survived. Iran survived. China is fighting horrible Western-backed subversions, but it is proudly surviving. Russia is standing tall. This is a tremendous moment in human history. For the first time, Western imperialism is being not only defeated, but fully unveiled and humiliated. Many are now laughing at it, openly. But we should not celebrate, yet. We should understand what and why this is happening, and then continue fighting. There are many, many battles ahead of us (…) We know what freedom is. Their ‘freedom’ is not our freedom. Their ‘liberty’ is not our liberty. What they call ‘democracy’ is not how we want our people to rule and to be ruled. Let them go away; we, our people, do not want them!” https://www.greanvillepost.com/2020/09/29/what-a-wealth-of-treasures-andre-vltchek-left-to-the-worlds-left/

  4. The ever-evolving ISIS variants we’ve been hearing about over the years, and the way that is used by TPTB, seems strangely analogous to the way the “novel” COVID pandemic is playing out.

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