Kevin McCarthy: Joe Biden Chose The Taliban Over Americans

The pro-war and imperialist propaganda coming from the GOP has reached a 2004 pitch. It hasn’t been this bad since the George W. Bush administration.

The Atlantic:

“Yet the Taliban claim that 28 of their own soldiers were killed in the blast. …

When the Taliban sacked Kabul this month, they refrained from immediate reprisals against their enemies, with one exception: “The only known ex­e­cu­tion since the cap­i­tal’s takeover was of Abu Omar Kho­rasani, the for­mer head of Is­lamic State in South Asia,” The Wall Street Journal reports. Khorasani “was taken by the Tal­iban from an Afghan gov­ern­ment prison and killed on the spot.”

Why can’t these jihadis just get along and turn their fire jointly against the United States? The deep reason is ideological. The Taliban’s founder, Mullah Omar, styled himself “Emir of the believers,” a term equivalent in Islam’s classical period to caliph. Certain rules apply to caliphs, and foremost among them is that there can be only one at a time. Others include the requirement that the caliph be physically whole and descended from the tribe of the Prophet Muhammad. Like most of the original generation of the Taliban, Omar was partially dismembered (missing an eye, in his case), and descended not from an Arab tribe but from a Pashtun clan. Oh, and another requirement of the caliph is that he must be alive. Omar died in 2013, but the Taliban pulled a Weekend at Bernie’s and lied about it for two years. The Islamic State, noting these deficiencies, named its own caliph in 2014 when it took control of parts of Syria and Iraq, and relentlessly mocked the Taliban for being apostate hillbillies out of compliance with even the most basic elements of Islam. …”

The Taliban has upheld their end of the peace deal.

The GOP is desperate to go back to war with the Taliban in Afghanistan. What would be accomplished by resuming the war in Afghanistan? Would that stop or create more terrorist groups in Afghanistan? Would that make the Taliban more or less popular in Afghanistan? What exactly would be accomplished by staying there another week? Would that lead to fewer or more dead Americans?

Note: I was already inclined to sit out the 2022 midterms. There is absolutely no way that I am voting for this reversion to Bushism and the same old conservative policy agenda. This is especially true now that the Pentagon openly sees us as their “domestic enemy.”

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  1. There is worldwide war going on against every tendency and every appearance or resurgence of any genuine, independent, ethno-national socialism or populism. Democratically-elected President Pedro Castillo of Peru is barely hanging on while U.S.-backed pro-bankster, pro-corporate Fujimoristas control the Peruvian legislature, judiciary, military and police. I could go on and on listing examples. The hybrid war to take control of Afghanistan is only one of many.

    • I’m starting to think the Vietnam “war” was about suppressing Vietnamese nationalism and controlling the US male population along with the usual war grift by defense contractors. Certainly wasn’t about containing (((Communism))).

  2. Gotta respect these GOP brave chickenhawks mouthing threats on Twitter. In real life they’d be the Taliban’s catamites (although those are banned now in Afghanistan, it was US-sponsored warlords who had that proclivity).

  3. This Tood Starnes character is repulsive. If the Taliban occupied a corner of America for 20 days let alone 20 years and threatned to bomb every chickenhawk war monger every time they told a lie he’d stop with the chest thumping BS.

  4. Maybe the GOP can organize all of their boomers into an “elite fighting force”, obese but riding medicare funded mobility scooters, down the streets of Kabul to recapture Afghanistan, save our brave Afghan “allies”, and restore Murica’s honor.

  5. @ lindsay graham,.” Accept that risk because it would restore our honor as a nation”, is the senator for real? Smoke and mirrors, my question is, what did our rulers, get in return, for afghanistan, I don’t believe, they walked away, from the narcotics trade, I am not believing anybody’s afghanistan narrative at the moment.

  6. The Taliban honored their agreements, and the U.S. seems to be waffling out. I’m reminded not of 9/11 or 2004, but the Indian wars, where the whites pretty much broke every treaty they made with the Indians.
    As one Indian chief said, “they kept one promise, and that was to take our land away.”
    Or General Sheridan: “It is useless to talk of keeping faith with the Indians.”
    Looks like we’re back to the frontier.

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