President Blumpf: “We Would Have Bombed The Hell Out Of Them”

Miss me yet?

The Federalist:

“While Biden continues to point the finger at Trump for negotiating with the Taliban, the former president said the agreement his administration orchestrated was clear about consequences.

“We had a very strong agreement. It was conditions-based. Now there were many other parts of the agreement also. And if they violated them, you know that, we went in and bombed the hell out of them, and they never would. They never would have come into Kabul. And they just wouldn’t do it,” Trump said on the Hugh Hewitt Show. “Now what happened is one day, Biden said take the soldiers out. And it went back to the leaders of the Taliban, to the whole group of them, that the soldiers are leaving. And I would say that they were shocked, okay? I am surmising that they were shocked, because we had that thing so tight.”

He also noted that “we would not have stood for any soldiers or any Americans being killed or shot at or hurt in any way.”

“That was in there. And Hugh, for 18 months, not one American soldier was killed. Not one. Eighteen months. And that was because of the agreement, and because of my talk with Abdul, who is now the boss, as you know, He is now the boss,” Trump said. …”

As we saw yesterday, Blumpf had no intention of getting out of Afghanistan. It was just another one of his countless lies. The peace deal that he negotiated with the Taliban was “conditions based” and a “play” to force Afghan President Ashraf Ghani into a power sharing agreement with the Taliban. The goal was to keep troops indefinitely at Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan. He admitted it last night in an interview with Sean Hannity. It was also a “play” to convince swing voters that a vote for Trump was a vote against “endless war” in the 2020 election. The man is a con artist.

Note: In the name of “rebuilding our military,” defense contractors had their best year ever in Afghanistan under the Trump administration.

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  1. DJT will only say and do what slimy Jared lets him say and do. BTW, where has slimy Jared been lately? Since Trump lost the election slimy Jared has been completely out of sight. He is probably resting up for the 2024 campaign.

  2. Dump didn’t negotiate any agreement, or have anything to do with it. He’s on television, just trying to stay newsworthy by telling lies.

    With Dump it is always lies, lies, and more lies.

    The leaders of ZOG wanted out of there, it had become a hindrance. All ZOGs bases in Afghanistan, including the Bagram base, were within range of Iranian missiles.

    So those bases were actually of small value in the war ZOG is now preparing to start. The attack on Iran.

    The wheel keeps turning. One war, then another. The coming war with Iran might go nookier, as Carter used to say. A mass of mini nukes upon Iran. The whole thing is wrought with dangers.

  3. I saw that someone had used a permanent marker to write “Trump’s promises” on the hot air hand dryer in the men’s room at a store. We should all follow suit. Boomercons will have conniption fits.

  4. What a joke. There is no way he would even do anything. He would just keep sending our money to Israel. He had his chance and didn’t act.

    MAGA tried to reform the system from within and it failed. Learn the lessons from this experiment and act accordingly.

  5. He wouldn’t even stop the rioters and looters from destroying police stations and businesses in this country.

  6. Trump got what he deserved – he’ll forever be remembered as a One Term Loser in the annals of US Presidential History.

  7. I knew all along that putting your full backing behind Trump was setting yourselves up for disappointment.
    The facts are these:- he’s the least racist person in any room(his words), he never stopped immigration from the turd world in any real way, and he didn’t pull troops out. He may have stopped some illegal immigration, I really don’t know, but LEGAL immigration, by far the larger portion, continued unhindered.
    Never thank a politician for anything……..until they’ve actually done it.

    • Immigration increased under Trump.

      It doesn’t even matter if they are here legally or illegally, when you have millions of them coming in here to live off of us. They aren’t coming here to work. They want to live off of us, and they can do that as an illegal or legal “immigrant”.

  8. If you read the transcript of any Trump interview he comes across as someone with the temperament and vocabulary of a 12 year old.

  9. Well I guess if every city in Afghanistan is nuked, there will be far less female victims of misogyny left.
    Do these imbeciles even read what they’ve just posted?

  10. The Neocon propaganda machine is in full swing, LOL. As far as I’m concerned Biden did something right, even if it was by accident.

  11. Cheetohead blompfiates, and we get to see once more what an utter lying clown and grifter he is. It’s deja-vu all over again, like binge-watching Groundhog Day five times (except more stupid). He really needs to shut up and fellate Jared some more. At least with Jared’s penis in his mouth we won’t have to listen to his moronic mouth-farts.

    More of the same is right. Even though the vegetable-in-chief deserves nothing but eternal damnation, pulling out of the graveyard of empires is still a good thing. The Sacklers thank the soldiers of the invincible legion who lost their lives for their service.

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