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    • “The nearly octogenarian… boomers… are losing their death grip on us.”

      And if I may be so blunt, their idolatry will most assuredly ensure their damnation, as well.
      In short, Falwell, Robertson (to a lesser degree) Swaggart, and clearly, the Bakkers et al., are NOT going to heaven.

      Chiliasm (which is the older, patristic term for “Dispensationalism”) was called a heresy in what? The fourth century? At least we can say that the Council of Ephesus began a long and arduous appraisal of this error, and it is no longer a valid position to hold:

      “Chiliastic views were spread in antiquity chiefly among heretics….In more recent times these views were resurrected in the Protestant sects; and finally, we see attempts in certain modernist theologians of our times to introduce chiliastic ideas also into Orthodox theological thought.”


      In merely positing TWO different ‘ways’ of salvation, (One by grace- Christ; and the OTHER -salvation by ethnicity and/or works- Mosaic Law/Khazarianism – i.e., contemporary [sic] ‘Judaism) we are at odds with the Scriptures, namely Acts 4:12.

      So, yes, KT, they (Dispensationalists/CZ’s/Jews) ARE by and large (because of John 8:44) a/the “satan woshiping boomers of a certain tribe.”

      “Many will say unto me in that day, Lord, Lord…. depart from me, ye evildoers. I never knew ye.”- J.C.

      • Father John,

        i am impressed that anyone on this site besides me knows about the important Council of Ephesus. We have studied that Council in religious class before.

  1. So, Bill Maher believes in a “just” war, hmmmm, just not the Afghan war, especially since it obviously has been unpopular for more than a decade. Has the dirty old atheist been reading up on St. Thomas Aquinas? https://www.ecatholic2000.com/aquinas/untitled-295.shtml#_Toc378196145

    When “Our Greatest Ally” provokes a war with Iran betcha Dirty ‘ole Bill sees that as a “just” war requiring U.S. troops, consequences be damned. Dirty ‘ole Bill the atheist would even go so far as to quote St. Thomas Aquinas on what constitutes a just war if he thought it would help. It wouldn’t, preventive war doesn’t meet the criteria for “just” war but Bill would just make shit up and mock his opponents.

  2. “Arizona is having a voter crisis”…ya think??? “Voter turnout is declining across Arizona, learn more about this problem”. Right. Like we don’t know, and you can bet whatever they tell the clueless people, it won’t be right.

    You need to register to vote and remember to vote!!! LOLOLOL

    They want people to just forget about the past and move along, and trust the voting system.

  3. America needs it’s military and it’s strong young men…………on the southern border and in American streets repelling actual threats to regular Americans.

  4. Bin Laden was probably killed during a B-52 bombing raid over Tora Bora in October 2001. But even if he somehow survived that he was dying anyway from kidney poisoning. But ZOG needed to pretend he was still alive as late as 2011, when his “compound” in Pakistan was captured by “SEAL Team 6”. Then he got killed a second time.

    Maher is just another fake jew liberal who only cares about what’s best for the illegal Zionist state in Palestine.

    • Bin Laden was a known CIA asset and used like an Emmanuel Goldstein, complete with a hokey arch nemesis to America backstory, hokeyness that rivals Lee Harvey Oswald’s lamely crafted backstory. I bet Bin Laden is either still alive or died of natural causes. If he was killed it was to maintain his legend but there is certainly zero proof that he died, just like there is zero proof he was behind 9/11. The CIA is an atrociously evil organization that needs to be stopped.

  5. Bill Maher is a dirty old man who used to be popular with non-white porn stars before he got old & had problems building a shed in California.

    A “Just War” is one that preserves the right for guys like him to do whatever to women in third-world countries with inpunity when American women are no longer interested in him, even as a multi-millionaire.

    We have decided as a family to vote for all anti-war state and federal candidates. If the republican party wants our votes, say so. The “caravan” garbage can stop right now in the run-up to 2022.

    I know many of them read here because ideas and even quotes make it to social medial. It’s on them.

    • Yep.

      For some reason, Bill Maher’s show has become one of the few outlets for dissent left on cable television. All of late night comedy has gone the Stephen Colbert route.

  6. “Just wars” are only those which advance the interests & save the bacon of kikes like Potato Schnoot Maher.

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