Daily Mail: Up To 100 Afghan Refugees Are On Intelligence Agency Watch Lists

We don’t ever learn anything from experience.

The lesson of the Great War was that World War II could have been and ought to have been avoided. The lesson of Vietnam was not to occupy Afghanistan for 20 years. The lesson of the intervention in Somalia was not to resettle refugees from a vastly different culture in Minneapolis.

ZERO THOUGHT is given to the consequences of resettling refugees from war zones and particularly vastly different Islamic cultures in the secular and liberal West. We are ruled by grifters and emoting morons who repeat the same mistakes over and over and over again.

Daily Mail:

“As many as 100 Afghan evacuees flown out of war-torn Kabul are on intelligence agency watch lists, a United States government official warned on Tuesday as it was revealed one passenger flown out to Qatar has potential ties to ISIS.

The Afghans, potential candidates for Special Immigration Visas (SIV), were flagged as possible matches to intelligence agency watch lists by the Defense Department’s Automated Biometric Identification System, an official with the U.S. government told Defense One

The Afghan who has potential ties to ISIS was detected by security screeners at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar after they were evacuated from Kabul Airport, another official told the outlet. There have been 6,000 Afghans taken to the air base. …”

We have a moral obligation to our “Afghan allies” who didn’t even fight the Taliban and surrendered in under a month! We have to go back into Afghanistan and retake Bagram Air Force Base so that all of them can be imported here! Give them their own city like the Kurds were given Nashville!

National Interest:

“In 2014, when waves of refugees began flooding into western Europe, citizens and officials alike responded with generosity and openness. Exhausted refugees spilled out of trains and buses to be met by crowds bearing gifts of clothing and food, and holding up placards that read “Welcome Refugees.”

This was a honeymoon that could not last. Some of the upcoming difficulties had been anticipated: that the newcomers did not speak the local languages, might be traumatized, would probably take a long time to find their footing, and had brought their ethnic, religious and sectarian conflicts with them, causing them to get into battles with each other. All of these things happened but—as Angela Merkel promised—were manageable. “Wir schaffen das.” …”

The Taliban itself germinated in refugee camps in Pakistan. Germany, Austria and the Netherlands are already plagued by Afghan criminals due to Angela Merkel’s decision to take them in 2015.

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  1. NO! What the F*** does exiting a foreign nation mean to these people? We don’t care ONE IOTA for a bunch of Moslem goat herders! They stay over there, and we LEAVE THOSE PEOPLE IN PEACE.


    “Do good to the humble, but don’t give to the ungodly. Hold back your bread, and don’t give it to them, since by it they might gain power over you. You will encounter twice as much evil for all the good things that you have done for them. 6 The Most High also hated sinners, and he will repay the ungodly with punishment. 7 Give to good people, and don’t assist sinners. – Sirach 12:5-7

    • Re: “Give to good people, and don’t assist sinners”:

      The Pharisees would refuse to assist the “sinful” Samaritans and other “people of the land who know not the Law, who are cursed,” but the Samaritan in Jesus’ parable held the opposite view of his fellow man, and was the only one who stopped to help the injured stranger.

      “The Most High also hated sinners”:

      Yet He gave His only begotten Son, who died for us “while we yet sinners.” Instead of hate, bitterness and anger, there is “a better way” which “suffereth long, and is kind; envieth not; vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up (…) not easily provoked, thinketh no evil; rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth; beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things….” First epistle of Paul to the Corinthians

      • I did not mean that Afghans should be assisted to leave their country, I only meant they should not be hated. No one should be hated.

        The good that we can do for Afghans is to leave their country, let them alone, with respect, and don’t freeze their assets or apply sanctions and a blockade!

        The airlift of Afghan “refugees” is not true humanitarian assistance. It is being used as a political weapon. It is very harmful to Afghanistan and to the Afghan “refugees” themselves and to every country they are being shipped to.

  2. WWI was a calculated blood letting by the Shlomo High Command to weaken Europe. Look at France 1890 vs. 1930. France was the first superpower to collapse into a “dull state”.

  3. It’s not a mistake, it’s a deliberate plan to exterminate the enemies of the (((puppetmasters))). Those enemies being all White people, everywhere.

  4. Just great. More brown people on welfare. Why do they always have to come here? Can’t they go to China? It’s closer.

    • @Pilot,
      China’s already diverse enough. It’s full of………well, Chinese people.
      Apparently, it’s the West that needs yet more dieversity and enrichment, otherwise we’re waysist for opposing it.

      • Yes it is the opposite of diverse, being more than 80% ethnically Han overall, and almost 100% Han in China proper. The minority groups exist in the border regions of Sinkiang (the Uihgurs), Tibetans in Tibet, Manchurians and Mongolians in the north, and some other ethnicities in the extreme south. But these other peoples look very similar to Hans, and Hans still make up a large percentage of the populations of these regions. The country could not have ethno-national “socialism with Chinese characteristics” if much of its population had NON-Chinese characteristics.

        • This business of “taking in” foreigners is ruining every nation doing it. There is no advantage to doing it. It gets compared to immigration long ago, when the US got hard working Europeans to come here.
          Politicians don’t care what we think. They are too busy finding ways to subjugate us.

          • Pilot,
            Dieversity only ever serves the invaders. The whites who built the nation get nothing out of it, well, except division, a victimhood industry, gangs, terrorists, welfare blowouts, etc.

        • @Anonymous,
          If America was sort of, a white version of China’s demographic modelling, it would simply be a country of different Europeans……..and we all know we can’t have that………it’s not diverse enough. But in China, where all those groups are just tiny clusters of other Asians………that’s ‘diverse’ enough.

  5. The answer is simple:- if they’re a threat(and they all would be if I was running the vetting process) then just leave them in Qatar or wherever. Their journey can end there. Bringing them on to the West will expose us to terrorism and other danger, and those responsible will need to be held accountable.
    I’ve always said:- they should be resettled in a more peaceful part of the Middle East where their culture, religion and way of life is already in place. Trouble is, there’s no white Christians there to be ‘victims’ of………or muh welfare benefits!

  6. Re: “The lesson of Vietnam was not to occupy Afghanistan for 20 years”:

    But the lesson that the System learned from Vietnam, and from Cambodia, and Laos, was to NEVER AGAIN let a victim escape and go free. Since it let Southeast Asia go, the system never gives up trying to bring down a victim regardless of the cost and how many years it takes, and I predict that Afghanistan will be no exception. Afghanistan will now be sanctioned, sabotaged and made an example of.

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