Chris Hedges: “Suddenly, The Media Cares About Afghanistan”

Chris Hedges makes an excellent point.

If you look at the big picture, every country in the region is the way it is today because of decades of American imperialism and meddling. This is particularly true of Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Gaza, Syria and Libya. It is also our so-called allies in the region – Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the Gulf states – who have done the most to breed and export terrorism. It was Saudi Arabia and Pakistan with American support who created the Taliban out of Afghan refugees in Pakistan in the 1980s.

Every militant or terrorist group in the region has at some point been armed and backed by a foreign intelligence agency. This was true of al-Qaeda, ISIS and the Taliban. We supported Osama bin Laden and the mujahideen against the Soviets. We supported Saddam Hussein in his war with Iran. We’ve been on again and off again allies with the Taliban several times before and during the American occupation. We’ve even been tacit allies with the Iranian-backed Shia militias in Iraq against ISIS.

Suppose we had washed our hands of the entire region over 50 years ago and had never meddled in any of these countries to destabilize them. Could it be any worse than it is today? From a humanitarian standpoint, a national security standpoint, a military standpoint and a financial standpoint, what would the region be like today if we had chosen to do nothing? Would we be stronger or weaker?

Note: The real purpose of the endless war and occupation of Afghanistan was “nation building” in the Beltway where all the money was transfered and spent and which has become far wealthier since 9/11.

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  1. It’s at the point where it’s hard to tell who’s jewing who any more. The media jews are attacking Biden’s coterie of jews who are also taking flak from the jew-controlled Pentagon.

      • No, it’s merely the pilpul of Finkelthink. You HAVE to understand this is how the Talmudics work.

        The Orthodox have a much more aware Jewdar, than the apostate Vatican II ‘Church.’

        And then, once you finally realize this is their [ Juden’s] modus operandi, cut them off…. at the foreskin, as it were. Or the knees. Just do it.

        • “And then, once you finally realize this is their [ Juden’s] modus operandi, cut them off…. at the foreskin, as it were. Or the knees. Just do it.”

          Uh huh. Like any of us have any power to do so. Why don’t YOU do it…

  2. “We supported Osama bin Laden and the mujahideen against the Soviets”:

    Don’t forget Osama bin Laden’s legions also fought unofficially on the U.S.’s side in the unprovoked aggressive war against Serbia in 1992. Until he really “went off the reservation” in 2001, Osama was just another tool, like CIA-connected President Noriega of Panama, to be discarded and discredited or destroyed when the Empire is done using.

    “Winning hearts and minds”:

  3. Hedges has said a few minor things wrong, but his argument is correct. His “one trillion dollars” expense figure is a gross understatement, one of the lowest I’ve seen. Two to three trillion is more commonly agreed upon, but no one knows for sure. On the other hand he overstates the extent to which the Taliban was funded by opium. It was drug warlords who were nominally on the U.S. side who ran and profitted from the opium production, not the Taliban, which was actually funded mostly by road tolls and border crossing tariffs. Taliban accomplished a lot on an EXTREMELY low budget.

  4. Since we are coming up on the upcoming nauseating display of 20 years-9/11-mawkish sentimentality:

    9/11 was completely avoidable…why did it happen?

    Answer:‘the bacteria count in Tom Brady’s jockstrap was more important to White “‘Males”….and that count was updated daily…

  5. Unfortunately that guy Sjursen is just another shitlib, as evidenced by the subject of his book. I oppose Uncle Shmuel’s endless overseas imperialist catastrophes because they’re directly opposed to the interests & survival of MY people – unlike the “indigenous genocide” that at least took this continent from the hands of Stone Age savages who themselves certainly had no compunctions about wiping out Whites or enemy injun tribes.

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