The Return of the Pro-War Right

Suddenly, it is 2001 all over again.

The mainstream Right has reverted to mindless, chest thumping jingoism and imperialism. The mouthpieces of the military-industrial complex – neocons, retired generals and former Navy Seals who work for defense contractors – are all over cable news demanding that we reinvade Afghanistan and go to war with the Taliban to retake Bagram Air Force Base. The Taliban which are more popular than ever have retaken power in Afghanistan and terrorist groups like ISIS-K which draw jihadist recruits from all over the region are there. Oh … and tens of thousands of Afghan refugees are en route to being resettled in this country – we fought them over there to bring them here – at the behest of the GOP which completely ignores what happened when Afghan refugees were previously resettled in Western Europe.

I’ve gone from being 20-years-old to 40-years-old. I am now old enough to watch Zoomer soldiers who are young enough to be my son dying for the empire in Afghanistan. The very same people who led us into that disaster are now demanding that we reinvade Afghanistan and repeat their folly all over again. After spending over $2 trillion dollars there and 2,372 American soldiers losing their lives there and countless more being maimed for life, the mainstream Right acts like the last 20 years of occupying Afghanistan and propping up their fake puppet government and its fake military never happened.

There are few historical lessons more clear cut than this one. There is absolutely nothing to be gained from occupying Afghanistan. It is nothing but a vast sinkhole of money and lives. Yes, it is true that Afghanistan is still an incubator for terrorism because the Pentagon and “intelligence community” have spent 40 years meddling in the country and destabilizing it, but possessing Bagram Air Force Base and occupying Afghanistan for 20 years obviously did nothing to solve that problem. There is nothing in Afghanistan which can’t be taken out at vastly less expense by a cruise missile or a drone. There is no reason to believe that reinvading Afghanistan will stop terrorists. It will only create more terrorists.

Osama bin Laden himself left Afghanistan in 2001. He was killed a decade later in Pakistan in 2011. This was a decade ago. The truth is that the Pentagon just can’t bring itself to let to go of Bagram Air Force Base or withdrawing troops from anywhere. The GOP obviously can’t let go of imperialism either.

Note: The same corrupt interests which control the GOP haven’t changed. The shills haven’t changed. Why would the policy agenda change?

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  1. What anyone reading this must know is that what is happening in Afghanistan right now is what has been intended and planned to happen. Do not be deceived by the drama shown on television but use your brain to think of what the hidden purpose of this is to the people who rule this world. This is a means to an end of something else and I want you to clearly see that. Turn off your emotions and just see this logically.

  2. The media truly makes me sick. Hardly anything reported on deaths in Afghanistan whilst the war was still officially in progress, yet they’re now suddenly reporting on these deaths at the airport AFTER Biden declares the pullout, as if those deaths are somehow more significant. There’s now talk of America ‘extending’ the deadline to go after those responsible for the bombing………reputed to be ‘ISIS – K’ whoever the fuck they are. And……….how long will THAT take?!
    So……… you’ll still get your refugees, but the war will be extended……. maybe.
    What a complete fucking shitshow!

  3. And just what were these ‘fellow Americans’ doing in Afghanistan anyway? They had no legitimate business being there. If they really were your run of the mill Americans, they’d be back home in Kansas or Georgia where they belong. It’s was obvious to them at least a week ago that it was time to either go…….or stay.

  4. The US armed forces are voluntary – when you sign up know that you are an expendable goyim and there is a chance that you will probably die or be maimed in some pointless conflict – so it’s a “meh” from me for these ZOG troopers.

  5. Unsurprisingly most if not all of the American servicemen who were recently killed in Afghanistan were white men. Will the warmongering neocon jews who demanded they be sent over there thank them for their sacrifice? No, they will have nothing but contempt for those dead goyim. Then they will demand that more be sacrificed.

    Is it any wonder the jews regard us as nothing more than slaves and cattle? Are they mistaken about that?

    • Maybe the mongrelization of Europeans in the US did it. But then, present day Europeans, who haven’t mixed are the same way.

  6. The cowards, cucks and cross-dressers in the neoconservative right wing can moan all they want about Afghan girls not being able to attend school anymore but it won’t do any good. America’s military has been wrecked thanks to their 20 year old War of Terror. And there is absolutely zero public support for any more military adventurism, not now or in the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, Dronald Blermpf is trying to take advantage of the growing hostility towards Biden to grab a few more shekels from his supporters, who foolishly believe he is somehow going to be president again. Every lying, grifting conservative parasite is crawling out of the woodwork again!

  7. It is always money with the whores. After Vietnam the military budgets were cut way back. The fear is big cuts in military spending. Cut the military to the bone. They are worthless.

  8. 1) I don’t give a sh*t about some inbred desert n/words- let them all die over there, and Allah can sort it out. (not that it is real, or anything….)
    2) No more white boys as fodder for Jewish psychoses. NEVER AGAIN.
    3) Every single bastard who wants to go do war, VOLUNTEER YOURSELF. I’d be glad to have YOU on the front lines, there to be killed for Israel. Problem solved in a week.
    4) Remove the ENEMY at home, FIRST. Stop all immigration, repatriate all non-whites, and
    ship all freakin’ murrican slave class types back to Africa, and our crime rate, STD rate, and brain drain would be cured, overnight.
    5) To Hell with the USA. It’s not been worth bupkis since 9/11…. or even before. God is removing your candlestick, and for just cause.

  9. American troops are just professional antifa.

    Why should I care more about a US marine getting blown up than I do about some Portland antifa rioter dropping dead? I shouldn’t. In fact, in the big picture the marine is a much worse enemy than the black bloc rioter is.

    • Lots of Americans really believe that the military would protect us from the government, if it came down to such a thing. They are clueless, and don’t get the whole “diversity” of the armed forces. They go on and on about “supporting the troops”, who are policing the streets over there.

    • >professional antifa

      Exactly. It is in our collective and personal self-interest to see ourselves as distinct from the Rainbow Empire. Stop the spread of Patriotardation!

  10. Its a good little system (((they))) have: When the Democrat Party is in charge, they spend their political capital on the worst possible cultural issues, like “White Supremacy,” feminism, trans, climate, and every other issue that only College Educated White Professionals care about. This revolts Right Wing voters like me, which causes most of us – particularly Boomers – to vote GOP in the next election (I didn’t vote in 2018 or 2020, for whatever thats worth).

    But then, when the Republican Party is in charge, they alienate populist voters with their economic agenda, and worse yet, they engage in rhetorical garbage like this. I hate to say it, but Leftists are correct about conservative voters in one particular way: Most conservatives are objectively dumb. They can’t seem to put 2 and 2 together on how bombing Brown countries ends up bringing in more Brown rapefugees that they claim to oppose – and that American generals and the top brass say out loud that they support invade the world/invite the world.

    I’m never going to vote Democrat, as to me, they truly are the worse of the two parties. But I might abstain from voting again in 2022 unless the Republican base starts rejecting this neocon-chickenhawk nonsense and drags Republican Party rhetoric in a more noninterventionist direction. Truth be told, the Boomercons and their goddamn Cold War era mentality need to die off for Republican Party rhetoric to fully change. The CIA did a great job in the 70s and 80s of associating American Patriotism with its imperialist agenda. Invading shithole Brown countries like Afghanistan is literally a matter of personal pride to Boomercons. They’ll never change.

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